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 CDCA Selection Chess Tournament Report
Tournament Report:

Around 450 players were participated in this Chennai District Chess Selection Tournament for Under-7,11,15 & 19 Boys & Girls, organized by Chennai District Chess Association from 14th Feb. to 15th Feb. 2015 @ Kalaimagal Vidyalaya Mat. Hr. Sec. School, Royapuram, Chennai.

Out of them, 314 Boys & 139 Girls contestant were participated.

Top 10 prize winners of each category were awarded with Cups and Certificates.

Titles winners in each category also awarded with the Rolling Trophies.

Chief Guests of the function Mr. M. Karthikeyan, Secretary, Kalaimagal Vid. MHSS and Mr. Senthilkumar, Jt. Secy., Kalaimagal Vid. MHSS, gave away the prizes to the winners.

Title Winners:

Under-7/Boys - Libanreyhan MM
Under-7/Girls - Mridhula Shree R
Under-11/Boys - Dharani Kumar M S
Under-11/Girls - Poorna Sri M K
Under-15/Boys - Hemanth Raam M
Under-15/Girls - Lakshmi C
Under-19/Boys - Sai Viswesh C
Under-19/Girls - Balakannamma P

The top two in each category will represent Chennai District in the State Championships.

I thank all the Co-Arbiters (Mr. Chelvaprakash, Mr. Santhosh, Mrs. Visalakshmi, Mrs. Srirenga Nachiar, Mrs. Bhama, Mrs. Latha, Mrs. Preetha, Mr. Narayanan, Mr. Banel Andrew, Mrs. Valliammai, Mr. Sathyanarayanan), Volunteers, Players, Parents, School Officials and Members of our Association to smooth conduct of the tournament.
 Fourth Game Drawn, Score 2-2
The fourth match game was drawn with the game being in balance for most of the five hours it lasted. The score is tied at 2-2 with both players winning one white and drawing with another white. In the eight remaining games, Anand and Carlsen will have four white games apiece. Thursday is a free day. Game four started with Magnus Carlsen opting for 1.e4 again. He had tasted blood in the earlier white game. Having lost the third game with black, Carlsen also might want to win with his white strike. Anand chose to show his second opening option, the Sicilian defence. When he opted for the Paulsen variation, Carlsen who had not come prepared for it, chose to play with the closed variation against the Sicilian. Black obtained easy and comfortable equality after the early opening. Anand had an isolated queen pawn to defend but there were no weaknesses to defend. Anand’s 30…Rd5 was not anticipated but Nakamura liked this move. The computers also liked this move. With side each having a queen, rook and a knight besides the five pawns there was no action worthy of a sharp Sicilian. “Anand is doing fine (in the match). He won a game (third game) and it increases his (winning) chances,” said Nakamura. “If Carlsen had played the open Sicilian, Anand would have played the Taimanov,” said Nakamura. Until move 33, Anand has never bothered to exchange queens in this match and has been doing well. Sergey Shipov had precisely given that advice before the Chennai match but when it was published in New In Chess, perhaps, Anand had stopped reading what people were writing about the match by then. In the time scramble, Anand retained queens and exchanged off knights. Carlsen won a pawn in a queen ending but the expert opinion was “very drawish”. With the advanced queen pawn, black had to find 41…Qd2 and after that both players were expected to sign a draw. There was no alternate for black than Qd2. After Carlsen’s 44.Qe6, computer liked all black moves. Not a move loses for black! Grand Masters felt 44…Qa1 was the more accurate though. After move 47, Carlsen drew with repetition. Nakamura now gives Anand a 30-35% chance to win this match. Four games are completed. Scores are even like last time. The difference being that Anand and Carlsen had drawn every single game in the first four of their Chennai match. Nakamura singled out Anand’s opening play with white in both game one and three as good. Matches have a 50 v 50 chance due to the score. Anand’s fifth, eighth, tenth and twelfth games will be watched with interest by his fans in India and outside as he is making use of the white pieces well and showing good preparation. Carlsen will get a double white in game six and seven.
 Anand Hits Back In Game Three, Scores Level
Down a game, challenger Viswanathan Anand came back strongly in the match by winning the third game against Magnus Carlsen with the white pieces to level the score at 1.5-1.5 in the FIDE World Chess Championship match at Sochi, Russia on November 11, 2014. What eluded Anand in Chennai has now been achieved. That is an important win against Carlsen. Anand opened with the queen pawn and this time, Carlsen responded with the Queen’s Gambit and Anand chose the Bf4 variation which is less popular than Bg5. This variation is known to give white sharp play. White’s powerful passed pawn on the queen bishop file left black defensive all along. Anand pressed hard and his 28th Ra1 was perhaps the move of this game. Carlsen lost a bishop in a pin. He tried to give a rook for bishop and survive but the Indian nailed him with powerful moves to win in 34 moves. Carlsen was also in time pressure. Anand played fluently well and converted his home preparation into a fruitful win. Nine games remain in this match. Carlsen has the advantage of playing five white games to Anand’s four in the remainder of the match. The first player to reach 6.5 points will win this match. Last year, Carlsen won 6.5-3.5 without suffering a single defeat. “I went for a line Levon has been playing against Mickey in Bilbao,” said Anand about the opening that gave him a breakthrough in this match. “Wrong choice of opening. He was well prepared. I could have done better. After Qb6 I thought I could hold but it did not work,” said Carlsen. In classical chess you have not beaten Carlsen for some years. What is your reaction? “Quite pleased,” replied Anand. Anand had defeated Carlsen in rapid at Dubai this June. “Obviously you need rest games. I found a reasonable balance between working and resting. I prepared 3-4 hours. I was in the gym yesterday,” said Anand about spending the free day. “He was well prepared for the first game and now for this game,” said Carlsen. “I have recovered after losses, so still long way to go,” said Carlsen. The match is well poised and how Anand defends with the black pieces in the fourth game will be important. Carlsen will be worried about his fifth game since he might have to go back to the Grunfeld or select another opening. Anand fans can celebrate and hope this result breaks down Carlsen. Russia is organising this event at Sochi, a black sea resort. Opening has been Anand’s forte and the opening phase has helped him in this game in a significant manner. His edge should be that this defeat should cause sleepless nights for Carlsen and his team as far as the openings are concerned.
 Viswanathan Anand wins Candidates 2014, meets Carlsen for the world title
A hard fought 91 move draw against Sergey Karjakin gave Indian icon Viswanathan Anand another title shot at World No. 1 Magnus Carlsen, later this year. Logging in 8 points from 13 rounds, Anand won the super strong Candidates 2014 tournament with a round to spare at Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia here today.

In the second spot are Aronian, Kramnik, Andreikin, Karjakin and Mamedyarov at 6.5 pts.

Remaining undefeated, Anand showed he was a completely transformed player vis-a-vis last world championship at Chennai. Starting with a win against top seed Aronian in the first round, Anand led from the front and deservedly picked up the
Candidates2014 title. Two more wins midway - against Mamedyarov & Topalov - sealed his victorius march.

The eagerly awaited Anand - Carlsen re-match has come to place, and a turn around could culminate in Anand winning the world title for the sixth time.
 Anand Vs Carlsen
The Chess Fraternity in India led by All India Chess Federation President J.C.D. Prabhakar thanked Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Dr Miss J Jayalalithaa for announcing to stage the World Chess Championship Match in Chennai from November 6-26, 2013.

It is understood that FIDE has extended India the deadline date to exercise its right of first refusal to organise this match from March 15 (start date of the London Candidates Tournament) to April 10, 2013.

Chief Minister Jayalalithaa announced in the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly at the Fort St George at Chennai (formerly Madras) at 11.30 a.m. Indian time on April 8, 2013 that the state of Tamil Nadu will be organising this match at a cost of Rs.29 Crores.

Half of this will go to the players as prize fund, rest for FIDE fees, taxes, organisational costs said D.V. Sundar, Vice President of FIDE.

Since All India Chess Federation or India has exercised its right, there will be no opening of bid by FIDE for this match. FIDE officials are expected to reach India in the next week and complete the formalities of staging the match.

AICF Secretary Sh. Bharat Singh Chauhan said that the federation would use the opportunity to promote the game in a big way. “We are planning to conduct tournaments for children, seminars and classes along with the main event ” he added. While Nandambakkam Trade fair centre was short listed by FIDE last year, the officials are planning to consider a few other venues before taking a final call. “FIDE Vice President Israel Gelfer will visit Chennai soon to inspect the venue and other facilities.” added Mr. Chauhan.


When it happens it will be festive and memorable, said D.V. Sundar who had been manager to Viswanathan Anand and Dibyendu Barua in the Biel Interzonals of 1993. To my knowledge, this is the first time, a title match is sanctioned without a bid, said D.V. Sundar.

In a meet-the-press at “Summit” hall in the seventh floor of Hotel Raj Park, in the heart of Chennai, J.C.D. Prabhakar said each time “Amma” (refering J Jayalalithaa) rules it is the golden period for sport. She can even stage the Olympic Games, he concluded. This announcement by the Chief Minister will create a huge awakening for chess in Tamil Nadu and India said the AICF President.

In his address, Manuel Aaron, 77-year old International Master, said many are worried how Anand will handle Carlsen. He found a way for Kramnik by moving over to 1.d4 and I am sure he will find something new for Carlsen also. He reminded that India is on an upsurge in chess with the third (behind France and Spain) highest number of players in the FIDE rating file. He congratulated the All India Chess Federation and the Tamil Nadu State Chess Association and thanked the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa for making this happen. When it happens it will be an eye-opener for Indian chess.

Former National ‘A’ player V Hariharan who took over as General Secretary of the Tamil Nadu State Chess Association only on April 1, 2013 thanked the gathering.

Indian chess is at a new high. Organisational achievements are catching up if not growing taller than the achievements of the players. Organising the World Championship will be the creamy part of the cake. The World Championship of 2000 was held in Delhi until the semifinals and the players moved over to Iran for the finals. The 50th World Junior of 2011 and the Anand v Dreev, Candidates Match of 1991 were the biggest chess events organised at Chennai so far. The Anand v Carlsen match when it happens will be bigger than both.
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 Carlsen wins FIDE World Chess Candidates' Tournament after bizarre finish
Magnus Carlsen won the FIDE Candidates' Tournament in London on Monday after a bizarre finish of what has become a historic event for chess. Both the Norwegian and the other leader, Vladimir Kramnik of Russia, unexpectedly lost their game in the final round, and so they remained tied for first place and Carlsen won on the second tie-break rule: higher number of wins. This means that in the next title match, World Champion Viswanathan Anand will face Carlsen. On the last day Levon Aronian of Armenia beat Teimour Radjabov of Azerbaijan while Boris Gelfand of Israel and Alexander Grischuk of Russia drew their game.
 Our Honorable Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalitha announces Rs.2 crore reward for Anand
Tamil Nadu government on Friday announced Rs. 2 crore reward for Grandmaster Viswanathan Anand for winning the World Chess Championship crown for a fifth time. In recognition of his achievement in retaining the World Chess Championship crown, “Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa is pleased to honour him by sanctioning a cash reward of Rs. two crores,” a state government release said on Friday.

Anand defeated challenger Boris Gelfand of Israel in a tense rapid chess tie-breaker to win the World Championship crown for the fourth time in a row in Moscow on May 30.

Jayalalithaa had on Thursay hailed Anand’s feat, saying he had brought laurels both to Tamil Nadu, his home state, and India.
 Anand Fifth Time World Champion; Beats Gelfand 2.5-1.5 In Tie-Break
Viswanathan Anand is the greatest chess player of all time. Now, he has won the World Chess title for five times, each against a different opponent. He had won the title in various formats and this is the first time that he won in tie-break and that was also new! Though he would have certainly loved to have finished Boris Gelfand in the classical games.

While his parents nurtured his early talent, his hard work and total dedication to the game has richly rewarded him since 2000 when he won the world title first time. No amount of praise is enough for this genuis of our times.

The Chennai-born NIIT Brand Ambassador drew the classical series 6-6 after coming from behind. He won game eight in just 17 moves, the shortest World Championship victory.


Anand also completed something which got missed out. He lost the tie-break in 1998 and that denied him becoming champion earlier. Now, he has completed the tie-break win too and has shown to the world that his nerves are that of steel.


"If there is any one sportsman for whom Bharat Ratna should be given it should be Anand," said D.V. Sundar, Vice President of FIDE.

Indian chess fraternity is delighted at this result and Anand winning the fifth time was celebrated with huge enthusiasm by chess officials, players and sport lovers. The AICF President J.C.D. Prabhakar and Honorary Secretary Bharat Singh Chauhan were the earliest to congratulate the chess maestro.

In the rapid chess tie-break, one thing was clear. Gelfand's clock was always ticking and Anand's speedy play came in handy. When white had played tthe 56th move a draw was agreed and celebration began in India.

Anand is greatest sportperson in India. Fifth time champion and has completed his "high five".

Anand-Gelfand Tie-Break

Game One:

Anand played the Semi-Slav as in the match. His queen sortie on move 19 triggered plenty of tactics. But the result was the same as in most of the match games. A draw.

Game Two:

Anand had great winning chances after he won a pawn but Gelfand's fightback gave him drawing chances in the rook and minor piece ending. After Gelfand captured a white pawn on move 55, the game looked clearly drawish. Having an extra pawn and advantage on the clock, Anand pressed for the win. Gelfand blundered and allowed his bishop to be exchanged off by the white knight. In the resultant rook ending, Anand had a winning position and Gelfand resigned on move 77.

Game Three:

Anand played another Slav and pawns got locked in the centre. To counter Gelfand's threats on the queen knight file, black had to offer a pawn on move 24. Pinned to the back rank, Anand wriggled out of what seemed a difficult situation to fight back and made a brilliant draw. On move 41, his draw offer was made after a stunning knight sacrifice in the middle of the board. Gelfand could take it with either of his rooks or bishop but would get mated. Gelfand accepted the draw as the position after exchange of one pair of rooks was only drawish.

Game Four:

In game four, needing a draw to win, Anand kept the pressure up and went for another Rossolimo attack. Gelfand varied and tried to block white from castling. Anand was happy to exchange queens. Both players did not castle. Gelfand hurled the queen side pawns forward and enjoyed space and double bishop advantage. There was wide belief that Anand would hold that ending. After 56 moves the game became dead draw with each side having a rook and three pawns.

The moves:

White: Viswanathan Anand

Black: Boris Gelfand

Sicilian Rossolimo Attack B30

1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bb5 e6 4. Bxc6 bxc6 5. b3 e5 6. Nxe5 Qe7 7. d4 d6 8. Nxc6 Qxe4+ 9. Qe2 Qxe2+ 10. Kxe2 Bb7 11. Na5 Bxg2 12. Rg1 Bh3 13. dxc5 dxc5 14. Nc3 O-O-O 15. Bf4 Bd6 16. Bxd6 Rxd6 17. Rg5 Nf6 18. Rxc5+ Kb8 19. Nc4 Re8+ 20. Ne3 Ng4 21. Ncd5 Nxe3 22. Nxe3 Bg4+ 23. f3 Bc8 24. Re1 Rh6 25. Rh1 Rhe6 26. Rc3 f5 27. Kd2 f4 28. Nd5 g5 29. Rd3 Re2+ 30. Kc1 Rf2 31. h4 Ree2 32. Rc3 Bb7 33. Rd1 gxh4 34. Nxf4 Re8 35. Rh1 Rc8 36. Rxc8+ Bxc8 37. Rxh4 Bf5 38. Rh5 Bxc2 39. Rb5+ Ka8 40. Nd5 a6 41. Ra5 Kb7 42. Nb4 Bg6 43. Nxa6 Rxf3 44. Nc5+ Kb6 45. b4 Rf4 46. a3 Rg4 47. Kd2 h5 48. Nd7+ Kb7 49. Ne5 Rg2+ 50. Kc3 Be8 51. Nd3 h4 52. Re5 Bg6 53. Nf4 Rg3+ 54. Kd4 Bc2 55. Rh5 Rxa3 56. Rxh4 Rg3 57. Nd5 Rg5 58. b5 Bf5 59. Rh6 Bg4 60. Rf6 Rf5 61. Rb6+ Ka7 62. Rg6 Bf3 63. Rg7+ Kb8 64. Nc3 Bb7 65. Kc4 Bf3 66. Kb4 Bd5 67. Na4 Rf7 68. Rg5 Bf3 69. Nc5 Kc7 70. Rg6 Kd8 71. Ka5 Rf5 72. Ne6+ Kc8 73. Nd4 Rf8 74. Nxf3 Rxf3 75. Kb6 Rb3 76. Rg8+ Kd7 77. Rb8 1-0
 Sixteen Years old G Akash won the Bronze in National Challengers
Sixteen Years old G Akash won the Bronze Medal in 50th National Challengers Chess Championship that concluded on 28th May 2012 at Tirupati.
At the end of the final round clash the overnight leaders namely, Dabashis Das (Orissa)drew with BitanBanaerjee (WB) to clinch the title in the top board, While Akash (TN) lost to Sagar Shah (MAH) and secured the third rank. Other Tamil Nadu players who qualified are:
1. IM Muralikrishnan B T 6th
2. Ram S Krishnan 14th
3. IM Karthikeyan P 17th
4. FM Rajesh V A V 22nd
5. Arun Karthik R 23rd
6. IM Praveen Kumar C 29th
 3rd KCF Below 1600 Fide Rated Chess Tournament
The 3rd KCF Below 1600 Fide Rated Chess Tournament was held at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Chennai 3 organized by King Chess Foundation from 18.05.2012 to 20.05.2012.

This event attracted highest entries of 751 in India. It included 254 fide rated players, entries from 10 States and from few academies. A total number of 9 rounds were conducted under Swiss system with each one hour duration. Winner of this tournament is Mr. Shivshankar Iyer S of West Bengal. He bagged First prize money of Rs.20,000/-.

At the Prize distribution function, Shri. R. Tamilselvan, President of KCF, Shri K Ganesan, Secretary, Chennai District Chess Association distributed the prizes. Vote of thanks was given by me and I thanked the Organizer KCF, Secretary of TNSCA, CDCA, Players, Parents and Arbiters for their co-operation.

The following prizes were distributed:
1. Category Under 8, 10, 12, 14 Boys and Girls 10 prizes in each categories
2. Veteran 3 prizes
3. Women 3 prizes
4. Unrated 10 prizes
5. Open 30 Prizes
6. Special Prizes for two specially challenged players.

The deputy arbiter FA Balasubramanian and Other Assistant Arbiters, FA Ravi Kumar, FA Sriman, Ganesh Babu, FA Maran, FA Siva Jegan Mohan Rao, Chopan Babu, Jai Shankar, Karthik S, Arivalagan, Visalakshi, Nachiar Sri Ranga, Anysya, Narayanasamy . Volunteers are Mrs Priya, Mrs Lakshmi, Natesh and Mrs.Uma assisted me in the tournament.

In my personal opinion, I have to appreciate the following arbiters for their outstanding work:

1. Ganesh Babu – Pairing and System Incharge
2. FA Bala Subramaniam, R
3. FA Ravi Kumar
4. FA Sriman
5. Visalakshi Muthu
6. Nachiar Sri Ranga
7. Volunteers from Shakthi Chess Academy for their desk work, certificate, clock

FIDE Norm opted for the Deputy Arbiters in the 3rd KCF below 1600 FIDE rating Tournament are as mentioned below.

1. Ganesh Babu R K (5086868)
2. Chopon Babu R K (5086850)
3. Karthick S (25019031)
4. Jai Shankar (25094769)
5. Narayana Samy (5001463)
 Saranya emerges TN State Women's Champion
Top seed Woman FIDE Master J Saranya won the CA Honda 40th Tamil Nadu State FIDE Rated Women's chess championship at Trinity Academy CBSE Senior Secondary School, Tiruvarur, scoring 7.0 points from nine rounds. The triumph gave the Chennai girl the first prize of Rs 9000 along with the winner's trophy.

The hat-trick of TN State Women's title puts Saranya on par with former champions S R Radha (1985-87) and K S Preetha (1989-91), who had achieved similar feats long time back.

Staying undefeated, Saranya, marched on to clinch the title comfortably. En passant she defeated WFMs M Mahalakshmi and Srija Seshadri respectively.

The top fifteen players were awarded cash prizes to the tune of Rs.30000 on the final day.

The final had its interesting moments for the lower placings, as Bala Kannamma's defeat of Vaishali helped Mahalakshmi edge Preethi on Bucholz tie-break and take the second spot.

The event was inaugurated on 19th May, 2012 by Rotarian V Ravichandran, Chairman, Tiruvarur Municipality. The tournament
attracted 46 players from 17 districts, acadmies and special units. Among the participants were 33 FIDE Rated players.

The tournament sponsored by CA Honda saw the prizes being distributed by Mr Balamurugan, President, Vijayapuram Traders Association. Present on the dais were Santha Kumar, President, Tiruvarur District Chess Association, Mr Baskar, Vice President, Tiruvarur District Chess Association, Mr Tamil Selvan, District Sports Officer, Dr Senthil, President, AKM Groups, Mr Kumaresan, Secretary, Traders Association,Mr Illyaraja, Dharani Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Tiruvarur,
Mrs Indumathi, Principal, Trinity Academy CBSE Senior Seconday School, Mr Rajagopalan, Vice President, Tiruvarur District
Chess Association.

Mr R K Bala Gunasekaran, Secretary, Tiruvarur District Chess Association proposed the vote of thanks. The event was smoothly conducted by International Arbiter D Soundaramurthy and his team of Arbiters.
 T.U. Navin Kanna of Chennai Clinched TN State FIDE Rated Chess Championship
The 60th TN State Senior Fide Rated Chess Championship was held at Function Palace, Tollgate, Vellore organized by Kasparov Chess Academy & Vellore District Chess Association from 23.4.2012 to 30.4.2012.

This event attracted 109 entries from 17 districts, 5 academies and one special unit. A total number of 11 rounds conducted under swiss system.

Earlier this event of was inaugurated by Smt. Karthiyayini, Mayor, Vellore District on 23.4.2012.

T.U. Navin Kanna of Chennai became the leader after the end of the 7th round and continued his lead till the end. Half a point behind him was G.Akash also from Chennai. Both of them lost their final round game against N.R. Visakh and Navalgund Niranjan respectively. Despite the loss Navin Kanna became the Champion with 9 points and Akash became second with 8.5 points because of his better tie-break score.

At the Prize distribution function Shri. D.V. Sundar, Vice President, FIDE was the Chief guest and distributed the prizes. Shri A.M.Venkatesa Prasad, Chief Regional Manager, IOB was the guest of honour, Shri B. Murugavel, Vice-president, TNSCA Shri P.V. Reddy Prasad, Chairman, VDCA, were also present and distributed the prizes. Mr. Manigandaswamy, Convener, VDCA welcomed the gathering and Mr. B.Kumar, President, Kasparov Chess Academy proposed vote of thanks.

I was assisted by deputy arbiters Mr. G. Poorna Chandra Prakash, Mr. Hariharan S. Pillai and Mrs. Subhashini Kumar.

Prize Winners:

1. T U Navin Kanna(Che)9, 2-5 G Akash, R Arun Karthik, N.R Visakh, Navalgund Niranjan all Chennai 8.5 pts. Each and placed in that order, 6-15 M.V Lakshmi Narayanan (Din), B Sekar, D.S Shashaank, B Kumaran, N.R Vignesh, V Haribalu all from Chennai, S Prasannaa(CG), M Harihara Sudan(Tngr), V.S Sakthivel Pandian(Vrd), S Yogit(Che)7.5 each and placed in that order, 16. S. Anand Raj(Che) 7.
 Mugapair Velammal A team cliched the title
Mugapair Velammal A team cliched the title. with 16 match points in the National Cities Chess Championship conducted at Sri Sairam Engneering College campus here , and won the Sai Ram Trophy with a cash prize of Rs.25,000.Dr.Jayakumar, Principal of Sri Sairam Engineering College gave away the prizes.Mr.Muralimohan Secretary TNSCA presided over the function, Mr.K.Thirukklathy of Megha Chess Academy rendered vote of thanks.
The final placings: 1) Mugapair Velammal - A (16),
2) Chennai A1 (13),
3) Bangaluru City (11 / 21)
4) Mugappair Velammal B (11 / 19.5)
5) Chennai B (10 / 20.5)
6) Mugappair Velammal D (10 / 20)
7) Chennai A (10 / 20 )

The Board Prize winners are: First Board.:Priyadharshan.K.,Second Board .: Rajesh V A V.,Third Board.: Raghuram Balaji.,Fourth Board .:Vinothkumar M.,Fifth Board.:Sruti.L
 Ram S.Krishnan and IM Arghya Dip Das won the National Rapid and Blitz Titles
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Tournament News
Ram S.Krishnan and IM Arghya Dip Das won the National Rapid and Blitz Titles
Lions Club Metro Jaipur National Rapid & Blitz Chess Championship 2012 at S K Chaudhary Educational Trust’s Shankra Group Of Institutions , Kukas, RIICO Industrial Area, Jaipur
By PK Gupta

National Rapid & Blitz 2012

Tamil Nadu State Senior Champion & Two IM Norm holder Rama S Krishana won his final Game & also National Rapid Champion Ship 2012 with a Prize Money of Rs 50, 000/. Anurag Mahmal of Goa defeated Hemant Sharma of delhi & Grabbed Second position with Rs 25000/ cash. IM Arghya Dip Dass defeated Former National Champion GM Praveen Thipsay to won 3rd spot with cash Prize of Rs 15000/- GM Sri Ram Jha defeated Sreyansh Dakhalia of Chatisgarh & bagged Fourth spot with Rs 10000/- GM Praveen Thipsay won fifth spot with Rs 7500/= Aniket jain of Jaipur won Best U15 open, R P Subramanina of TN won best U19 Open, Anshul Kaushik of Haryana was adjudged Best women.

IM Arghya Dip Dass fully justified his top seed & won National Blitz Champion Ship 2012 with a Cash Prize of Rs 20000/- Rama S Krishna won second Spot with Rs 10000/- GM Sri Ram Jha Finished third with Cash Prize of Rs 7500/-. IM Norm holder Hemant Sharma of delhi won fourth spot with Rs 5000/ Formar Indian National Champion GM Praveen thipsay won Rs 4000/ at 5th standing. Sonakshi Rathore of Jaipur Won Best women in Blitz. Ramalingam Kartik was adjudged best U19. Ayush garg & Atishay Ajmera were adjudged best Rajasthan Player under 15 & u19 category.

Prizes were given away in glittering ceremony where Chief guest was Mr S M Nigam, Director General of Income tax (Investigation), who himself is a Chess Player & Participated in National Championships in Past. Spl Guest of honor were Dr Pallav Rathore of HDFC Bank, Social worker manakji kala. Welcome address was delivered by ARCA patron Pranvendra Sharma, Tournament Report Reading & Prize Distribution was managed by AICF Joint Secretary P K Gupta, vote of Thanks by Lion surendra Jain pandya. Whole Tournament was Organized efficiently by Organizing Secretary & Treasurer of ARCA Ajay Ajmera.
 Siva Mahadevan clinches the Championship Trophy at Kerala
Siva Mahadevan, Velammmal Vidyalaya, Chennai won the championship trophy of the 4th ACA Trivandrum All India FIDE rated Open Chess Tournament (below 2000) held between 05-04-2012 to 08-04-2012. He scored 8/9 points with fabulous unbeaten 7 wins and 2 draws. The tournament was inaugurated by Mr.V.S.Sivakumar, Minister for Transport and Devaswom, Kerala and the prizes were distributed by Ms.Vanajam, Principal, Government Music College, Trivandrum. The prize included a trophy, a cash reward of Rs.30,000/- and a certificate.
 P.Lokesh of Chennai won the title-16th TN State Rapid Chess Tournament
The tournament was inaugurated by Mr.K.G.Muralidharan,President of Trichy District Cricket Association & Managing Director of G.K Sons Engineering Enterprises (P) Ltd on 06.04.2012 in the presence of Mr.Anantharaja.GG.President,TDCA,T.Sundarrajan,Secretary,TDCA and Dr.Y.Venkataramani (Dean R & D) Saranathan College of Engineering,Trichy.

87 Players participated in the tournament from various parts of Tamil Nadu. Mr. B.T.Sethuraman,IA from Madurai was the chief arbiter. He was assisted by Mr.Anand Babu.V.L, Mr.B.Dhenagaran and Mr.J.Alexander of Trichy.

P.Lokesh of Chennai won the title. The special prizes were given to the top six children in U-8, U10. U12 and U14 categories.

Mr.S.Ravindran,Secretary,Saranathan College of Engineering was the chief guest in the prize distribution function on 08.04.2012. He gave away the prizes to the prize winners in the presence of Mr.Anantharaja.GG.President,TDCA and T.Sundarrajan,Secretary,TDCA.
 Chess Fraternity Jubilant on Jayalalitha’s making chess a must in schools.
The Tamilnadu State Chess Association convey his heartfelt thanks to our Chief Minister Dr.J.Jayalalithaa for making chess a must for school children for the age 7 to 17. Her gesture is considered as a reward for the World Champion Viswanathan Anand who hail from Tamilnadu. The chess fraternity involving children who aim to emulate Anand, their parents, coaches, organizers and administrators felt very jubilant on hearing the news. Her decision to give importance to this game will definitely boost the game in a very big way and surely make Tamilnadu flag fly higher in the World Chess Horizon.

A student, who learns chess systematically develops the abilities of concentration, planning, calculation and analysis. Also the game of chess improves a person’s patience, determination and withstanding power in times of trouble. All life principles can be inculcated and developed in the minds of children by teaching them chess. A person who has learnt chess systematically excels in academics. It is a well known fact that chess players have come out on top in whatever field they choose. Such a decision on the part of TN Government is bound to make Tamil Nadu a number one state in India and will ultimately make India a super power!
 SGFI-TN State Selection Chess Tournament
SGFI-TN State Selection Chess Tournament will be held on 29th and 30th August 2011 @ DHARANI MATRICULATION HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL, 54,55 G.S.NORTH STREET, MANNARGUDI–614001, Contact No. 04367-222085.

The tournament will be held in the following Categories: U-14, U-17, & U-19. The Students of Government Schools and Matriculation Schools are eligible to participate. Those who are willing to participate should Produce a bona-fide Certificate from their schools.

For further details Contact Mr. R.K.Balagunasekaran
Cell : 094421-15117
 "Padma Awards, namely Padma Vibhushan, Padma Bhushan and Padma Sri"
Padma Awards, namely Padma Vibhushan, Padma Bhushan and Padma Sri"
Invitation nominations for the "Padma Awards, namely Padma Vibhushan, Padma Bhushan and Padma Sri" Click here to download the regulations and application forms Aug 23, 2011
 Honble Chief Minister handed over financial assistance to a visually challenged
Honble Chief Minister handed over financial assistance to a visually challenged Chess Player for taking part in World Chess Championship for the Visually Impaired
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 CDCA Under 13 & 19 Selection for Boys & Girls on 02.07.2011 & 03.07.2011
CDCA Under 13 & 19 Selection for Boys & Girls on 02.07.2011 & 03.07.2011 at Kaligi Ranganathan Montford Matriculation Hr. Sec. School, No.8 , Anandhavelu Street, Perambur Chennai - 600 011.
The Tournament is organised by Taanya Kaavya School of Sports on behalf of CDCA.
Entries registration: MR. Senthil Kumar, Fide Arbiter, Ph;9884631422
 Tejasvi and Iniyan crowned TN State Under 9 champions
Chennai girl Tejasvi Murugavel and Erode boy P Iniyan were crowned champions in the Jawahar Engg College's 24th TN State Under-9 (B & G) Chess Championship organised by Chennai District Chess Association at Jawahar Engg College, 54 K K Road, Kaveri Rangan Nagar, Chennai here today.

Tejasvi logged in 10.0 points from eleven rounds, the same as V Keerthi, but clinched the Girls title with a better tie-break.

Iniyan who won the Boys title with a round to spare, was joined by Chennai lad R Prajesh who scored a crucial final round victory over Sadhu S Adithya. Iniyan finished with 10.5 points followed by R Prajesh at 9.0 points.

The top two in the boys and girls section go on to represent Tamil Nadu in the National Under 9 Chess Championships to be held in Orissa later this year.

The prizes were distributed by Mr JCD Prabhakar, MLA, Vice President, Tamil Nadu State Chess Association, along with Mr V Raghunatha Rao, Principal, Jawahar Engineering College and Mr Amalan, CEO, Jawahar Engineering College.

Final Placings (Boys) :

1. P Iniyan 10.5, 2. R Prajesh 9.0, 3-9 C S Ashwath, Sadhu S Adithya, A Abhishek, R Viswanath, S Rahul, G B Harshavardhan, P Yutesh 8.0, 10. Tarun V Kanth 7.5 points.

Final Placings (Girls) :

1-2 Tejasvi Murugavel, V Keerthi 10.0, 3-5 M Elakkeya, C Lakshmi, N Natha Mayil 8.0, 6-9 S Pooja, B Kiruthika, C R Reshma, Rakshitta Ravi 7.5, 10. S Dhanusha 7.0 points
 Iniyan, Tejasvi & Keerthi share lead
P Iniyan (8.5) in the Boys section, alon with Tejasvi Murugavel and V Keerthi (8.0) in the Girls section led the field after the ninth round of the Jawahar Engg College's 24th TN State Under-9 (B & G) Chess Championship organised by Chennai District Chess Association at Jawahar Engg College, 54 K K Road, Kaveri Rangan Nagar, Chennai here today.

Top seed P Iniyan maintained the lead with 8.5 points. Half a point behind the leader is C S Ashwath at 8.0 points. Sharing the third spot were Sadhu S Adithya, A Abhishek and R Prajesh at 7.0 points.

Tejasvi Murugavel and V Keerthi led the girls section with 8.0 points after nine rounds. Following the leading duo was top seed M Elakkeya at 7.0 points.

Two more rounds remain and the eleven round Swiss tournament concludes on Sunday 5th June, 2011.

Results (Round 9 Boys)

S Muthu Hareeswaran (6.5) lost to P Iniyan (8.5), C S Ashwath (8) beat Tarun V Kanth (6.5), K Deepak (6.5) lost to A Abhishek (7), Sadhu S Adithya (7) beat R Dileep Kumar (6), S Rahul (6) lost to R Prajesh (7), S Aswin (6.5) beat Akilesh Viswaa (6), P Yutesh (6.5) beat Anand A Venkatesan (5.5), R Tamil Selvan (5.5) lost to G B Harshavardhan (6.5), R Viswanath (6.5) beat P Dharshan (5.5), Sai Krishna (6) drew R Surya (6).

Results (Round 9 Girls)

V Keerthi (8) beat S Pooja (6.5), S Dhanusha (6) lost to Tejasvi Murugavel (8), M Elekkeya (7) beat K R Kruthikka (5.5), C Snekha (5.5) lost to C Lakshmi (6.5), R Srimathi (6.5) beat K Shivani (5.5), N Natha Mayil (6.5) beat N Kiruthika (5.5), Rakshitta Ravi (6.5) beat R B Leka (5.5), C R Reshma (6.5) beat A Bhavana (5), V Rindhiya (6) beat N Harshitha (5), R Madhumitha (5) lost to B S Samyuktha (6)
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 Tejasvi Murugavel & Keerthi share lead
Tejasvi Murugavel & Keerthi share lead

Tejasvi Murugavel & Keerthi moved into lead with 7.0 points after the eighth round of the Jawahar Engg College's 24th TN State Under-9 (B & G) Chess Championship organised by Chennai District Chess Association at Jawahar Engg College, 54 K K Road, Kaveri Rangan Nagar, Chennai here today.

Top seed P Iniyan led the boys section with 7.5 points. Half a point behind the leader is C S Ashwath at 7.0 points.

Tejasvi Murugavel and V Keerthi led the girls section with 7.0 points after eight rounds. Following the leading duo was S Pooja at 6.5 points.

The eleven round Swiss tournament concludes on Sunday 5th June, 2011.

Results (Round 8 Boys)

P Iniyan (7.5) beat Sadhu S Adithya (6), R Dileep Kumar (6) drew with C S Ashwath (7), Tarun V Kanth (6.5) beat S Aswin (5.5), S Muthu Hareeswaran (6.5) beat R Viswanath (5.5), P Dharshan (5.5) lost to K Deepak (6.5), R Prajesh (6) beat Praggnanandaa R (5), Prasant N Nayagam (5) lost to S Rahul (6), Akilesh Viswaa (6) beat Charan Bharadwaj R (5), A Abhishek (6) beat M Adithya (5), R Surya (5.5) drew with R Tamil Selvan (5.5)

Results (Round 8 Girls)

B Kiruthika (5.5) lost to V Keerthi (7), Tejasvi Murugavel (7) beat S Snekha (5.5), S Pooja (6.5) beat C R Reshma (5.5), C Lakshmi (5.5) lost to M Elakkeya (6), S Dhanusha (6) beat R Madhumitha (5), K R Kruthika (5.5) drew with Natha Mayil N (5.5), R Monisha (5) lost to R Srimathi (5.5), K Shivani (5.5) beat Brindha Sree C (4.5), Jai Priya (4.5) lost to Rakshitta Ravi (5.5), R B Leka (5.5) beat Shivani Madhu (4.5)
 Iniyan & Tejasvi Murugavel among leaders
Top seed P Iniyan and fourth seed Tejasvi Murgavel, both 5.5 points, led the table after the sixth round in the Jawahar Engineering College's 24th TN State Under-9 (B & G) Chess Championship organised by Chennai District Chess Association at Jawahar Engg College, 54 K K Road, Kaveri Rangan Nagar, Chennai here today.

Sharing the lead with Iniyan at 5.5 points were R Dileep Kumar and C S Ashwath. Further half a point down at 5.0 points were Sadhu S Adithya, R Prajesh and A Abhishek respectively.

The leader in the Girls section, Tejasvi Murugavel, was followed by C Lakshmi, V Keerthi, K R Kruthika and S Pooja. The eleven round Swiss tournament concludes on Sunday 5th June, 2011.

Results (Round 6 Boys)

P Iniyan (5.5) beat R Prajesh (5), M Varun (4.5) lost to R Dileep Kumar (5.5), V S Raahul (4.5) lost to C S Ashwath(5.5), R P Jayanth (4) lost to Sadhu S Adithya (5), Sai Krishna (4.5) drew with P Yutesh (4.5), S Rahul (5) beat Andrew Diravia Raj (4), Prasant N Nayagam (4.5) drew with S Aswin (4.5), A Abhishek (5) beat Charan Bharadhwaj R (4), Tarun V Kanth (4.5) drew with P Dharshan (4.5), G B Harshavardhan (4.5) beat Vishnu Viswanathan P (3.5).

Results (Round 6 Girls)

Tejaswi Murugavel (5.5) beat V Keerthi (5), B Kiruthika (4.5) lost to C Lakshmi (5), S Pooja (5) beat M Elakkeya (4), K R Kruthika (5) beat P T Tharshika (4), K Shivani (4.5) drew with N Natha Mayil (4.5), Rakshitta Ravi (4) lost to C R Reshma (4.5), R B Leka (3.5) lost to R Srimathi (4.5), V S Maithreyi (3.5) lost to S Snekha (4.5), R Madhumitha (4) beat S Aishwarya (3), Akila Tharini Sivakumar (4) beat B S Samyukta (3).
 Prajesh & Keerthi lead with cent percent score
Chennai lads Prajesh & Keerthi, both 5.0 points, led the table after the fifth round in the Jawahar Engineering College's 24th TN State Under-9 (B & G) Chess Championship organised by Chennai District Chess Association at Jawahar Engg College, 54 K K Road, Kaveri Rangan Nagar, Chennai here today.

Following Prajesh in the boys section were, top seed P Iniyan, C S Ashwath, R Dileep Kumar, M Varun & V S Raahul at 4.5 points. With a cent percent score Prajesh now takes on top seed P Iniyan of Erode.

The leader in the Girls section, leader V Keerthi was followed by M Tejaswi & B Kiruthika at 4.5 points. The eleven round Swiss tournament concludes on Sunday 5th June, 2011.

Results (Round 5 Boys)

R Prajesh (5) beat Tarun V Kanth (4), K Deepak (3.5) lost to P Iniyan (4.5), R Dileep Kumar (4.5) beat N B Hari Madhavan (3.5), V S Raahul (4.5) beat G B Harshavardhan (3.5), M Varun (4.5) beat M Adithya (3.5), C S Ashwath (4.5) beat Pranav Sriram (3.5), Sadhu S Adithya (4) beat Velsurabhi Viswanath G (3.5), P Yutesh (4) beat M Arvind (3), M S Dharani Kumar (3) lost to S Rahul (4), S Aswin (4) beat J Naren (3).

Results (Round 5 Girls)

V Keerthi (5) beat K Shivani (4), M Elakkeya (4) drew with M Tejaswi (4.5), C R Reshma (3.5) lost to B Kiruthikka (4.5), R Srimathi (3.5) drew with C Lakshmi (4), C Brindha Sree (3) lost to S Pooja (4), N Harshita (3) lost to Rakshitta Ravi (4), B S Samyukta (3) lost to Kruthika K R (4), P T Tharshikha (4) beat R Monisha (3), N Natha Mayil (4) beat V Rindiya (3), S Snekha (3.5) beat R Harini (2.5).
 Iniyan shares lead, Prasant shocks Sadhu S Adithya
The seeded players led by top seed P Iniyan of Erode led the table after the third round in the Jawahar Engg College's 24th TN State Under-9 (B & G) Chess Championship organised by Chennai District Chess Association at Jawahar Engg College, 54 K K Road, Kaveri Rangan Nagar, Chennai here today.

With a cent percent score Iniyan leads with 3.0 points along with seven other players. Second seeded International Sadhu S Adithya went down in a shock result to Prasant N Nayagam in the second board. The Girls section also saw seven players sharing the lead including top seed M Elakkeya.

Earlier the tournament, a qualifier for the forthcoming National Under 9 Championships, was inaugurated by Mr JCD Prabhakar, MLA, Vice President, Tamil Nadu State Chess Association. Speaking on the occasion Mr Prabhakar said, "the time has come for the sports in Tamil Nadu, particularly chess to turn around, march to success".

Giving his special address Mr D V Sundar, Vice President, FIDE (World Chess Federation) added, "the parents should give a free reign to the kids, for them to flower in global champions". Mr A Surya Narayana Rao, Vice President, Stree Seva Mandir in his inaugural address pledged his support to the game of chess and offered better services to the players in the future years.

The eleven round Swiss tournament concludes on Sunday 5th June, 2011.

Results (Round 3 Boys)

P Iniyan (3) beat R P Jayanth (2), Sadhu S Adithya (2) lost to Prasant N Nayagam (3), V S Raahul (3) beat P Yutesh (2), R Prajesh (3) beat Abhishek A (2), P V Rakesh (2) lost to S Rahul (3), S Aswin (2.5) drew with Akilesh Venkatakrishnan (2.5), K V Sudharshan (2) lost to M Aditya (3), C S Ashwath (3) beat Anand A Venkatesan (2), Susmanth Srinivas (2.5) drew with Hari Madhavan N B (2.5), Tarun V Kanth (3) beat Andrew Diravia Raj (2)

Results (Round 3 Girls)

M Elakkeya (3) beat K Jai Priya (2), C R Reshma (2.5) drew with C Lakshmi (2.5), V Keerthi (3) beat V Rindiya (2), B S Samyukta (2) lost to M Tejaswi (3), S Snekha (2) lost to B Kiruthika (3), M S Sounderya (2) lost to Brindha Sree C (3), L Harini (2) lost to K Shivani (3), Yavanika (2.5) drew with R Harini (2.5), P T Tharshikha (3) beat L Sruti (1.5), S Lakshita (2.5) beat Akila Tharini Sivakumar (1).
 Sadhu S Adithya leads the seeds victory in the opening round
The seeded players led by top seeds Sadhu S Adithya & M Elakkaya cruised to first round victories in the Jawahar Engg College's 24th TN State Under-9 (B & G) Chess Championship organised by Chennai District Chess Association at Jawahar Engg College, 54 K K Road, Kaveri Rangan Nagar, Chennai here today.

Earlier the tournament, a qualifier for the forthcoming National Under 9 Championships, was inaugurated by Mr JCD Prabhakar, MLA, Vice President, Tamil Nadu State Chess Association. Speaking on the occasion Mr Prabhakar said, "the time has come for the sports in Tamil Nadu, particularly chess to turn around, march to success".

Giving his special address Mr D V Sundar, Vice President, FIDE (World Chess Federation) added, "the parents should give a free reign to the kids, for them to flower in global champions". Mr A Surya Narayana Rao, Vice President, Stree Seva Mandir in his inaugural address pledged his support to the game of chess and offered better services to the players in the future years.

The eleven round Swiss tournament concludes on Sunday 5th June, 2011.

Results (Round 1 Boys)

Sadhu S Adithya beat K R Krishna, S Krishnaa lost to P Yutesh, R Prajesh beat K T Logesh, R Mohith lost to S Rahul, R Dileep Kumar beat S Melwyn, Merithraj M lost to G B Harshavardhan

Results (Round 1 Girls)

M Elakkeya beat N Natha Mayil, Neha Srinibash D lost to C Lakshmi, V Keerthi beat K Nevedha, M Padma Prathiba lost to M Tejaswi, R Srimathi lost to S Pooja, V Pooja lost to B Kiruthika
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 Ram S Krishnan edges out Haribalu, emerges TN State Champion
Ram S Krishnan (BSNL) emerged the Tamil Nadu State Champion with a higher tie-break over V Haribalu (Cognizant Technology Solutions)
after the eleventh and final round of the Velammal 59th Tamil Nadu State FIDE Rated Chess Championship oragnised by King Chess Foundation at Velammal Matriculation HSS, Mogappair, Chennai, here today. Ram and Haribalu finished with 9.5 points each, but a better tie-break gave Ram S Krishnan the title.

Top seed International Master Narayanan Srinath of Velammal School tied for the third spot with 9.0 points along with S Ganesh Babu, G Akash and S S Manigandan. Velammal boy Narayanan Srinath did the eventual champion Ram S Krishnan a favor, defeating tournament leader V Haribalu in the top board. Srinath's win enabled Ram to catch up Haribalu who had a clear point advantage before the final round.

In the second board, facing a difficult middle game, Ram handled his queen against two minor pieces and weaved his way to victory after a marathon game that lasted five hours. Ram S Krishnan was awarded the V J Brahmaiah Rolling Shield.

Cash prizes amouting to Rupee One lakh were awarded to the top sixteen players were distributed by Chief Guest Mr J C D Prabhakar, MLA, Vice President, Tamil Nadu State Chess Association, while age group category prizes were distributed by Mr Jai Shankar, Senior Principal, Velammal Matriculation HSS, Mogappair to the top ten boys & girls in the Under 8, 10, 12 & 14 categories.

This tournament is a qualifier for the National Challenger Chess Championship and the top four finishers here would go on represent the Tamil Nadu state in the forthcoming National Challengers event to be held at Aurangabad.

Final Placings :

1-2 Ram S Krishnan, V Haribalu 9.5, 3-6 Narayanan Srinath, S Ganesh Babu, G Akash, S S Manigandan 9.0, 7-11 P Saravana Krishnan, M V Lakshmi Narayanan, P Maheswaran, U Moamed Ibrahim, K Suresh 8.5, 12-20 P Lokesh, J Nishvin, J Arun, S Prasannaa, Akash PC Iyer, A Balasubramainan, N R Visakh, N Hema Priya, Pranav VIjay 8.0 pts

Results (Eleventh Round)

Narayanan Srinath (9) beat (9.5) Haribalu V, Ram S Krishnan (9.5) beat Lokesh P (8), Arun J (8) lost to G Akash (9), Prasannaa S (8) lost to Manigandan S S (9), Ganesh Babu S (9) beat Siddarth M (8), Saravana Krishnan P (8.5) beat Hema Priya N (8), Anand Raj S (7.5) lost to Maheswaran P (8.5), Sakthivel Pandian V S (7.5) lost to Lakshmi Narayanan M V (8.5), Suresh K (8.5) beat Gopalakrishnan K (7.5), Vignesh N R (8) drew with Gireman Ja (8), Nanda Kumar T S (8) drew with Michelle Catherina P (8), Sekar B (7.5) lost to Mohamed Ibrahim U (8.5).
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 M. Aditya & Samyuktha .B.S are champions for TN State U 7 Chess Championship
24th tamilnadu state under 7 boys and girls championship for dolphin
trophies was conducted by TDCA on behalf of TNSCA at St.Joan of Arc
International school from 13.05.11 to 19.05.11. The tournament was
conducted in eleven round swiss system based on FIDE rules.

Mr. Govindaraju, Founder of St.Joan of Arc International school,
inaugurated the championship in the presence of Mr. Anantharaja.G.G,
president TDCA and the secretary Mr. T. Sundarrajan.

The Tournament attracted nearly 69 Boys and 43 Girls from various
parts of Tamilnadu. Mr. R. Balasubrananian, FIDE Arbiter, from Chennai
was the Chief Arbiter. He organized the tournament very efficiently
with the helpof eight other deupty arbiters.

At the end of sixth round S. Akilesh Viswaa and K. Rithikaa both from
Trichy were the sole leaders in boys and girls category respectively.
After that many dramatic changes happened.

Finally at the end of eleventh round, M. Aditya and C.Brgadeshwaran
both from chennai got 9 points. Based on Buchholz tie break system M.
Aditya of Chennai was declared the 24th Tamilnadu Under 7 Boys State
Champion. In the Girls categoy Samyuktha .B.S of Vellore Scored 10
points and became the 24th Tamilnadu Under 7 State Champion for Girls

Mr. K. Muralimohan , General Secretary of TNSCA was the chief guest
for the prize distribution function. He distributed the prizes to all
the prize winners in the presence of Mr.M. Elangoven, Correspondent,
St. Joan of Arc International School, Mr. Anantharaja.G.G, President
of TDCA, Mr. R.K .Balagunasekaran, Joint Secreatary, TNSCA and other
members of TDCA..

Final Results.


Pts. TB1 TB2 TB3
1 Aditya M CHE 9 79.5 74.5 69.0
2 Bragadeshwaran C CHE 9 78.0 73.0 68.0
3 Akilesh viswaa TRY 8 84.0 77.5 71.0
4 Ashwin kumar B S MDU 8 75.5 70.5 65.0
5 Subbu krishna sharma G M T.NAGAR 8 75.0 71.0 66.0
6 Praggnanandhaa R TLR 8 74.5 71.5 66.5
7 Sathyaroopan M CBE 8 73.0 69.0 63.5
8 Abhishek S KK 7.5 73.0 68.5 63.5
9 Rohith P ERO 7.5 71.0 66.0 61.0
10 Sriram B TRY 7.5 68.0 64.0 59.5


Rk. Name Club/City Pts. TB1 TB2 TB3

1 Samyuktha B S VLR 10.0 73.5 68.5 63.5
2 Rithikaa K TRY 9.0 78.5 73.5 67.5
3 Rindhiya V TLR 9.0 76.0 72.5 67.5
4 Poornasri M.K TLR 9.0 74.0 70.0 65.0
5 Vidula V.K CCA 7.0 67.0 63.0 58.0
6 Rajalakshmi S VNR 7.0 67.0 62.5 57.5
7 Shreya S CHE 7.0 66.5 63.0 58.5
8 Rakshitta Ravi CHE 6.5 80.5 74.5 68.5
9 Dharsana M.S ERO 6.5 76.0 72.5 67.5
10 Sri varshini P M CHE 6.5 69.5 64.5 59.5
 Saravana Krishnan & Pon N Krithika are Champions

Saravana Krishnan & Pon N Krithika are Champions

In open Section Saravana Krishnan drew with Visakh of Chennai and won the championship with 7.5 points. Eight players are following the champion with 7 points each. But better buch holz helped Srikanth Ajay of Jawahar Vidyalaya School declared as runner-up of this state championship. Saravana Krishnan received Rs.3000 with
Annapragada Trophy.

In Girls section Pon N Krithika drew with N.Keerthana of Chennai and won the 10th TN State Under 25 Women Chess Championship with 8 points. Keerthana was the runner-up with 7 points. Krithika received Rs.2500 with Nivarthi Trophy.

The Chief Guest Shri JCD Prabhakar MLA, Villivakkam Constituency distributed the prizes to the winners in the presence of Shri A Surya Narayana Rao, Secretary & Correspondent of Jawahar Vidyalaya School , Shri D.V. Sundar, Vice President Fide and Hon.Secretary of All India Chess Federation and Shri K.Muralimohan , General Secretary of Tamil Nadu State Chess Association.

There were 15 main prizes in open section and 10 prizes in women section. The best game award was given to R.Arun Karthik of Chennai. He received The Tenneti Venugopal Rao Rolling Trophy (sponsored by Jawahar Vidyalaya School) with Rs.500.
 M.Arvind & R.Vaishali Clinched 24th TN State U-11 Boys & Girls Titles.
Velammal Matriculation Hr.Sec.School has put one more step forward by conducting 24th TN State U-11 Boys and Girls Chess Championship associated with Madurai District Chess Association on behalf of TN State Chess Association. The 11 round Swiss format event was held from 24th April to 30th April 2011 here at Velammal Matriculation Hr.Sec.School, Velammal Nagar,Madurai.
This tournament has attracted 153 boys and 70 girls from 19 districts and 6 registered acadamies. Among these players 52 boys and 22 girls are rated players. It is interesting to note that the youngest participant, 5 years old girl Kanishka Shri of Madurai added beauty to this state championship. Earlier the inauguration was presided by Shri J.Baskaran Former India Kabadi Captain initiated the event by making the first move in the presence of The Principal, Velammal Mat.Hr.Sec.School.
In boys section A.Prathish of Madurai and Aniruddh Iyengar of Chennai were leading with 5 points at the end of 5th round. A.Vaibhav of Coimbatore beat Prathish and took the sole lead with 6.5 points after 7th round. A.Ra. Harikrishnan of Tiruvallur was the sole leader with 8 points before 10th round. Four players shared their lead with 8 points each at the end of penultimate round. At last M.Arvind wins the championship with 9 points. Aniruddh Iyengar is the runner with the same 9 points due to lesser buchholz than Arvind.
In Girls section K.Vaisalie of Madurai maintained her sole lead till 9 rounds. At the end of 10th round R.Vaishali of Tiruvallur and K Vaisalie were the joint leaders with 8.5 points each. R.Vaishali of Tiruvallur district wins the girls championship with9.5 points. K.Vaisalie of Madurai is the runner with 9 points
Madurai District Commissioner of Police Shri M.D. Shajahan gave away the prizes to the winners in the presence of the Principal, Velammal Matriculation Hr.Sec.School and Rev.Dr.Aul Arasu Isral, the President of Madurai District Chess Association.
 Sri Balaram Trophy and Ist prize{Rs 5000}rece
Sri Balaram Trophy and Ist prize{Rs 5000}received by Mr Ram S Krishnan, BSNL, Chennai from Mr. Sundar, Founder - Sri Balaram Memorial Trust at the 1st State level Children and open championship 2011 held at walajahpet on 07-05-11 & 08-05-11, organised by Vellore Chess Players Academy, Walajapet. Others in the picture are Mr. N. Dinakaran, President, Vellore Chess Players Academy, Mr. P. V. Reddy Prasad, Chairman, Vellore District Chess Association (AC) and Mr. Kumar, Secretary, Kasprov Chess Academy, Vellore.

The Rolling trophy costing Rs. 12,000/- was donated by Sri Balaram Memorial Trust, Walajapet AND Vellore Chess Players Academy, Walajahpet is proposing to give every year to the Ist prize winner at the State level chess tournament .
 Sai Krishna & Michelle Catherina emerge Sub Junior Champions
Sai Krishna & Michelle Catherina emerge Sub Junior Champions

Andhra Pradesh lad G V Sai Krishna and Tamil Nadu girl Michelle Catherina emerged champions in the RMK Sr Sec School 37th National Sub Junior (Under 15) Chess Championship& 28th National Sub Junior Girls Chess Championship held at Media Hall, Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Chennai here today.

In the crucial final round, Sai Krishna faced some difficulties from Kerala boy S L Narayanan, but managed to hold on to a draw after 53 moves. Sai Krishna took the top spot with 10.0 points, followed by S L Narayanan at 9.0 points. FIDE Master Girish A Koushik of Karnataka took the third spot with 8.5 points.

The girls section saw Tamil Nadu girls sweeping all the main prizes. Michelle Catherina who had a dream run in this tournament, finished the final round with a victory against G K Monnisha. Michelle logged in 9.5 points from eleven rounds and was followed by top seed P V Nandhidhaa at 9.0 points. Sharing the third spot were M Mahalakshmi, Meenu Priya, G Lasya, Madhurima Shekhar and Srija Seshadri at 8.0 points respectively.

Final Standings :
1. G V Sai Krishna (AP) 10.0, 2. S L Narayanan (Kerala) 9.0, 3. Girish A Koushik (Karnataka) 8.5, 4-10 Akash PC Iyer (TN), Sayantan Das (WB), Shardul Gagare (Maharashtra), K G Chaithanyaa, R Ganesh, B Kumaran (all TN) and Arjun Bharat (Karnataka) 8.0 pts.

1. Michelle Catherina P (TN) 9.5, 2. P V Nandhidhaa (TN) 9.0, 3-7 M Mahalakshmi, Meenu Priya Se (both TN), G Lasya (AP), Madhurima Shekhar (Delhi), Srija Seshadri (TN) 8.0, 8-10 G K Monnisha (TN), Nisha N Patkar (Karnataka), P Bala Kannamma (TN) 7.5pts
 Krishnan Sasikiran Wins Asian Blitz
Krishnan Sasikiran of Chennai won the Asian Blitz Chess Championship that was held at Mashad in Iran on May 11.

Sasikiran, born 1981, recorded 7/9 and won on tie-break after three players tied for first place. Strange, Sasikiran started with a defeat, then he beat six opponents and drew two for the title.

Among Sasikiran's wins was one over the new Asian Individual champion P. Harikrishna in the penultimate round.

Indians missed the podium in the 1st Asian Women's Individual Blitz Championship. World champion Hou Yifan played and did not win! Hoang Thi Bao Tram of Vietnam won on 7/9 on tie-break after she figured in a 3-way tie for the first place. Harika was in sole lead with 5.5/6 but defeats to Tan Zhongyi and Hou Yifan spoilt her tournament.

Final placings: 1-3. K. Sasikiran (Ind), Wesley So (Phi), Bu Xiangzhi (Chn) 7/9 each; 9 G.N. Gopal 6; 11 Vidit Gujrathi 5.5; 14 Surya S Ganguly 5.5, 15 Parimarjan Negi 5.5; 19 M. Shyam Sundar 5, 20 P. Harikrishna 5, 21 Abhijit Kunte 5; 24 S.P. Sethuraman 4.5; 28 Vaibhav Suri 4, 29 Debashis Das 4, 33 B. Adhiban 4...50 players.

Final placings (women): 1-3. Hoang Thi Bao Tram (Vie), Tan Zhongyi, Hou Yifan (both Chn) 7/9 each; 4 D. Harika 6.5; 7 Mary Ann Gomes 5.5; 11 Padmini Rout 5; 16 Swati Ghate 4.5; 19 Soumya Swaminathan 3.5; 27 Eesha Karavade 3...28 player
 Anand Keeps No.1 Rank
World champion Viswanathan Anand retained the No.1 rank in the world when FIDE announced the Elo ratings for May 1, 2011 today.

The ratings of the three players in the 2800-club remained unchanged for the two month period. Anand did not play any rating game and stays on 2817 while Magnus Carlsen and Levon Aronian also remain unchanged without a game at 2815 and 2808.

In the given period, Anand finished third in the Amber Tournament under rapid and blindfold games. On April 9, he and his wife Aruna Anand were blessed with a baby boy.

Many top flight event like Linares have not taken place due to the economic cycles and most of the elite players did not show rating activity. The oldest player in the top 10, Vassily Ivanchuk managed to get nine games to occupy the fifth place.

Among women, Judit Polgar continues to top the chart on 2699. Koneru Humpy has gained seven Elo to reach 2614 and retain her second place. Harika dropped four Elo to reach 2520 and occupy the eleventh place.

In the country rank, India is sixth behind Russia, Ukraine, China, Armenia, France. This place is decided by the average rating of the top ten players. It will take a while for other nations to challenge Russia's 2734. India is on 2645. In Grand Masters, China is on 27 and India 24. Russia is on 204.

There are a total of 19,376 Indians in the rating file. This shows constant increase and speaks of the healthy chess activity in India
 Sports - Award - Nomination of Sports Person
Sports - Award -Nomination of Sports Persons for
Arjuna Award-2011,
Rajiv Gandhi Khel Rathna Award -2011,
Dronacharya Award-2011,
Rashtriya Khel Protsahan Purushkar Award-201
 Vishy Anand blessed with a baby Boy Apr 09, 2011
Aruna Anand wife of Grandmaster Vishy Anand delivered a healthy baby boy this morning. The child and mother are doing fine. Chennai District Chess
 Dubai Open - 2011
India's Grandmaster Krishnan Sasikiran is the Top Seed at the 13th Dubai Open Chess Championship which started on Sunday the 10th April at Dubai Chess and Culture Club, Dubai.

India has sent a large contingent of Grandmasters, International Masters to compete at the championship. The total Prize Money id US $ 45,000/ plus $4000 for the Blitz tournament which will be held on the Rest day of the Championship.

In the First Round the Indians had no problem beating their low rated opponents. Sasikiran, Ganguly, Parimarjan Negi , Abhijeet Gupta, Tania Sachdev, Ashwin Jairam, R Laxman , all came out victorious.India's Grandmaster Krishnan Sasikiran is the Top Seed at the 13th Dubai Open Chess Championship which started on Sunday the 10th April at Dubai Chess and Culture Club, Dubai.

India has sent a large contingent of Grandmasters, International Masters to compete at the championship. The total Prize Money id US $ 45,000/ plus $4000 for the Blitz tournament which will be held on the Rest day of the Championship.

In the First Round the Indians had no problem beating their low rated opponents. Sasikiran, Ganguly, Parimarjan Negi , Abhijeet Gupta, Tania Sachdev, Ashwin Jairam, R Laxman , all came out victorious.

Ladies were in charge of surprises as WIM Ghader Pour Shayesteh and WFM Khademalsharieh Sarasadat, both from Iran, won and drew against GM Aleksej Aleksandrov and GM Ashot Anastasian respectively. In addition, WFM Dinara Saduakassova split the point with GM Emanuel Berg. CM Sanal Vahap defeated GM Jon Ludvig Hammer with black pieces
 Arun karthik & Vishnu Prasnna 2nd and 3rd Prize in Sri Lanka Open International
Arun Karthik from India won the 2nd place when he beat RMCM Rajapakse in the 2nd table. He scored a total of 8 1/2 points and collected Rupees 50,000/- with the silver medal. The top seed and only International Master, Vishnu Prasanna has to satisfy with the 3rd place since he lost couple of Games to Sri Lankan, RS Kalugampitiya and the winner CRG Krishna in the earlier rounds. Vishnu beat GC Anuruddha in the final round to collect Rs. 25,000/- with the Bronze medal
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 Anand Finishes Third
World champion Viswanathan Anand downed Anish Giri of the Netherlands 2-0 to finish clear third with 13 points in the Amber Chess Tournament that concluded at Monte Carlo on March 24. In addition, Anand was clear second in blindfold and third in rapid events.

Levon Aronian of Armenia won the event with a double draw against Sergey Karjakin of Russia. Aronian is winning this event for the third time. He tallied 15.5/22. Carlsen finished second with 14.5 and Anand was third with 13 points. The blindfold was won by Aronian and rapid by Carlsen by 1.5 and 2.5 point margins.

In the blindfold game, Anand won a rook via a double attack and in the rapid he won pawns and converted a queen ending for a 2-0 sweep.

The results (round eleven): Ivanchuk lost to Topalov 0.5-1.5, Gashimov drew Grischuk 1-1, Giri lost to Anand 0-2, Carlsen drew with Gelfand 1-1, Nakamura drew Kramnik 1-1, Aronian drew Karjakin 1-1.

Final placings: 1 Aronian 15.5, 2 Carlsen 14.5, 3 Anand 13, 4-5. Grischuk, Ivanchuk 11 each, 6-9. Gashimov, Gelfand, Nakamura, Topalov 10.5, 10 Karjakin 10, 11 Kramnik 8, 12 Giri 7
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 Navin Kanna wins Colombo Chess Festival 2011
Navin Kanna wins Colombo Chess Festival 2011 Print
Wednesday, 09 March 2011 07:54

Navin Kanna, the top seed from India won the 4th Colombo International Chess Festival convincingly. From the beginning he led the event and finally he drew with RMCM Rajapakse in the final round to finish with 8 1/2 points to achieve the title. Navin recieved a cash prize of Rs. 50,000/- with the Trophy and the Gold Medal. He drew with former Sri Lankan National Chess Champion, GC Anuruddha in an earlier round and gave another draw to one of his fellow Indians, Lake Mithawala in the 5th round.
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 Aronian Beats Anand 1.5-0.5
Levon Aronian of Armenia is one of the few players in the world to enjoy a good score against Viswanathan Anand. In the eight round of the Amber Chess Tournament, Aronian beat Anand in the rapid game for a 1.5-0.5 win on March 20.

Strange, all blindfold games ended in draws and all rapid games ended decisively in wins for white! Aronian keeps his lead after picking up the game of the round prize for winning against Anand in rapid. They drew the blindfold encounter earlier. Anand is on 8.5/16.

Three rounds or six games remain to be played in this 12-player double all-play-all. The players once face in blindfold and another in rapid chess.

Aronian leads with 11.5/16 and closely behind is Carlsen on 11. Anand and Ivanchuk are tied for third with 8.5 points.

Monday is a free day and round nine will resume on Tuesday. March 21 is the first day of spring in Europe.

The results: (round eight): Grischuk lost to Nakamura 0.5-1.5, Anand lost to Aronian 0.5-1.5, Gelfand lost to Ivanchuk 0.5-1.5, Kramnik lost to Gashimov 0.5-1.5, Karjakin lost to Giri 0.5-1.5, Topalov lost to Carlsen 0.5-1.5.
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 Black Wins In Carlsen v Anand Games
White has an advantage in chess and it is sometimes more than making the first move. In the blindfold game, World Champion Viswanathan Anand won against Magnus Carlsen of Norway with black and in the reverse rapid game, the Norwegian won with the black pieces for a 1-1 score in round nine.

Levon Aronian of Armenia has meanwhile widened his lead by half a point by defeating Vladimir Kramnik of Russia 1.5-0.5. Two rounds remain to be played in the Amber Chess Tournament being played at Monte Carlo.

Aronian leads with 13/18 points and Carlsen is behind with 12 points. Anand shares the third spot with Grischuk and Ivanchuk on 9.5 points.

In the blindfold section alone, Aronian is leading with 7/9 and Anand is second with 5.5 points. In the rapid section alone, Carlsen is leading with 7.5/9 and Aronian is second with six points. Section titles are expected to be won with a round to spare on March 23 itself.

The results (round nine): Gashimov drew Gelfand 1-1, Giri lost to Grischuk 0.5-1.5, Carlsen drew Anand 1-1, Nakamura drew Topalov 1-1, Aronian bt Kramnik 1.5-0.5, Ivanchuk drew Karjakin 1-1.
 Ivanchuk Shocks Anand
Vassily Ivanchuk of Ukraine shocked world champion Viswanathan Anand 1.5-0.5 in the sixth round of the Amber Blindfold and Rapid Chess Tournament in progress at Monte Carlo on March 18.

Ivanchuk who turned 42 beat Anand in the rapid game for the Euro 1,000 game of the round prize. In the blindfold game, the players made a draw. After the first defeat, Anand is on seven points from 12 games. There are five rounds or ten games still to be played in this event.

Anand has defeated Ivanchuk many times and leads the head-to-head after the win in their Anibal Match at Linares 18 years before. Ivanchuk unseated Anand from world title in the FIDE World Chess Championship in December 2001 at Moscow.

Levon Aronian of Armenia lost the match and yet leads on 8.5/12. Magnus Carlsen is in second place on 7.5 and the third place is shared by Anand and Grischuk on 7 points.

The results (round six): Gelfand bt Nakamura 1.5-0.5, Grischuk bt Aronian 1.5-0.5, Anand lost to Ivanchuk 0.5-1.5, Topalov lost to Gashimov 0.5-1.5, Kramnik bt Giri 1.5-0.5, Karjakin lost to Carlsen 0.
 Anand Held By Nakamura
The Wijk aan Zee champion Hikaru Nakamura of United States held world champion Viswanathan Anand to two draws, once in blindfold and again in rapid in the seventh round of the Amber Tournament being played at Monte Carlo on March 19.

After these draws, Anand made 1-1 in the day and keeps his third place with 8 points from 14 games. Levon Aronian of Armenia leads with 10 points. Magnus Carlsen of Norway who thrashed Vladimir Kramnik of Russia 2-0 is in second place on 9.5 points.

Four rounds or eight games remain to be played in this 12-player event organised by Association Max Euwe.

The results (round seven): Giri lost to Topalov 0.5-1.5, Carlsen by Kramnik 2-0, Gashimov drew Karjakin 1-1, Aronian bt Gelfand 1.5-0.5, Ivanchuk bt Grischuk 1.5-0.5, Nakamura drew Anand 1-1.
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 Anand Keeps Winning
Anand, the NIIT Brand Ambassador has won three matches and drawn Kramnik 1-1. He had defeated Topalov and Gelfand in earlier rounds. Anand is on 5.5/8 with seven rounds or 14 games still to be played. Anand has scored 2.5/4 in blindfold and 3/4 in rapid chess.

In the blindfold game, Anand played the Berlin variation of the Ruy Lopez with black and made an easy draw by repetition. In the white rapid game, Anand pinned and won a knight of Grischuk for a 1.5-0.5 win.

Levon Aronian of Armenia and Magnus Carlsen of Norway are leading with six points from eight games. Anand is in clear third place with 5.5 points. Grischuk is on 4.5 points and others are well behind.

Karjakin beat Kramnik for the best game of the day prize. What Dokhoian could not do with Kasparov he has done achieved through Karjakin - beating Kramnik's Berlin. The Euro 1000 prize went to Sergey Karjakin of Russia. Karjakin moved from Ukraine to Russia and is now trained by Yuri Dokhoian, the famous Grand Master trainer of Garry Kasparov.

The results (round four): Anand bt Grischuk 1.5-0.5; Karjakin bt Kramnik 1.5-0.5; Topalov bt Gelfand 1.5-0.5; Carlsen bt Giri 1.5-0.5; Nakamura bt Gashimov 1.5-0.5; Aronian bt Ivanchuk 1.5-0.5.
 C.G.S.Narayanan wins third prize in FIDE World Cup for chess composition
C.G.S.Narayanan, Editor AICF Chronicle, has won the third prize in the three-move section of the ‘1st FIDE World Cup for Chess Composition’ held in 2010 the results of which have been brought out by FIDE in ‘ Chess Composition 2010 Year Book” recently. Narayanan, an international problemist of repute, who has won several prizes for his compositions in leading magazines around the world is a three-time recipient of Brian Harley Award awarded by British Chess Problem Society for the best two-move chess problem composed by a subject of British Commonwealth and this recent success in FIDE World Cup is creditable achievement in an international competition in which composers from 33 countries participated

C.G.S.Narayanan, Editor AICF Chronicle, has won the third prize in the three-move section of the ‘1st FIDE World Cup for Chess Composition’ held in 2010 the results of which have been brought out by FIDE in ‘ Chess Composition 2010 Year Book” recently. Narayanan, an international problemist of repute, who has won several prizes for his compositions in leading magazines around the world is a three-time recipient of Brian Harley Award awarded by British Chess Problem Society for the best two-move chess problem composed by a subject of British Commonwealth and this recent success in FIDE World Cup is creditable achievement in an international competition in which composers from 33 countries participated

Mate in three moves
Key: 1.Bf4! (threat 2.exd4+,Kxd4 3.Be3#)
1....Rd5 2.Re6 3.Rc6/Na6
1...Rd6 2.Re5+ Rd5 3.Rxd5
1...Rxd7 2.Rxe4 3.Rxc4

Judge Jakov Vladimirov (Russia) commented:

“Harmonious and motivated in-phase movements of rooks in different directions”

Don Smedley of England has quoted the problem in ‘The Problemist’with the following comments

“The problem shows another entertaining (and technically difficult) idea - the anti-magnet theme. Instead of a black piece drawing a white piece in its wake - as in the magnet theme - the pieces mirror each other's movements, but in opposite directions.To be sure, there is no great strategy (other than dual avoidance) but there is something comical in the way the Rooks sail towards then past each other, like ships that pass in the night.”
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 Koneru Humpy Wins Women's FIDE Grand Prix 2011
World No.2 Koneru Humpy of Vijayawada won the Women's FIDE Grand Prix 2011 at Doha after a gripping final round on March 5.

Humpy tied for first place with Danielian of Armenia with eight points in this 11-round 12-player all-play-all.

Humpy played at 2649 and is gaining rating from an all women's event after a long time. She had been gaining ratings from Open events and losing in women's events.

By virtue of tying for the first place with Danielian, Humpy went ahead of the Armenian player in the overall Grand Prix standings and will play Hou Yifan for the world women's championship later this year.

Humpy recovered from a poor start in this event. In the end, she won six games, drew four and lost just one game to Nana Dzagnidze of Georgia.

Trained by her father and former National 'B' player, Koneru Ashok, Humpy, 1987-born has had her best result in many years.

Humpy was a credible winner since she defeated Danielian, the bulky Armenian player in the mutual encounter. In the final round, Humpy overcame former world women's champion Zhu Chen.
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 S.P. Sethuraman become India's youngest Grand Master
Former World Under-16 champion S.P. Sethuraman won a Grand Master Tournament by a one point margin at Poland on December 1, 2010 to complete his third Grand Master norm and become India's youngest grandmaster on date.

In the 10-player all-play-all, Sethuraman scored 7/9 and finished ahead of the GM Norm requirement which was 6.5. His third norm followed earlier norms made at Parsvnath Open in Delhi 2009 and Paris Open July 2010.

The 1993-born player from Chennai becomes a Grand Master as he is already rated above the 2500 mark. He disappointed at Porto Carras in Greece by not finishing among the medals despite starting as the favourite in the World Under-18 Championship. His showing in Poland has certainly compensated for it.

Sethuraman is a first year B.Com student at SRM University in Chennai. His father S. Panayapan is a well known Chennai trainer who runs the Kilpauk Chess Centre. Sethuraman's entire family, father, mother and younger brother have played tournament chess.
 District Selection for Under 7 & 9 (Boys & Girls) for King Chess Foundation Rolling Trophy.
District Selection for Under 7 & 9 (Boys & Girls) for King Chess Foundation Rolling Trophy, Organized by T.Nagar Chess Academy
 C. Lakshmi Won Silver & Sai Krishna Won Bronze
C. Lakshmi Won Silver & Sai Krishna Won Bronze in Under 7 National 2010, held at Jamshedpur recently
 National Under 7 Silver Medalist C. Lakshmi won the Under 9 Girls Championship
Chennai District Chess Championships for Under 7 & 9 Boys and Girls for King Chess Foundation Rolling Trophy was held at T. Nagar Chess Academy, Chennai which was organized by T. Nagar Chess Academy on 04.12.2010 & 05.12.2010. The Prize distribution function was held on Sunday evening. It was presided over by the Chief Guest Tamilselvan, President, King Chess Foundation, alongwith Mrs. Sai Meera, Women Grand Master and N. Mohan, Customs Officer. Among the winners the top two will represent Chennai District in the respective Tamil Nadu State Chess Championships.
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 Laxman India's 20th GM
IM R.R. Laxman achived his final GM norm by drawing hia 9th round game against GM Rauf Mamedov of Azerbaijan. He becomes the country's 20th GM.
Shyam Nikhil of Chennai got his second International Master Norm in the 4th Kolkatta Open Tournament - 2009.
 DileepKumar and Tejaswi emerge champions
22nd Tamil Nadu State Under 7 (Boys & Girls) Chess Championship, Karaikudi

Dileep Kumar and Tejaswi emerge champions

Chennai kids Dileep Kumar and Tejaswi Murugavel emerged champions in the 22nd TN State Under 7 (B & G) Chess Championship held at Alagappa Chettiar College of Engineering and Technology, Karaikudi for the Dolphin trophies. iBoth the champs scored easy final round victories emerging clear winners. The top two on the boys and girls section will represent Tamil Nadu in the National Under 7 Championship scheduled to be held at Ahmedabad during December 2009. More than two hundred children participated in this week long event.

The prizes were distributed by Mr Sekaran, Principal, Alagappa Chettiar College of Engineering and Technology, Karaikudi, Mr Suresh, Asst. Exe Engineer, Karaikudi, Mr K Murali Mohan,Gen Secretary, Tamil
Nadu State Chess Association, Mr Karuppiah, President, Sivaganga Dist Chess Association, Dr Viswalingam, Physical Director, Alagappa Chettiar College of Engineering and Technology.


2 INIYAN.P, ERODE 9.5 82.5
5-6 RAHUL.S, TVLR 8 78.5
7-10 ASHWATH.C.S, CHENNAI 7.5 82.0


5-9 ELAKKEYA., CBE 7 76.0
10 RESHMA.C.R, KANCHI 6.5 75.5


 Adhiban retain National B Title
International Master B.Adhiban of Tamil Nadu retained the National ‘B’ chess title by beating Mary Ann Gomes in the final round of the National ‘B’ Chess Championship held at Kolkatta on 24/08/2209.

Adhiban, who became the youngest player when he won the event last year in Goa and still continues to hold that honour at 17, came up with a consistent show that saw him net 10.5 points from 13 rounds.
Adhiban, who is also the World under-16 champion, showed poise and class, and came up with his best in the last two rounds where he played flawlessly to pick up crucial points.
Playing against Mary Ann, with whom he shared the top spot in the penultimate round, Adhiban went for the kill with a strong attack while Mary Ann, with her French defence, struggled to contain him.
Adibhan opted for the Tarrasch Variation on the kingside and made quick inroads.
Mary Ann lost a pawn on the kingside on the 26th move and also the game as Adhiban’s pieces penetrated her weakened back rank.
 Akash and Michelle Triumphs
G. Akash and Michelle Catherina of Chennai won the titles in the 22nd Tamil Nadu State under -13 Chess Championship for Dolphin Trophies held at Coimbatore.
Akash got the 9.5 points out of 11 rounds to took the first spot followed by S. Kaushik and Mugil Jayavel of chennai with 8.5 points.
In the girls category Michelle Catherina took the 10 points out of 11 rounds to clinch the title followed by Se Meenu Priya of Madurai with 8.5 points to spot ruunerup and V Shvethe of Kanchi got the third spot with 8 points.
 Asian Gold Medalists arrived Chennai
A warm reception was given by Tamil NAdu State Chess Association for Asian Gold Medal Winners (J. Saranya, Srija Seshadri and G.K. Monnisha) were arrived Chennai Central today (10/08/2009) by Tamil Nadu Express.
Tamil Nadu General Secretary Mr. K. Muralimohan presented the garlands to the winners and distribute the sweets to all chess friends and parents of the winners, who were joined the reception.
 Asian Youth Achievers
G. K. Monnisha of chennai won the U-12 Girls Gold in the Asian Youth Chess Championship held at Newdelhi and P. Shyam Nikhil got the Silver Medal in Under -18 Open category.

Ramnath Bhuvanesh finished fourth in U-16 category.
 Shyam Wins
Report by V.Vijayaraghavan, Chief Arbiter

The 57th TN State FIDE Rated Chess Championship was held at Karaikudi, the largest city in Sivagangai district . Our State’s prestigious event , was organised by Castles Chess Academy at Rm V Kalyanamandapam from 7th July to 14th July 2009. Two International Masters R.Balasubramaniam of ICF and DP Singh of Southern Railway alongwith Three FIDE Master Shyam Nikil & Vinoth Kumar of Chennai and Maheswaran of Virudunagar were vying for the coveted V J Brahmaiah Rolling Shield. The prize fund of 1 lakh rupees and the first prize of Rs.30000/- had assured a good standard of play. A total number of 120 players have participated from 24 districts and 8 affiliated units. Earlier The tournament was inaugurated by philanthropist Rtn. PHF Sri Rm N Karuppiah , President, SiDCA.

Ramnath Bhuvanesh , a 11th standard student of SBOA school took the lead at the end of 7th round by beating the fancied Shyam Nikhil of Chennai and Maheswaran of Virudhunagar in successive rounds. Ramnath lost a crucial round to Premnath of Mount Chess Academy in a time scramble. Meanwhile top seed Shyam Nikhil was cruising thro and won the championship with 8.5 pts despite losing to Premnath in the last round who had the same score of 8.5pts . Shyam was placed first ahead of Premnath by virtue of Buchholz tiebreaking score. Ramnath Bhuvanesh was placed third and lead a contingent with 8pts.

Karaikudi , is known as capital of Chettinad region which is the homeland of Nagarathars, a prosperous banking and business community. Notable is the educational institutions developed by Alagapar , the founder of Alagappa University. Alagappa Chettiar College of Engineering and Technology (Accet),Alagappa Polytechnic located in Karaikudi, . Dr. Alagappa Chettiar is also responsible for establishment of Central Electro Chemical Research Institute (CECRI) in this place.

All the players and parents were overwhelmed by the hospitality of the organisers,which is a special quality of people in this region. A dinner was hosted by Sri Rm N Karuppiah for a happy gathering on Sunday during the tournament. The PD function was graced by Shri CT Chockalingam, RM, IOB Karaikudi . Felicitations was offered by RM Rajamanickam, Correspondent, Leader’s Matriculation School and K N Saravanan , Shri Lakshmi Printers. John Kennedy of Matha Electricals welcomed the gathering and S.Athulan , Secretary Castle Chess Academy delivered the vote of thanks.
 Anand's Receives Chess Oscar For The Sixth Time
Anand who won the World Title at Bonn last year by defeating Vladimir Kramnik 6.5-4.5 in a match was expected to pick this award which is run by the Russian Chess Magazine, 64 Chess Review. It was after a massive poll exercise for which journalists around the world cast their votes.
The AICF President N. Srinivasan and Honorary Secretary D.V. Sundar have congratulated Anand on his latest achievement. This news will naturally make Anand's fans around the world and particularly at hometown Chennai very happy and excited.
Anand is in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, competing in the President's Cup playing for the FIDE World Team against Azerbaijan in a four a side rapid match. FIDE World is leading the 8-round contest by 4.5-3.5 after two rounds. Six rounds are still to be played. Anand drew Radjabov in the opener and defeated Vugar Gashimov in the second round to help his team move into lead.
The Chess Oscar comes in the form of a statuette also called the "Fascinated Wanderer". Anand is enjoying chess and also excelling in it. He had won the world Chess title under three formats, knock out, double all-play-all tournament format and finally the match format. The Oscar award is a true confirmation of chess excellence. Anand had won this first in 1997 and 1998 through his tremendous performance in tournament play.
 RAMNATH BHUVANESH earned maiden IM norm
R Ramnath Bhuvanesh Student of XI Stadard from SBOA (CBSE) School acheived his Maiden IM norm at 11th Dubai Open 2009.
 IM S. Kidambi set to become Grand Master
An IM since 2000, Kidambi has achieved all the 3 norms to become 19th GM of India. Kidambi achieved 6th position in recently concluded Dubai Open Chess Tournament. Having reached a rating of 2501 in October 2008, the 26 year-old has already met all technical requirements to become a GM.
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 Arun and Prakruthi Win Under 25 Titles
Final placings:

Under 25 Men :
1 Arun J ( Velammal ) 5/6 Rounds
2 Madan N KV. (Ashok Nagar) 4.5

3 Suresh Kumar A (City Union Bank ) 4
4 Vishnu Sharon (P.S.B.B) 4
5 Sai Manivannan N.R (National Public ) 4

Under 25 Women:
1 Prakruthi A (B.S.Mootha Girls ) 3/4
2 Niranjiny V (Sindhi Model) 3
3 Uma Bharathi G (J.G.V.V. ) 3
4 Krithigga K (The Ashram) 2
5 Kharunya C.S (Don Bosco ) 1

Under 17 Boys:
1 Jitendriavel S (Velammal) 5/6
2 Sanjeev V (Sindhi Model) 5
3 Jaswant G (Montford) 4.5
4 Ganesh P (JRM Mat) 4.5
5 Monnisha G.K (Velammal) 4.5

Under 17 Girls:

1 Amirthavalli G (J.G.V.V) 4/4
2 Thegesvi J.G (Everwin Mat) 3
3 Ramalakshmi (DAV Girls) 3
4 Thamarai Selvi P (Kaligi Ranganathanan. Montford) 2.5
5 Ananya G Shandilya (Holy Angel’s) 2
 Raghuraman Wins TAK Memorial Problem Solving Contest
The other prize winners were:
II J.Saranya (Velammal MHS School)
III L.Bharath (Velammal MHS School)
IV A.Akshaya (Vellayan Chettiar H.S.School)
V J.G.Nivedhitha (Everwin MHS School
 Kumaran and Ashwini are State Under11 Champions
B. Kumaran and U. Ashwini both from Chennai won the 22nd TN under11 Championship for Dolphin Trophies and Rs.2000/- each as cash prize. In the boys section Kumaran scored 10.5 points and Ashwini scored 9.5 points respectively. In the last round Kumaran beat Karthikeyan M of Coimbatore and Ashwini drew with Oviyanila M of Chennai to clinch the title.
 Selection Letter for TN State Women FIDE Rated Chess Championship
Selection Letter for TN State Women FIDE Rated Chess Championship

Seeded Women: 1. R. Bharathi, 2. S. Nabeela Farheen,
Selected: 3. Michelle Catherina. P, 4.Ashwini.U, 5.Jeyassri.B, 6.Hema Priya. N 7.Sowjhanya. S
8. Swathy. D

We are happy to inform you that you have been seeded / selected to represent Chennai District in the 37th TN State Women FIDE Rated Chess Championship to be organized by Thiruthuraipoondi Chess Club at Tiruvarur. From 02.05.2009 to 08.05.2009.
We will be paying your entry fee. Apart from that you will be paid a pocket allowance of Rs.400/- and Rs.200/- for traveling expenses.
You are required to communicate your willingness within THREE DAYS from the date of receipt of this letter to our Treasurer Mr.R.Ramakrishnan. Mobile: 9444555226. Email: with a copy to If we don't receive your communication of willingness within the above stipulated period it will be deemed that you are not interested in taking part in the above event and the chance will be passed on to the next ranked player.

Wishing you all the best,

Yours Sincerely,

Treasurer, CDCA
 Admission for Talented for Chess Players
MOP Vishnav College is interested in giving admissions in Degree
Courses to talented chess players. Those who are interested may
directly contact the Principal or the Directress of Physical Education
Mrs.S.Shanthi : Mobile: 9786205597
 FIDE Title Awards
1. Visweswaran and Hariharan become FIDE Trainers

Fide Master K.Visweswaran and V.Hariharan both life members of CDCA
were awarded the title of FIDE Trainer at the conclusion of FIDE
Trainer's Seminar organized by All India Chess Federation from
1.5.2008 to 6.5.2008 at JN Stadium, here at Chennai.

K.Muralimohan, the secretary of CDCA was awarded the title of FIDE Instructor.

While life member K.Ganesan earned the title of National Instructor,
Joint Secretary B.Sakthi Prabhakar and life member N.K.Nanda Kumar
were awarded with the title of Development Instructor.

In all 19 candidates from various parts of the country attended the
seminar. FIDE Senior Trainer IM Jovon Petrionich (Serbia) and FIDE
Trainer Peter Long were the course lecturers.
 Chennai District Under-25 Chess Championship For Men and Women
T Nagar Chess Academy will organize Chennai District Chess
Championship for Under-25 Men and Women on 17.5.2008 and 18.5.2008 at
its premises at 2, Guild St., T Nagar, Chennai – 17. Only Chennai
District players born on or after 1.1.1983 are eligible to take part.
The entry fee is Ras.150/- and the CDCA registration fee for the year
2008-09 is Rs.60/-. The top two rankers in each category will be
selected to represent Chennai District in the TN State Under--25 Chess
Championship to be organized by Sports Promotion Foundation from 24th
May onwards at Jawahar Vidyalaya, Cghennai-83. Entries close on
15.5.2008 with Mr.A.L.Kasi, Secretary, T Nagar Chess Academy: Tel:
23711180' Mobile: 9444466155; E Mail:
 61st Anniversary of TN State Chess Association celebrated
The Tamil Nadu State Chess Association celebrated its 61st birthday in pure chess style with Contests in Tactical Chess, a Lecture by Grandmaster R.B.Ramesh and four simultaneous, Simultaneous Displays by Super Grandmaster K.Sasikiran and three International Masters - M.R.Venkatesh, B.Adhiban and P.Karthikeyan. Sasikiran who was accompanied by his wife played the black pieces in all the games and took three hours and thirty minutes for 30 games.

Mr M.V.M.Velmurugan, the CEO of Velammal Educational Trust, extolled the heritage of the State Chess Association and the lead it has taken in organising non-stop chess activities all over the state and producing some of the best players in the world starting with Viswanathan Anand.

Results of the Simultaneous Displays:

Sasikiran: Played black in all the 30 games to win 24, draw four (M.Hariharasudan, Vasantha Ruba Varman, RM Ramanathan and G.Santhoshkumar) and lost to B.Kumaran and V.A.V.Rajesh.

M.R.Venkatesh: Won 25, lost to P.Michelle Catherina, drew none.

B.Adhiban: Won 14, lost to S.Raju and drew against Y.Kiran, S.Ragul, and S.Anand Raj

P.Karthikeyan: Won 11, lost to J.Bavan Kumar, J.Sharanya and J.G.Nivedia,
 Laxman Earns his maiden GM Norm
International Master R.R.Laxman, a life member of our Chennai District Chess Association earned his maiden Grandmaster Norm when he finished fifth with six and half points out of nine rounds in the Dubai International Chess Tournament.
 Michelle, Osama win titles
Michelle Catharina (Good Shepherd) and Osama Salim (Velammal MHS School) emerged as champions in the Girls' and Boys' categories respectively of the Chennai District Under-13 Chess Championship organized by Chennai District Chess Association at Hall of Chess, JN Stadium, here yesterday.

While Michelle scored 4.5 points out of5 rounds to win the girls' title with a half point lead, there was a two way tie between Osama and Mugil Jayavel (Don Bosco) with 6 points each. Osama was declared the winner on account of better tie-break progressive score.

Mr.M.R.Senthil Kumar, a Chennai High Court Advocate gave away the prizes.

The top six of the boys' section and the top two of the girls' section are selected to represent Chennai District in the TN State Under-13 Chess Championship to be organized at Rajapalayam from August 7th to 13th this year.

Important Final Round Results:

Girls: Fifth Round: Michelle Catharina 4.5 drew with G.K.Monnisha 4 (Amrita Vidyalaya) 4; Jayasshri.B. (Amrita Vidyalaya) 3.5 drew with G.Uma Bharathi (Jai Gopal Vivekananda Vidyalaya) 3.5; G. Sushmitha (Jawahar Vidyalaya) 3.5 beat P.Balakannamma(St.Anne's MHS School) 2.5; Manaswini Murali (Vidya Mandir)3.5 beat Priyam Vadha.S.(P.S.Sr.Sec.School) 1.5; Thegesvi.J.G.(Ever Win MHS School) 3 beat Thamarai Selvi.P. (St.Anne's MHS School) 1.5

Boys: Seventh Round: Osama Salim 6 drew with Mukesh.M.(St.John's) 5.5; Abhinav.N.R.(Bhavan's Rajaji Vidyashram) 5 lost to Mugil Jayavel 6; Raj Kumar.N. (Velammal) 5 drew with Sai Kiran.S.(PSSS) 5; Roshan.R. 4.5 drew with Aadityan.N. (Jawahar Vidyalaya) 4.5;Neil Franclin (Chettinad Vidyashram) 5 beat Ram Bragadish (Rishi Valley) 4

Final Standings: Girls:

1. Michelle Catharina (Good Shepherd) 4.5

2. G.K.Monnisha (Amrita Vidyalaya) 4; 3.Jayasshri.B. (Amrita Vidyalaya) 3.5

4. G.Uma Bharathi (Jai Gopal Vivekananda Vidyalaya) 3.5;

5. Manaswini Murali (Vidya Mandir)3.5

6. G.Sushmitha (Jawahar Vidyalaya)3.5ool)


1. Osama Salim (Velammal) 6

2. Mugil Jayavel (Don Bosco) 6

3. Mukesh.M.(St.John's) 5.5

4. Abhinav.N.R.(Bhavan's Rajaji Vidyashram) 5

5. Neil Franclin (Chettinad Vidyashram) 5

6. Raj Kumar.N. (Velammal) 5
 Lokesh and Sangeetha Win Titles
P.Lokesh (SBOA) and former TN State Women's Champion M.R.Sangeetha emerged as Champions in the Men's and Women's categories respectively of the Chennai District Chess Championship organized by Chennai District Chess Association at Hall of Chess, JN Stadium here yesterday.

While Lokesh defeated N.R.Abhinav to take his tally to a 100% score of seven points out of seven rounds, four times TN State Champion M.R.Sangeetha drew with National "A" player Savetha.C.H. to win the title with 4.5 points.

Lokesh was awarded a cash prize of Rs.1,000/- and A.N.Parasuram Memorial Rolling Trophy and Sangeetha won a cash award of Rs.600/-.

Mr.G.Srikanth, General Manager (Finance), Ecof India Ltd., gave away the prizes to the winners.

Important Final Round Results: Round 7:

Abhinav.N.R. (5) lost with P.Lokesh (7); J.Arun (5.5) beat G.Ravindran 4.5

P.Ganesh (5) drew with Anana Sivasankar (5);

G.Akash (4) lost to Shashaank.D.S. (5.5); G.Jaswant (5) beat Siddarth (4)

Women :Round 5:

Sangeetha (4.5) drew with C.H.Savetha(3.5); Michelle Catherina (3.5) drew with Alagu Sala (3.5); G.Uma Bharathi (2) lost to Nivedhitha.J.G. (3.5);P.Balakannamma (3) beat R.Abirami (2); G.Thenammai (2) lost to Akshitha (3)

Final Standings:

1. P.Lokesh [SBOA] (7)

2. J.Arun [Velammal] (5.5)

3. Shashaank.D.S.[Jawahar Vidyalaya] (5.5)

4. Anana Sivasankar [ECC] (5)

5. P.Ganesh [JRM Middle School] (5)

6. N.R.Abhinav[Bhavan's Rajaji Vidyashram] (5)

7. M.Vijay [Mac Millan] (5)


Women: 1.M.R.Sangeetha 4.5 points / 5 Rounds

2. Michelle Catherina (Good Shepherd) 3.5

3.Nivedhitha.J.G. (Everwin MHS School) 3.5

4. Savetha.C.H. (Velammal) 3.5

5. Alagusala.G. (Vidya Mandir) 3.5

6. P.Balakannamma (St.Anne's) 3

The above players will represent Chennai District in the forthcoming TN State Chess Championships to be held later.
 FIDE-Instructor / FIDE Trainer course
FIDE-Instructor / FIDE-Trainer course in India!

30th April to 7th May, 2008 at Chennai

Attention Indian Coaches & Trainers!

We are glad to announce that the All India Chess Federation will be organizing the FIDE-Trainer & FIDE Instructor courses at Chennai for the benefit of coaches and trainers in our country under the direct supervision of FIDE.

Until now, one had to travel all the way to FIDE Trainers academy based in Germany or Singapore to participate in the course and obtain the FIDE Instructor or Instructor title. This involved spending for Airfare, Board & Lodge apart from the course fees.

Now AICF brings this unique opportunity for coaches to get trained as well certified by FIDE right in India, thus saving lot of expenditure.

FIDE Senior Trainer IM Jovan Petronic of Serbia and FIDE Trainer FM Peter Long of Malaysia will conduct the course and the examination. The course will be conducted in English language.

Four Titles can be achieved-FIDE Trainer, FIDE Instructor, National Instructor, Developmental Instructor- depending on the results of the examination and also the applicant’s stature in Chess as a player, Chess trainer etc..

Course details:

Scheduled Date & duration: April 30th to May 7th, 2008.

30th April – Arrival.

01st to 5th May: Lectures

6th May - Examination

Departure: 7th May

Course Fee:

The course fee would be 450 Euros (Rs 30,000/- approx)

AICF will arrange Lodging for Indian Citizens at AICF's Cost, on request

Interested coaches may send their applications along with bio data and a demand draft for the Rs30,000 in favour of All India Chess federation, payable at Chennai to the following address:

All India Chess Federation, Room No.70, Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Periamet, Chennai - 600 003

Last date for entries : 10th April, 2008

The applications will be considered on first come first basis. Hurry now, do not miss this excellent opportunity. Indian Participants may send their applications through their respective State Associations. Foreign Participants may send their application through their National Federation.

Eligibilty: AICF will finalize the eligible candidates in consultation with Mr.Ignatius Leong, the General Secretary of FIDE
 Chennai District Chess Championships
Chennai District Chess Association Conducts The following

Chennai District Chess Championships from 12th April to 17th April, 2008 at Hall Of Chess, J.N. Stadium, Chennai-3:

Chennai District Chess Championship for Seniors for A.N.Parasuram Memorial Rolling Trophy and for Women on 12th and 13th April

Entry Fee: Rs.150/- per player

Chennai District Under-13 Chess Championship for boys and girls:On 14th and 15th April

Entry Fee: Rs.100/-

Date of Birth Eligibility: Chennai District players born on or after 1.1.1995 can take part.

Chennai District Under-17 Chess Championship for boys and girls:on 16th and 17th April

Entry Fee: Rs.100/-

Date of Birth Eligibility: Chennai District players born on or after 1.1.1991 can take part.

Players must be registered with CDCA. The CDCA registration fee for the year 2008-09 is Rs.60/-.

Please bring your own International Chess Set (and Chess Clocks, if any).

Time Control: 1 Hour Each.

The number of rounds and round-wise schedule shall be announced at the tournament hall.

Arbiter's decisions are FINAL and BINDING on all players.

The top four rankers in Chennai District Seniors' Chess Championship and the top two rankers in Under-13 and 17 sections will be selected to represent Chennai District in the respective TN State Chess Championships to be held later.

Entries close on 10.4.2008 with Mr.R.Ramakrishnan, Treasurer, CDCA. Mobile: 9444555226

E Mail:
L.Bharath (Velammal MHS School) and P.Bala Kannamma (St. Anne's MHS School) emerged as champions in Under-12 Boys' and Girls' categories respectively of the Didar Motors TN State Level Open Rapid Chess Tournament For Children jointly organized by Rotary Club of Madras Metro and Chennai District Chess Association at Hall Of Chess, J.N. Stadium, Chennai.

While Bharath scored 7 points out of a possible 8, Bala Kannamma Scored a 100% score of 8 points.

The Under-14 Boys and Girls' categories were won by D.S.Shashaank (Jawahar Vidyalaya) and A. Akshaya (Vellayan Chettiar) respectively. The winners of Under-12 and 14 sections were awarded with H.S.Kohli Silver Rolling Trophies. The event was conducted in the following categories:Under-8, 10, 12, 14 and 18 Boys and Girls
Mr.Mohan Georse, Chairman Vocational Service, Rotary District 3230, Mrs.Dimple, Director, M/s.Didar Motors, Mr.P.R.Sudesh (President, Rotary Club of Madras Metro), Mr.Tarun (Secretary, RCMM) and Mr.Sekhar Babu (Director, Youth Services, Rotary Club of Madras Metro) gave away the prizes to the winners.
The lists of prize winners are attached herewith.

In the photo attached seen are from left to right:
Front Row: (L to R) :
L.Bharath (U-12 Champion), Anirush Aiyengar (Under-8 Boys), Nagadirthi (Under-8 Girls), C.R.Varsha (Under-10 Girls), and V.P.Anirudh Kannan (Under-10 Boys)
Back Row:A.Akshaya (U 14 G), J.G.Nivedhitha (U 18 G), V.A.V.Rajesh (U 18 B), and P.Balakannamma (U 12 G)
 Didar Motors TN State Level Children’s Open Tournament
Didar Motors TN State Level Children’s Open Tournament

Event Date : From : 01 - March - 2008 - To : 02 - March - 2008

Didar Motors TN State Level Children’s Open Tournament

Contact Details
Chennai District Chess Association,
New No.15, Old No: 5/1, Buddha Street,
Mobile: 98402 65650
Know More
 Solor Chess Club Tournament
DSKSSI Trust (Solor Chess Club) will organise 14th Chess Tournament for Children (Boys & Girls) under 8, 10, 12,14 and 18 on 26th and 27th January, 2008 at Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan Senior Secondary School, Alagiri Swamy Salai, K.K. Nagar, Chennai 600 078. Entry Fee for the tournament is Rs.50/- per player. Last Date of Entry is 24.01.2008. Only Chennai District Players is allowed to play and they have to pay the CDCA Registration Fee of Rs.60/- (is compulsory) for the year 2007-2008. For Entries, contact The Secretary, DSKSSI Trust, Mrs.Chandra Ramani. 34, South Mada Street, Mylapore, Chennai 600 004. Telephone No. 24643024
 Saughanthika and Jerome Win Titles in the State Selection Under 9 & 15 Chess Tournament
Saughanthika and Jerome Win Titles

Saughanthika.A.S. (Chettinad Vidyashram) and Jerome Jorge Ebenezer (Don Bosco) emerged as Champions in Under-9 Girls and Boys categories respectively of Chennai District Chess Championship organized by Chennai District Chess Association in Hall Of Chess, J.N. stadium, here yesterday.

While Saughanthika.A.S. took her tally to 6.5 points and won the title in Girls’ section by drawing her seventh and final round with C.Akhila (Bhavan’s Rajaji Vidyashram), Jerome defeated S.Sooraj (P.S.Senior Sec. School) in the final round to emerge as Champion in the Boys’ event.

S.Kaushik (Jawahar Vidyalaya ) defeated
Jitendriavel.S. (Velammal) to secure 6.5 points to win the title in Under-15 Boys’ Section.

In Under-15 Girls’ section, in the seventh and final round, while Balakannamma.P. (St. Arre’s MHS School) drew against Akshitha.D. (St.Joseph School) , Nivedhitha.J.G. (Ever Win MHS School) defeated Michelle Catherina (Good Shepherd). Both Balakannamma.P. and Nivedhitha.J.G. were tied with 6 points each but the former was declared as champion on account of better progressive score.

India’s latest International Master and Asian Junior Champion P.Karthikeyan distributed the prizes to the winners.

Final Standings:Girls:Under-9:
1. Saughanthika.A.S. (Chettinad Vidyashram) 6.5 /7
2. R.Manjula (St.Marion Primary School) 6
3. Nagadrithi.K. (PSBB) 4.5
4. Samantha.S. (St.Michael’s Academy) 4.5
5. Akhila.C. (Bhavan’s Rajaji Vidyashram) 4.5

Under-9 Boys:
1. Jerome Jorge Ebenezer (Don Bosco) 6.5
2. Aravind.V. (SBOA) 6
3. Ronak Muthuraman (PSBB) 5.5
4. Pranav Vijay (Chettinad Vidyashram) 5.5
5. Vignesh.B. (PSBB) 5.5

Under-15 Boys:
1. Kaushik.S. (Jawahar Vidyalaya) 6.5
2. Swaroop.M. (Chettinad Vidyashram ) 6
3. Ganesh.P. (JRM Matric School) 6
4. Raju.S. (Anitha Methodist ) 5.5
5. Vishnu Sharon (PSBB) 5.5

Under-15 Girls:
1. Balakannamma .P. (St. Arre’s MHS School) 6
2. Nivedhitha.J.G. (Ever Win MHS School) 6
3. Sushmitha.G. (Jawahar Vidyalaya) 5.5
4. Alagusala. G. (Vidya Mandir) 4.5
5. Akshitha.D. (St.Joseph School) 4.5

In the photo attached. Seen from left to right are: Balakannamma, Jerome, Kaushik and Saughanthika. International Master P.Karthikeyan is standing at the back.
 Asian Junior Chess Championship
Chennai Players Take All the Medals In Asian Junior Championship For Boys
P.Karthikeyan Is The New Asian Junior Champion
Karthikeyan becomes the latest International Master

Chennai players P.Karthikeyan, Aswin Jayaram and M.Shyam Sundar won the Gold, Silver and Bronze medals respectively in the Asian Junior Chess Championship For Boys held at Mumbai. Karthikeyan, a First Year Engg. Student of St.Joseph’s College, won his ninth and final round game against V.Vishnu Prasanna (another Chennai player) and took his tally to 7 points. The leader Aswin Jayaram was lucky to escape with a draw against International Master M.Shyam Sundar. Both Karthikeyan and Aswin tied for the first place on 7 points each and Karthikeyan was declared the winner on account of better progressive score. Aswin took the Silver and last year’s Silver Medalist Shyam Sundar received the Bronze. Kartikeyan also became India’s latest International Master and he also made his maiden 9 round GM Norm.
 Commonwealth Chess Championship 2007
Chennai District Chess Association’s Life Members Grandmaster R.B.Ramesh emerged as the Commonwealth Champion in the Commonwealth Chess Championship held at New Delhi from 2nd to 10th December, 2007.

Ramesh and Grandmaster Surya Shekhar Ganguly (WB) tied for the first place with 8.5 points out of 10 Rounds and Ramesh was declared the winner on account of better progressive score

Our Life Members P.Karthikeyan and Aswin Jayaram won the Gold and Silver Medals in the Under-18 category.

CDCA’s Life Member R.Ashwath won the Silver Medal in the Under-16 category.

P.Priya won the Bronze medal in the Under-20 Girls’ section
 Chennai District Under-9 and Under-15 Selection Chess Championships For Boys and Girls
Chennai District Chess Association will organize Chennai District Selection Chess Championships for Under-9 and Under-15 Boys and Girls on 23.12.2007 and 24.12.2007 at Hall of Chess, JN Stadium, Chennai-3. Only Chennai District registered players born on or after 1.1.1999 can take part in the Under-9 category and the date of Birth eligibility for the Under-15 category is 1.1.1993. The entry fee is Rs.100/- per player and the CDCA registration fee for the year 2007-08 is Rs.60/-. The top two rankers in the Under-9 category and the top four players in the Under-15 Category will be selected to represent Chennai District in the respective TN State Chess Championships to be held later in 2008. Entries close on 21.12.2007 with Mr.R.Ramakrishnan, Treasurer, CDCA: Mobile: 9444555226.
 Krithigga and Dileep Kumar Win Titles
K.Krithigga (The Ashram School) and R.Dileep Kumar (Union Christian MHS School) emerged as Champion in the Under-7 Girls and Boys categories respectively of the Chennai District Chess Championship organized by Chennai District Chess Association at Sri Velankanni Nursery and Primary School, K.K.Nagar, here yesterday.

While Krithigga won all her four matches, Dileep Kumar secured 5 points out of six rounds and tied with Aditya S.Sadhu (Pon Vidyashram) and M.Arvind (PSBB, T.Nagar) and Dileep Kumar was declared the winner on account of better tie-break score.

While Vasantha Ruba Varman (Krishnaswamy MHS School) emerged as the Champion with 6.5 points out of seven rounds In Under-11 Boys’ section, there was a three way tie amongst R.Manjula (St.Marin Primary School), G.Thenammai (Vidya Mandir ) and National Under-9 Champion G.K.Monnisha ( Amtitha Vidyalayam CBSE School) with 5 points each out of 6 rounds, but R.Manjula was declared the winner on account of better tie-break score.
Lion S.K.Talwar, Vice-President, Chennai District Chess Association gave away the prizes to the winners.
Final Placings:
Under-7 Girls:
1. K.Krithigga (The Ashram School) 4 / 4
2. V.Keerthi (DAV School) 3
3. B.Brindhaa (POn Vidyashram) 3
4. V.Snekha (All Angels MHS School) 2
5. Anushpamathi.S. 2
Under-7 Boys:
1.R.Dileep Kumar (Union Christian MHS School) 5/6
2.Aditya S.Sadhu (Pon Vidyashram) 5
3. M.Arvind (PSBB, T.Nagar) 5
4.K.M.Vimalan (Besant Arundale S.Sr.Sec.School) 4
5.Satvik Sudarsan (Bala Vidya Mandir ) 4

Under-11 Boys:
1. Vasantha Ruba Varman ( Krishnaswamy MHS School) 6.5/7
2. B.Kumaran (Sri Sankara Sr. Sec. School) 6
3. Anirudh Prabhakar (PSBB, KK Nagar) 5.5
4. K.R.Akash Srivaths (Kendriya Vidyalaya) 5
5. S.Kumar (Anitha Methodist MHS School) 5
Under-11 Girls:
1.R.Manjula (St.Marian Primary School) 5 / 6
2.G.Thenammai ( Vidya Mandir School) 5
3.G.K.Monnisha (Amritha Vidyalayam ) 5
4.R.Dharani Sree ( Chettinad Vidyashram ) 4.5
5.A.Prakruthi ( B.S.Mootha Girls Sr.Sec.School) 4.5
 Chennai District Under-7 & 11 Selection Chess Championships For Boys and Girls
Chennai District Chess Association will organize Chennai District Selection Chess Championships For Under-7 and 11 Boys and Girls on 24.11.2007 and 25.11.2007 at Sri Velankanni Nursery and Primary School, 803, 63rd Street, X Sector, K.K.Nagar, Chennai-78. Chennai District players born on or after 1.1.2001 are eligible to play in Under-7 category and those born on or after 1.1.1997 can take part in Under-11 Group. The entry fee is Rs.100/ per player and the CDCSA registration fee is Rs.60/- for the year 2007-08.The top two rankers will be selected to represent Chennai District in the forthcoming TN State Chess Championships in the respective groups. Entries close on 22.11.2007 with Mrs Afroze Ahmed, Joint Secretary, CDCA, 989, 67th St, XI Sector, K.K.Nagar, Chennai-600 078. Mobile: 94440 39182.
 World Chess champion Vishwanathan Anand was conferred an honorary doctorate,
World Chess champion Vishwanathan Anand was conferred an honorary doctorate, the first for him, by the Sathyabama University in Chennai.

The doctorate was conferred upon at a special convocation of the University.

Accepting the degree, Anand said that the sole reason for his achievements was his determination to excel in the sport. He urged the students to pursue their education with zeal to reach great heights.

The university chancellor, Jeppiar, who also spoke, said it was a proud movement for the university, as it was the first in India to confer a doctorate on Anand, who had done the country proud.

"The union government should also honour the champion in a fitting manner," he added. Eminent Nanotechnologist Prof. Vijay Varadan was also conferred an honorary doctorate at the convocation.
 Simulataneous Display at Chennia
In the Simultaneous Displays organized by Chennai District Chess Association as part of its Chennai District Chess Development Programme, at Hall Of Chess, JN Stadium, the youngest International Master S.P.Sethuraman lost to J.G.Nivedhitha (Everwin MH School), Bala Kannamma (St. Annie Girls’ HSS) and N.R.Abhinav(Bhavan’s Rajaji Vidyashram) in his simultaneous display against 34 players. R.Hari Vallabha (P.S.Sr.Sec. School), B.Kumaran (Sankara Sr. Sec. School), Vishnu Sumanth (Vidya Mandir) and V.S.Vijay (Sundaram Finance Ltd) held him to creditable draws.

The more experienced International Master V.Saravanan conceded only two draws to S.Sai Kiran (P.S.Sr.Sec.School) and G.Jaswanth (Montford School) out of the 30 games he played.

The enthusiastic children and parents reached the venue despite heavy rains. The winners were awarded with Rs.200/- each as cash prize. Those who drew got Rs.100/- each.
 IM Saravanan and IM S.P.Sethuraman SIMUL @ CHENNAI
As part of the Chennai District Chess Development Programme, Chennai District Chess Association will organize Simultaneous Displays By International Master V.Saravanan and the youngest International Master S.P.Sethuraman. The International Masters will give simultaneous displays against 50 Chennai District players each on 4.11.2007 at 2 PM at Hall Of Chess, J.N. Stadium, Chennai-3. One hundred Chennai District players will be admitted on payment of Rs.50/- on first come first served basis. Chennai District players should bring their own International Chess Sets. Those who win or draw with the above IMs will be awarded with prizes. Players can register their names with Mr.R.Ramakrishnan, Treasurer, CDCA on or before 2.11.2007.
Mobile Number: 9444555226
 Anand Presented Rs.25 Lakhs
Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi handed over a cheque for Rs. 25 lakh to World chess champion Viswanathan Anand at the Secretariat here on 24th October 2007.

A press release said that Anand, having won the title for a second time, had brought glory to India and Tamil Nadu. On learning about the victory, Mr. Karunanidhi had announced the reward of Rs.25 lakh.

When Anand won the World title for the first time in 2000, the State had felicitated him and allotted him a high income group apartment in the SAF Games Village in Koyambedu.

Ministers Arcot N. Veeraswami, M.K. Stalin, Parithi Ilamvazhuthi, T.P.M. Mohideen Khan, Suresh Rajan, K.P.P. Samy and U. Mathivanan were among those present.
 Felicitation of 2007 World Chess Champion Vishwanathan Anand
Anand Presented Rs.10 Lakh

"Anand is a fantastic role model not just for chess players but also for people in other sport to achieve excellence," said Rahul Dravid, former captain of the Indian cricket team while felicitating the world chess champion Viswanathan Anand at the Ball Room of Taj Connemara in Chennai on October 22.

The function got up by the All India Chess Federation also saw Dravid handover a cheque for Rs.10 lakh (Rupees one million) on behalf of N.Srinivasan to the 37-year old world chess champion. The function lasted only 45 minutes and had plenty of other sportsmen, former cricket captain K.Srikkanth of Chennai, former Olympic gold medal winning hockey captain V.Bhaskaran, table-tennis Arjuna Awardee S.Raman among others. Chess has a notable majority though, with GM Konery Humpy, Dibyendu Barua, S.S.Ganguly, Deepan Chakkaravarthy, Abhijit Kunte and others in the audience. Anand's family and friends were also in full attendance.

Dravid came late but compensated like his test innings. "It was a great honour to meet him." Dravid noted that Anand is a rare double world champion and is very special. He appreciated his determination and drive and also the hunger for success and not feeling satisfied with one title.

The programme started with Smt Nithyashree Mahadevan offering the prayers. N.Srinivasan, President, AICF welcomed the gathering and lauded Anand. "We are here to celebrate an outstanding achievement. Anand is a sportsman par excellence," observed Srinivasan.

D.V.Sundar, Honorary Secretary, AICF introduced seven age group world champions who offered flowers to Anand. Ivana Furtado (World Under-8 girls), C.H.Mohineesh (World Under-8), Sahaj Grover (World Under-10, former), Ch. Sahajasri (World Under-10 girls), N.Srinath (world under-12, former), Aarthie Ramaswamy (World Under-18, former) and Koneru Humpy (World No.2 women and World Junior Under-20, former). "Rahul, nobody knows these young champions since you and your friends (meaning cricketers!) take all the space in the newspapers," joked D.V.Sundar.

Sheikh Sultan Bin Khalifah Al-nehyan, President of the Asian Chess Federation, congratulated Anand and reminded him that he was the pride of Asia when you look at the rating list or the world title. He also presented him a memento he brought from Al-Ain.

In replying to felicitations, Anand, dressed in tie and jacket thanked N.Srinivasan and said under him the AICF was taking the right direction. I hope to try and win more titles and come back for more events like this one, said Anand while replying to felicitations.
 National U 9 Champion 2007
GK Monisha of Tamil Nadu playing the Sicilian Pelikan defence notched up a brilliant win over Sunya Sakta Satpathy to emerge winner. Monisha captured Sunya Sakta’s queen on the 25th move and checkmated her opponent on the 28th move.

Monisha headed the table with 9.5 points out of a possible 11 to take the top spot.

The results:

Girls: Sunya Sakta Satpathy (8) lost to GK Monisha (9.5); Sweety Patel (8.5) bt M. Mahalakshmi (8); Shoumi Mukherjee (9) bt Akhankya Kabi (7); C.H. Meghana (8) bt Divya Garg (7); Ivana Maria Furtado (8) bt Gauri Keshav Hadondkar (7).
 Maharaja Agrasen FIDE Rated Open Chess Tournament
Maharaja Agrasen Fide rated open chess tournament was held in Agarwal Vidyalaya, Vepery, Chennai from October 12 to 18,2007. The tournament attracted 104 players including 4 IMs and 40 rated players. The ten round Swiss tournament has players from states like Karnataka and Maharastra including D.P.Singh of Southern Railway and R.R.Laxman of Indian Bank.

The unique feature of the venue is that all boards were assigned independent table and that too in AC hall through out the tournament. A rare of its kind in Chennai that too for FIDE rated open tournament. The organizer Chanakya Chess Academy co-ordinated with the Co-Sponsors Agarwal Samaj (Madras) for arranging tastefull dishes for snacks through out the ten rounds free of cost. Originally the tournament was scheduled for 11 rounds since to participate in World Champions reception in Chennai one round had to be reduced on that day.

As young talents utilized this opportunity to punish the experienced players mistakes and blunders it become clear that young ones are really giving tough time to elders through out the tournament. Till the Second round it was a smooth sailing for the top seeded players except for for VinothKumar who was defeated by Youngster M.Swaroop.

The third round started with DP Singh losing to M.R.Sangeetha in the second board. In the eleventh board K.V.Santharam losing to R.Bharathi in the end game. By the end of Fifth round Ram S. Krishnan established a slender lead of half point with three other IMs, Laxman RR ,prakash G.B and Babu N.Sudhakar.

Ram S.Krishanan further increased his chances by defeating G.B.Prakash in the sixth round. In the seventh round D.P.Singh had further setback when he lost to lesser seeded Ganesh Babu.

In the eighth round Ram S.Krishnan has to settle for a draw with Maheswaran P. and Laxman RR also shared the lead in the top table.

In the tenth round R.R.Laxman was held to a draw by C.J.Arvind which helped Ram S.Krishnan to defeat Shyam Nikil in the second board. Thought RR Laxman and Ram S Krishnan scored 8.5 points the latter was declared with better progressive score. Ram S.Krishnan of BSL walked away with Twenty thousand cash and a beautiful trophy.

All the prize winners were presented a beautiful momento by the organizer.

The tournament was inaugurated by Mr. Pradeep Jain IPS if Chairman and Managing Director, TN Police Housing Development Corporation. Mr. Manuel Aaron , India’s first IM graced the inaugural ceremony.

The prizes were distributed by Business man Suresh Sanghi who donated Prize worth Rs.50,000/- and balance prize money was sponsored by Chanakya Chess academy, Who took full care for players comfort through out the event. Mr. Harishankar of Agarwal Samaj (Madras) presided over the function and Mr. R.Govindarajan, Secretary of Chanakya Chess Acadmy delivered vote of Thanks.
World Chess Champion Vishy Anand arrived to a tumultuous reception at Chennai on the afternoon of October 17.

At the airport, Velammal School led another 20 other schools in showing how warm the reception can be. There was loud music with drums and horns reducing the noise of the jets to nothing. The reception could not have been greater or noisier.

When Anand arrived at the make-shift reception area at the airport, the CEO of Velammal Educational Trust and Chairman of the Anand Reception Committee, Mr M.V.M.Velmuugan garlanded Anand first, followed by hundreds of others.

Talking to journalists, Anand said he was very happy to see so many children. “I am delighted by the grand reception”, said an elated Anand who was mobbed by an unmanageable number of Videographers and Photographers for full three hours right from the time he landed at Chennai at 1:50 P.M. till he went into his Besant Nagar residence. Jostling, pulling and elbowing each other these men with their expensive photographic equipment were in a frenzy to take as many shots of the World Champion as they could.

The reception and the procession, were organized by Velammal and Tamil Nadu State Chess Association. Mr M.V.M.Velmurugan and TNSCA’s Honorary Member Mr D.V.Sundar were the main architects of planning and execution of this whole show. The event was advertised in 8 leading English and Tamil newspapers on the 17th morning by Velammal.

More than a thousand school children had arrived in several buses and vans at the airport. Prominent among them were Velammal (6 buses!), Zion Matriculation, Modern Senior, Bloom Chess Academy, Britto Academy, Vishwa Bharathi, Kings Matriculation, New Prince, Vyasa Vidyalaya, G.K.Shetty Hindu, P.S.B.B.Matriculation, Jayagopal Garodia, S.S.Jain, Government High School Somangalam (outside Chennai!), etc. With the airport authorities denying us permission to erect a Pandal, the viewers were patiently standing in the open, under a 32 Celsius sun.

From the Airport, Anand and his entourage were taken by car to Kasturba Nagar, the starting point of the procession in Adyar. But the “paperazzi” were already there securing every high point which they could climb. From there, Anand was taken on a decorated, two-horse driven chariot along Kasturba Nagar, Indira Nagar, Shastri Nagar and finally to his parents residence at Besant Nagar, a distance of about 5 KMs. A professional band and four soldiers riding four horses preceded Anand’s chariot. All along the route, the Police provided excellent security. Busloads of children formed part of the procession.

Along the route when public transport buses came up on the other side of the road, passengers waved and cheered at Anand. In one case a bus came quite close to Anand’s chariot and the passengers on the window seats, complete strangers, extended their hand to Anand who gladly tapped each and every hand as the vehicles slowly went in opposite directions.

During the procession, Resident Welfare Associations in the neighbourhood as well as some commercial institutions presented him with shawls, bouquets and garlands.

A veteran organizer from Sangli in Maharashtra, N.V.Padsalgikar, now in his 90th year, drove all the way from Sangli in south Maharashtra some 1500 KM to be at the airport, greet Anand and give colour to the procession. When he saw the convoy moving quietly and in a very orderly fashion, he started dancing and others joined in. Bhausaheb, as he is fondly called, exclaimed: “Array! What is this? Anand is World Champion and you are walking quietly! You must jump, dance and shout! You come to Sangli and I will show you how this should be done!”

Of course, when the convoy finally reached Anand’s residence, the paperazzi were already perched atop the porch and patio, ready with their cameras!

Everybody from the chess world was present. Officials from the Chennai, Thiruvallur and Kanchi District Chess Associations, AICF Secretary D.V.Sundar, his staff, TNSCA's V.Kameswaran, Manuel Aaron, S.Ramaswamy and his friend Santhanam (“Bharat Mata ki Jai”), Grandmaster Sasikiran’s parents, Grandmaster R.B.Ramesh, his wife Aarthie and other family members, Patron of TNSCA Mr S.Ganesan and almost all the International Masters who live in Chennai were present

The TNSCA office bearers V.Kameswaran, V.Ravichandran, S.Balaraman, S.Ramaswamy, Manuel Aaron and K.Thirukkalathy did most of the preparatory leg work for this show.

The KM 5 procession was the most colourful as the Adyarites and Besantnagar citizens had a rare chance to see Vishy Anand and also get a picture of him. Some lucky ones even got his autograph.

At his residence a few ceremonies were observed like placing a lit camphor on a pumpkin, breaking a coconut by flinging it on the ground, etc. These are traditional South Indian customs aimed at warding off the ‘evil eye’.

It was a great reception for India's leading sport star. It will certainly be remembered for a very long time to come.
 National Sub Junior Chess championship 2007
S.P.Sethuraman of Tamil Nadu won the 33rd National Sub Junior Chess Championship

Adhiban was unable to defeat Sethuraman on the top table on the final round. Sethuraman had already won the Championship with a round to spare. He ended the championship with a score of 9.5 points.

Adhiban and International Master M.Shyam Sundar tied for the second to third places with 8.5 points each. Adhiban was placed second.
 SPIC 20th FIDE Rated ChessTournament
The SPIC 20th FIDE rated chess tournament was held at the SPIC premises, Tuticorin from 24th to 29th September. The medallist category attracted 185 players and 142 players participated in the non-medallist section. The ten round tournament had players from states like Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Pondy, besides players from Tamil Nadu. International master D.P. Singh of Southern Railways and IM R.R. Laxman of Chennai were seeded one and two respectively.

Thirteen year old S.S. Manigandan of Madurai was the first to upset a higher ranked player by defeating C. Praveen Kumar of Chennai in the second round. The SRM Arts College student S. Venkat Sundaram continued the trend in the fourth round by scalping D.P. Singh. M. Kunal of Neyveli came into lime light by overwhelming another SRM College student P. Maheswaran, a former state junior champion in the fifth round. Laxman and Kunal jointly led the table at the end of the 7th round with 6.5 points each. In the next round, Maheswaran held Laxman to a draw and Kunal was in good nick to outwit D.P. Singh to emerge as sole leader.

In the penultimate round, while Laxman prevailed over A. Shankar of Southern Railways, Kunal had to settle for a draw with another Railways player S. Mari Arul, a former state champion, leading to an interesting climax in the final round, with both Laxman and Kumal on par with 8 points each. Laxman pipped Kunal at the post by beating Vinoth Kumar of Chennai. Kunal had to be content with the runner up spot, as he succumbed to A. Nimmy George, a National Women A player. D.P. Singh suffered another set back at the hands of Maheswaran and the latter finished third.

In the non medallist section, V. Kannan of Viluppuram scored 6/6, only to lose the next two rounds, allowing a three way tie between V.S. Sakthivel Pandian of Sivakasi, T. Vishnu Priya of Nagercoil and T. Thiruvengadam of Chennai in the final round. Eleven year old Sakthivel, a student of Sivakasi Lions Matriculation School accounted for Vishnu Priya and Thiruvengadam lost to Jai Aravind Kumar of Namakal. This enabled Sakthivel to win the non medallist title comfortably.

For the first time in the history of chess tournaments in India, all the unrated players were assigned their FIDE Id and the same were informed to them before they left the tournament, thanks to the speedy action of AICF.

Originally, the tournament scheduled to be over on 30th September was supposed to have eleven rounds. But the statewide bandh to be organized on 1st October threw everything out of gear, forcing the organizers to advance the tournament by a day. It put all the players and parents into lot of difficulties in rescheduling their travel plan. The SPIC organizers were magnanimous in allowing the players to extend their stay for one more day. The tournament was inaugurated by Mr. R. Muthu Manoharan, Vice President, (Fertilisers Business) of SPIC and president of Thoothukudi District Chess Association Nine time National champion and Arjuna awardee Manuel Aaron offered feliciteions. Mr. K.S. Gopalakrishnan, General Manager SPIC Ltd and also the Vice president of the district chess association presided over the function and Mr. V.V.S. Rama Rao, General Manager, Heavy Water Plant, Tuticorin distributed the prizes. A total of Rs.48050 was distributed as prizes and the winner was richer by Rs.15000/-
 Vishy Anand
Vishy Anand is world champion
An effortless 20-move draw against Peter Leko clinched it: Indias's Viswanathan Anand won the World Championship in Mexico City 2007 to become the undisputed World Chess Champion.
 TN State Team Chess Championship
In the Team championship 14 teams participated. Five District (Chennai, Dharmapuri, Kanchi, Thiruvallur & Thoothukudi), Velammal (3 teams), Indian Bank, Southern Railway, ICF, Alpha Arts & Science College, Bhajarang Engg. College and Rajalakshmi Engg. College. In total 69 participants took part. Except Dharmapuri District all the other teams fielded 5 players.

The above Championship started on 17th Sep. 07 and concluded on 20th Sep.07. Because of the less number of teams participation and number of rounds has been reduced from seven to five rounds.

Velammal A won the championship with 15 points. Chennai finishes ninth place with 9.5 points
 TN State U 13 Chess Championship
Hariharasudan of T.Nagar Chess Academy surprised all top seeds and won the TN State Chess Championship with Nine points at Palani. Saimanivannan of Chennai finished runner up with Eight and half points.

Palani Jyothi Chess Academy organized the 20th TN State U-13 Chess championship at Siddanathan Thirumana Mandapam, Palani from 8th to14th August 2007 on behalf of Dindigul District Chess Associaiton and Tamil Nadu State Chess Associaton

This event was inaugurated by Dr Grace Nirmala, Physical Director, Gandigram University on 8th August 2007. It attracted 54 players in girls section and 108 players in Boys Section in which totally 43 FIDE rated players took part.
 S.P.Sethuraman becomes youngest IM
Our Life Member S.P.Sethuraman of Chennai became India's youngest International Master when his rating crossed 2400 at the Dindigul National "B" on June 20th.
Sethuraman, a quiet Chennai school boy got his first two IM norms from the Dubai Open in 2006 and the International Open at Andorra in Spain, also in 2006. After his third norm which he obtained from the International Open in Kolkatta this year, he had to wait till his rating crossed 2400. At the National B at Dindigul Sethuraman, one of the 30 qualifiers to the National "A" crossed 2400 and has applied for his International Master title.
Born on 25 Feb 1993, Sethuraman will be awarded the IM title by FIDE later. He is now 14 years and four months old.
Parimarjan Negi of Delhi, born on 5 Feb 1993 is already a Grandmaster
 2nd S.K.N FIDE Rated Open Chess Tournament
Ram S Krishnan of BSNL maintained his half point lead at the end of the tenth and penultimate round of the 2nd S.K.Narasimhan Memorial FIDE Rated Open Chess Tournament played at the Hall of Chess in Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium this evening.

Ram had a facile 16 move victory in the ninth round this morning against C.Praveen Kumar who overlooked a surprise central pawn thrust on the 11th move and quickly went downhill. In the evening game he drew against P.Phoobalan.

Ram S Krishnan leads with 8.5 points. Half a point behind him are three players: M.V.Lakshminarayanan of Kodaikanal, International Master G.B.Prakash of Indian Bank and Velammal school student V.A.V.Rajesh.

The last round begins tomorrow at 9:30 A.M.

Mr S.Ganesan, President of the Tamil Nadu Table Tennis Associatin will be the Chief Guest at the closing ceremony to be held at 4 P.M. at the Hall of Chess, Nehru Stadium.

Top Boards Results
P. Phoobalan 7.5 drew Ram.S.Krishnan 8.5;
M.V.Lakshmi Narayanan 8 drew A.Nagarjuna 8;
J.Arun 7 lost to G.B.Prakash (Ind Bank) 8;
M.Vijay Anand 7 V.A.V.Rajesh (Velammal) 7;
N.Vigneshwaran 7 drew C.Praveen Kumar 7;
K.V.Shantharam (Ind Bank) 6.5 M.L.Abhilash Reddy (AP)6.5;
R.A.Pradeep Kumar 7 drew P.Jayakumar 7;
R.Ramnath Bhuvanesh 7 bt P.Maheswaran 6;
H.Venkatesh 7 bt M.K.A.Russell (Sri Lanka) 6;
Wijesurija .G,Laxman (Sri Lanka) 6 lost to Shravan Kumar Talwar 7;
J.Malleswara Rao (AP) 7 bt R.Bharthi 6;
Diptayan Ghosh (WB) 6 lost to N.Ramaruju 7;
M.R.Sangeetha 6 B.Sekar 6;
Sumit Kumar (WB) 6.5 drew Samson.J.Austin 6.5;
V.Venugopalan 6 drew M.Vinothkumar 6;
 World Youth Olympiad Chess Champions 2007
The World Youth Olympiad Chess Champions returned to India to a warm reception at the Anna International Airport in Chennai on August 12. All the important chess officials of the city, from the AICF, D.V.Sundar, TNSCA, Manuel Aaron, Chennai District, K.Muralimohan and others were personally present to greet the winning Indian team.
Besides the gold medals which each of the five players received, three of them also received board prizes: B.Adhiban (bronze medal) on first board, Shyam Nikhil (silver medal) on fourth board and Swayams Mishra (bronze medal) on reserve board.

K.Visweswaran of Chennai who trained the team, knit team as a good unit that the five players exchanged ideas and shared the common goal to win the competition. Also using an Internet based "skype" they were constantly talking from Singapore to Chennai and exchanging ideas and receiving input. Visweswaran has certainly arrived as a big time coach following this major success.

India had never won any medal for the entire team in any team competition in the world chess scene. This is our new beginning. However, we have won Asian Games gold as well as Asian Team Championships. This success should stimulate further interest that Indians can stick together like Chinese and deliver in team competitions as well.

For all the five boys it was a personal milestone. The entire event went like a dream. When I asked them during the training camp what will be the colour of our (at that time we were supposed to be third seed) medal, they replied together "gold". Now, it has been a certain mission complete. They thought big and achieved also big. "Just listen to your coach Visweswaran," advised D.V.Sundar the dynamic Honorary Secretary of the AICF and they did just that and all has gone well.

Indians were overconfident against Philippines and paid that price by losing 1-3. A.Raizada of Lucknow who went as manager said the event went smoothly for us and we deserved this first place. We respected top seed Hungary highly and took them seriously and beat them 3.5-0.5 which was the high point of our performance.

Indians in Singapore meant business from the word go. They thrashed USA 4-0. They shopped for gold at the chess board. They stood focused on the 64 squares and worked hard and received the reward. All five of them are talented and tall. Carrying laptop computers they also connected to the Wireless Internet from their hotel rooms to talk with their coach in India.

The four (Adhiban went directly to Abu Dhabi) players and the manager A.Raizada were received and garlanded and sweets were distributed to celebrate the occasion. Parents, relatives and those from the chess fraternity received them.

Fresh from the triumph at the World Youth Chess Olympiad at Singapore, IM B.Adhiban started his GM campaign on a winning note in the 17th Abu Dhabi Chess Festival on August 12. He won against a lower rated opening round opponent. Adhiban faces GM Zurab Sturua in the next round.

Seed 21 and double GM norm holder G.N.Gopal of Aluva suffered an opening round defeat when he lost to FM Saleh Salem with the black pieces.

India's title aspirants, national champion Surya S. Ganguly and World No.2 Koneru Humpy started on a winning note.

Akshat Khamparia held sixth seed GM Alexei Aleksandrov to a draw with the black pieces.

Indian results (round one): GM Baadur Jobava bt S.P.Sethuraman, GM Alexei Aleksandrov drew Akshat Khamparia, WGM Maria Sergeeva lost to GM Surya S.Ganguly, GM Koneru Humpy bt Asghar Golizadeh, GM Valery Neverov bt Swati Ghate, GM Ante Saric walk over FM K.Priyadharshan, GM Tejas Bakre bt Ismail Ibrahim, FM Mohamed Saleh Yahya bt IM G.N.Gopal, IM M.R. Venkatesh drew IM Sundararajan Kidambi, Abdulla M.Almarzouqi lost to B.Adhiban.
 7th Adyar Times
The seventh edition of Adyar FIDE rated Open an annual feature in South Chennai attracted a record number of 228 entries covering nine states.A big contingent of 16 from Srilanka including its national champion was an added glory of this year’s event.There were five international masers and two FIDE masters in the fray and 100 participants were FIDE rated which provided good scope for the aspiring candidates to fulfill their rating requirement.A cream of young talents like P.Karthikeyan,Prasana Rao,P.Saravan Krishanan,J.Vaishnavi threw challenge to the experienced and veteran stars.

The ten round swiss was flagged off on the 31st July at Bapulal Bhavan near Thiruvanmiyur beach and the same came to an end on 5th August.Right from the beginning the championship was closely fought and the fact that no one maintain sole lead at any part of the tournament only reflected the strength and the fighting spirit of the participants.

Twenty six year old C.J.Arvind a former Madras University star who now works with Birla software emerged victorious as the outright champion with 8.5 points.In the tenth and the final round he carved out a neat victory over International Master R.Balasubramaniam of ICF.The shocking defeat of another IM R.R.Laxman who was sharing the lead with C.J.Arvind before the final round at the hands of P.Karthikeyan of St.Josheph’s college of Engineering helped C.J.Arvind to carry home the winner’s reward of Rs.20000/- and an attractive Adyar Times trophy.R.R.Laxman with 8 points and better progressive score was the runner up and the third place went to another Madras University player C.Praveen Kumar.
 Anand Wins For Seventh Time At Leon
World No.1 Viswanathan Anand remained undefeated beating Veselin Topalov of Bulgaria 3-1 in the finals of the City of Leon Rapid Chess Tournament played at Leon in Spain in July. Clinical in his approach, like in the semifinals, Anand won both white games and drew both black games for his seventh title at Leon in north Spain.

In the best of four finals, Anand started with a draw with the black colour and won the second game to take a lead. In a Sicilian Najdorf, Topalov who played black was being outplayed on the queen side. He tried to hitback on the king side and sacrificed material. Anand won the material and defended as the point fell in his lap easily.

The second set of two games followed the same pattern. Anand drew again using a Ruy Lopez with black in the third game and won the fourth, though he was only required to draw it for the title. Anand sacrificed a knight for three pawns and won with crisp tactics at two different stages.

In his seventh title in 12 years. Anand had played several varieties of chess there. It started with a classical chess win against Miguel Illescas in 1997. Then, the advanced chess match win against Anatoly Karpov in 1999, advanced chess tournament win against Judit Polgar and Alexei Shirov in 2000, advanced chess tournament win against Peter Leko and Alexei Shirov in 2001. In rapid chess, Anand beat Carlsen and Kasimdzhanov in 2005 for the title. Last year, Anand won the 2006 edition beating Lazaro Bruzon and Veselin Topalov for the title. This year he kept the title again.

World No.1 in classical chess, Anand's lead over the rest should be huge when it comes to rapid chess. Rapid chess with his presence is making no contest these days. That the organisers in Mainz, Germany have now moved from match to tournament format and they have rapid chess and chess960 all-play-all in tournament format for next month's event involving Anand.
 Cusat International FIDE Rated Chess Tournament.
Chennai youngster Vishnu Prasanna’s triumph, with a round to spare, in the 19th Cusat Open on Friday night seems to have inspired the rest of the Tamil Nadu players in a big way.

Seven of the top ten positions went to Tamil Nadu players in this all-India FIDE-rated chess tournament which concluded at the Cochin University’s SMS Hall on Saturday. Vishnu, the 17th seed, carried home his career-best purse of Rs. 15,000 while Tamil Nadu’s R. Sidharth and West Bengal’s top-seeded Saptarshi Roy finished second and third respectively.

Vishnu continued his good run in the final round today, jolting the seasoned fifth seed M.B. Muralidharan to finish with a lead of 1.5 points over the runner-up.

Final placings: 1. Vishnu Prasanna (TN, 10 pts from 11 rounds), 2. R. Sidharth (TN, 8.5), 3. Saptarshi Roy (WB, 8.5), 4. R.R. Laxman (TN, 8.5), 5. T.J. Suresh Kumar (ICF-TN 8), 6. M. Kunal (TN, 8), 7. V. Haribalu (TN, 8), 8. Vinoth Kum ar (TN, 8), 9. M.B. Muralidharan (Ker, 8), 10. Anurag Jaiswal (WB, 8).

The results (11th round):

M.B. Muralidharan lost to Vishnu Prasanna; Vinoth Kumar drew with R. Sidharth; Saptarshi Roy bt O.T. Anilkumar; M. Kunal drew with V. Haribalu; R.R. Laxman bt Naveen S. Hegde; Rupankar Nath drew with U.C. Mohanan; Anurag Jaiswal bt P.V. Gi reesh; M. Anandhraj drew with Santu Mondal; T.J. Suresh Kumar bt H. Venkatesh; T.R. Shanmuganathan drew with Avinash Sethi.
 Chennai players Shashank and Bharathi Win TN State Under 15 Titles
D.S.Shsashank of Chennai and R.Bharathi representing Anna Nagar Chess Academy emerged as champions in Boys’ and Girls’ categories respectively of the Tamil Nadu State Sub-Junior (Under-15) chess championship organized at Salem by Salem District Chess Association.

In Boys’ section three of the top four positions went to Chennai. D.S.Shashank and Ramnath Bhuvanesh tied for first place with 8.5 points each. On account of progressive score, Shashank emerged as the champion. N.Surendran of Bloom Chess Academy with 8 points finished and P.Lokesh (Chennai) also on 8 points finished fourth.

In Girls’ section, R.Bharathi (Chennai) 9.5 points out of 11 rounds, J.Mohana Priya (Kanchi) 8.5, Savetha.C.H. (Salem) 8.5 and S.Anusuya (Cuddalore) 7 finished from 1st to 4th in that order.
 Adhiban Wins Asian Under 16 Title and becomes Indias 53rd IM
B.Adhiban of Chennai, a 14 year old student of Cambridge MHS School, Royapeetah, joined the ranks of International Masters when he completed his third and final norm by winning the Asian Under-16 Chess Championship with a round to spare at Tashkant, Uzbekistan on Saturday. Adhiban has been in splendid form this year winning the other two IM norms in Parsvanath International Open Chess Tournament, New Delhi and Dubai International Open Chess Tournament at Dubai.

He became India’s 53rd IM. Adhiban’s trainers are GM R.B.Ramesh and IM T.S.Ravi, both from Chennai.
 Tejas and Monnisha Win Titles
Tejas Ravichandran ( P.S.Sr.Sec. School) and G.K.Monnisha (Amrita Vidyalayam School) emerged as champions in Boys’ and Girls’ categories respectively of the Chennai District Under-13 Chess Championship
organized by T Nagar Chess Academy at Sister Subbulakshmi Hall, T.Nagar here yesterday.

While Tejas won the championship with 6 points out of seven rounds, there was a tie for the first place between Monnisha and N.Hema Priya (Vidyodaya MHS School) with 4.5 points each and Monnisha emerged as the winner in tie-break games.

The Under-19 Boys’ and Girls’ categories were won by P.Lokesh (SBOA MHS School) and R.Bharathi (Bakthavachalam Vidyashram).

Final Standings:
Under-13 Boys:
1. Teajas Ravichandran (P.S.Sr. Sec. School) 6 points / 7 rounds
2. N.Raj Kumar (Velammal MHS School) 5.5
3. A.R.Osama Salim (Velammal MHS School) 5.5
Under-13 Girls:
1. G.K.Monnisha (Amrita Vidyalayam School) 4.5 / 5
2. N.Hema Priya (Vidyodaya MHS School) 4.5
Under-19 Boys:
1. P.Lokesh (SBOA MHS School) 4.5 / 5
2. J.Arun (Velammal MHS School) 4
3. G.Akash (Jawahar Vidyalaya) 4
Under-19 Girls:
1. R.Bharathi (Bakthavachalam Vidyashram) 3 /3
2. K.Mrunalini (St.Joseph’s Engg. College) 2/3
 Ten Chennai District Players Qualify For National A
Ten players from Chennai District namely BAdhiban, IM M.R.Venkatesh, IM Sundararajan Kidambi, TN State Champion S.P.Sethuraman, IM T.S.Ravi, National Sub-Junior Champion R.Ashwath, R.Arun Karthik, Ashwin Jayaram, IM N.Sudhakar Babu and IM P.Konguvel qualified for the forthcoming National A Championship to be held in Chennai later. They were among the top thirty qualifiers from the just concluded National B Chess Championship at Denial.
 Ajay Srikanth and Nivedhitha Win Titles
Ajay Srikanth (Jawahar Vidyalaya) and J.G.Nivedhitha (Everwin MHS School) emerged as champions in the Chennai District Sub-Junior (Under-15) Chess Championship For Boys and Girls conducted by Chennai District Chess Association at Sri Velankanni Nursery and Primary School, K.K.Nagar here today.

Mr.J.Gandhiraj, Lecturer (SS), Chemistry Department, Vivekananda College gave away the prizes to the winners.
Final Placing: Boys:
1. Ajay Srikanth (Jawahar Vidyalaya) 6.5 points / 7 rounds
2. G.Akash (Jawahar Vidyalaya) 6
3. Tejas Ravichandran (P.S.Sr.Sec.School) 6
4. Sumit Kumar Jha 5.5
5. P.Lokesh (SBOA) 5
6. S.Raju (Anitha Methodist) 5
7. D.S.Shashank (Jawahar Vidyalaya) 5
1. J.G.Nivedhitha (Everwin) 6.5
2. V.C.Harshinee (DAV SSS) 5.5
3. Michelle Catherina (Good Shepherd) 5
4. R.Abirami (Velammal MHS School) 5
 TN State U 25 Chess Championship
International Master R R Laxman of Chennai annexed the Annapragada trophy in the Jawahar Vidyalaya Tamilnadu State Under 25 Chess Championships for men organized by Sports Promotion Foundation on behalf of Tamilnadu State Chess Association at Mahodaya Hall, Jawahar Vidyalaya, Ashok Nagar, Chennai.

In the final round played Laxman drew with Shyam Nikhil of Madurai to clinch the Championship while on the second table, B Adhiban put it across R A Pradeep Kumar to settle for the runners’ spot.

The TENNETTI VENUGOPAL Trophy for the Best game of the Championship was awarded to Ramnath Bhuvanesh of Chennai for his game against Ram S Krishnan.


R R Laxman 7.5 drew with P Shyam NIkhil 7
R A Pradeep Kumar 6.5 lost to B Adhiban 7.5
Ram S Krishnan 7 beat Ashwin Jayaram 6
R Siddharth 7 beat T Abhay 5.5
C Praveen Kumar 6.5 beat Ramnath Bhuvanesh 5.5

In a grand Valedictory function of the Championship, Shri M V M Vel Murugan, CEO, Velammal Educational Trust was the Chief Guest and distributed the prizes to the winners. Shri A Suryanarayana Rao, Secretary & Correspondent, Jawahar Vidyalaya, presided over the function. Shri Manuel Aaron, General Secretary, TN State Chess Association, Shri J C D Prabhakar, Vice-President, TN State Chess Association and Shri D V Sundar also attended the function. Shri K Murali Mohan, Secretary, Chennai District Chess Association proposed a vote of thanks.
 Four Chennai Women qualify for National Women A
Four players, namely, P.Priya, Sai Meera Ravi, M.R.Sangeetha and Syed Nabeela Farheen are among the twenty qualifiers for National “A” from the 34th National Women “B” Chess Championship organized by Andhra Pradesh Chess Association at Hyderabad from 21.5.2007 to 28.5.2007.
 S.P.Sethuraman Wins 55th TN State FIDE Rated Chess Championship
14-year old S.P.Sethuraman, a Life Member of our Chennai District became the youngest ever champion in the 55th TN State FIDE Rated Chess Championship jointly organized by Mount Chess Academy and Indian Chess School at Kodaikanal. The event was held from 23.5.2007 to 30.5.2007.

Sethuraman and another CDCA life member R.Arun Karthik tied with each other on nine points each and the former was declared the winner on account of better tie-break score. Former TN State Champion Ram S.Krishnan of Chennai finished third.

Sethuraman, Arun Karthik and Ram S.Krishnan qualified to represent Tamil Nadu State in the National "B" Chess Championship to be held from 10.6.2007 to 20.6.2007 at Dindigul.
 WIN TV 35th TN State Women FIDE Rated Chess Championship
The WIN TV 35th TN state Fide Rated Chess Championship for Women was organized by us from 02nd May to 08th May 2007 at the A/c. Auditorium Hall of Shri B.S.Mootha Girls’ Sr. Sec School. This is the first time in the history of women's chess in Tamil Nadu this year’s Tamil Nadu State Chess Championship for Women has been made a Fide rated one.

In all, 91 players including 30 FIDE rated ones, from 11 districts took part. In this 11 round swiss system event.

Syed Nabeela Farheen (Chennai) surged into sole lead with 6.0 Point of out 6.0 rounds and she was stopped by Pon.N.Krithikka of Kanchi. Thereafter it was a see- saw battle between two. At the end of the 10th and penultimate round Pon.N.Krithika was leading by a half a point with a score of 8.5 points, In the 11th and final round Pon.N.krithika was held to a draw by M.Rajadharshini of Madurai while Syed Nabeela Farheen scored a creditable victory over a A.Sitalatchumi ( Madurai ). Both Nabeela and Pon.N.Krithika tied with 9 point each but Nabeela was declared the winner on account of better tie break score. S.Harini ( Kan ) with 8.5 points and P.Priya ( CHE ) with 8.0 points finished 3rd & 4th respectively.

In the Prize distribution function held on 08th May 2007 at the venue Mr.T.Dhevanathan, Chairman and Managing Director WINTV awarded Rs.10,000/- cash prize and the Paruben Manilal Mehta Rolling trophy. Mr.K.E.Raghunathan, President, Chennai District Chess Association presided over the Prize Distribution function. Mr.Uday Mehta, Secretary Shri.B.S.Mootha Girls’ Sr. Sec School was the Guest of honor.
 9th TN State U 25 and 6th TN State U 25 FIDE Rated Chess Championship
9th TN State U 25 FIDE and 6th TN State U 25 FIDE Rated Chess Championships dates has been changed. The new scheduled dates are 2nd June to 8th June 2007. The Last date of Entry : 29th May 2007
 R.Ashwath is a Champion of LA Group FIDE Rated Chess Tournament, Coimbatore
The LA Group FIDE rated tournament attracting 155 players from various states, including Arunachal Pradesh was organized by Global Chess Academy, at Jenny Club, an affluent club, with five star hotel facilities in Coimbatore. Former president of Tamil Nadu State Chess Association, Sri. G.K. Sundaram, an ardent chess lover even at the age of 93 inspired the younger generation at the inaugural function. K. Rathnakaran of Railways was top seeded, followed by P. Shyam Nikhil of Madurai, winner of the recent Pink City international rated tournament at Jaipur, IM R.R. Laxman, National A player Syed Anvar Sazuli and other galaxy of stars. The earlier rounds witnessed no hiccups, except the loss of WIM Laxmi Sahithi of A.P. to the local unrated player S. Selvarajan.
In the eleven round format, two upcoming youngsters V.A.V. Rajesh of A.P., a former Asian U11 champion and Vishnu Prasanna of Chennai stole the lime light, by scalping two experienced players IM R.R. Laxman and Syed Anvar respectively in the fourth round. They proved that it was not a flash in the pan, as they made short work of the two top seeds Shyam Nikhil and Rathnakaran in the next round. When the two met in the sixth round, Rajesh held the upper hand, to emerge as the sole leader, with a perfect 6/6, widening his lead by one full point over nine other players.
In the seventh round, former Tamil Nadu state champion, Ram S. Krishnan of BSNL outwitted Rajesh and five players led the field with 6 points each. Rajesh bounced back from the loss in the previous round to defeat S. Nitin, Asian U14 gold medalist from Salem. National Sub Junior champion R. Ashwath had a slow and steady rise to share the lead with Rajesh, by accounting for Vishnu Prasanna. Experienced players Rathnakaran and Syed Anvar also recovered to trail the leaders by half a point.
In the ninth round, Ashwath played a solid game to beat Rajesh in a crucial encounter to stretch his lead by a full point and maintained the lead in the penultimate round also by prevailing over Syed Anvar Shazuli. While Ashwath needed half a point to ensure the title, Rajesh had to win the last round. P. Shyam Nikhil refused to accept the draw offer from Ashwath and paid penalty for it by losing the game, enabling Ashwath to become the champion. The dreams of Rajesh were shattered by the top seeded player Rathnakaran and he had to be content with the fifth place. Vishnu Prasanna, who defeated Purushothaman of A.P. finished runner up, scoring 8.5 points. He was placed ahead of Ram S. Krishnan and Rathnakaran, with same points, because of better progressive score.
 Our Life member B.Adhiban claims IM norm
Chennai District Chess Association's Life member B.Adhiban claimed his second IM norm in Dubai International Open Chess Tournament.
He collected his second IM Norm after holding IM in-waiting D.Harika in the final round. Adhiban's maiden ImMnorm came in January this year in the Parsvnath International Open Chess TOurnament held at Delhi.
 P. Karthikeyan won the Thrissur FIDE rating all-India open chess tournament
P. Karthikeyan won the Thrissur FIDE rating all-India open chess tournament shocking top seed Saptarshi Roy in the final round

Important results (10th round): P. Karthikeyan (8.5) bt Saptarshi Roy (7.5); Ram S. Krishnan (8) drew with B.S. Shivanandan (7.5); K. Rathnakaran (7) lost to P. Konguvel (8); Preetham R. Sharma (8) bt Anurag Jaiswal (7); Syed Anwar Shazuli (7) drew with A. Shankar (7); Joydeep Dutta (7) drew with R.R. Lakshman (7); M.B. Muralidharan (7.5) bt O.A. Raju (6.5); M. Kunal (6.5) lost to K. Priyadarshan (7.5); Dusthageer Ibrahim (7) drew with T.J. Suresh Kumar (7); M. Paramashivam (7) bt C. Natarajan (6).

The standings: 1. Karthikeyan (8.5); 2-4. Ram, Konguvel and Preetham (8); 4-8. Shivanandan, Saptarshi, Priyadarshan and Muraleedharan (7.5); 9-10. Ratnakaran and Anurag (7).
 Anand moves to No.1
Grandmaster Viswanathan Anand has edged out Veslin Topalov from the World No 1 spot after winning the Morelia-Linares chess tournament.

A final-round draw with Vassily Ivanchuk of Ukraine after 31 moves not only saw the Indian superstar regaining the trophy after nine years, but also becoming the FIDE Numero Uno for the first time in his illustrious career.

After notching up 8.5 points out of a possible 14, Anand ended a full point clear of his nearest rival, Norway's Magnus Carlsen, who lost to Peter Leko of Hungary to finish on 7.5 points.

Anand had little work to do in the final game against Ivanchuk as the latter could not get much with his white pieces in the Queen's Indian defence game. The queens got traded early in the middle game and even as Ivanchuk had an optical advantage, Anand was always within the boundary of a draw. The peace was signed after 31 moves.

Final results:
1. Viswanathan Anand (India) – 8,5 points
2. Alexander Morozevich (Russia) – 7,5 points
3. Magnus Carlsen (Norway) – 7,5 points
4. Peter Svidler – 7 points
5. Levon Aronian (Armenia) – 7 points
6. Vessily Ivanchuk (Ukraine) – 6,5 points
7. Veselin Topalov (Bulgaria) – 6 points
8. Peter Leko (Hungary) – 6 points
 Anand won the Morelia-Linares chess tournament.
Grandmaster Viswanathan Anand has edged out Veslin Topalov from the World No 1 spot after winning the Morelia-Linares chess tournament.

A final-round draw with Vassily Ivanchuk of Ukraine after 31 moves not only saw the Indian superstar regaining the trophy after nine years, but also becoming the FIDE Numero Uno for the first time in his illustrious career.

After notching up 8.5 points out of a possible 14, Anand ended a full point clear of his nearest rival, Norway's Magnus Carlsen, who lost to Peter Leko of Hungary to finish on 7.5 points.

Anand had little work to do in the final game against Ivanchuk as the latter could not get much with his white pieces in the Queen's Indian defence game. The queens got traded early in the middle game and even as Ivanchuk had an optical advantage, Anand was always within the boundary of a draw. The peace was signed after 31 moves.
 Dakshin Chess Academy's Chennai District Chess Championship For Men and Women
ChennaDistrict Chess Championship For Men and Women

Dakshin Chess Academy will organize Chennai District Chess Championship for A.N.Parasuram Memorial Rolling Trophy and Chennai District Chess Championship For Women on 10th and 11th of March ay AG’s Office Recreaion Club, c/o. AG’s Office, 361, Anna Salai, Teynampet, Chennai-18. The events are open only to Chennai District players. The entry fee is Rsa.120/- per player and the CDCA registration is Rs.60/- for the year 2006-07. The cash prizes for the open section is : I – Rs.2,000/- II – Rs.1,500/-., III – Rs.900/-., IV – Rs.600/- and for Women: I – Rs.1,000/- II – Rs.600/- III – Rs.400/-. Entries close on 8.3.2007 with Mr.Sa.Krishna, Secretary, Dakshin Chess Academy, 45, Srinivasa Iyer St., West Mambalam, Chennai-600003. Mobile: 98408 90977 E mail:
 Venkataraghavan Wins Under 18 Rapid Title
P. Venkataraghavan(Kala Mandir) emerged as champion in Under-18 Boys’ category in the Chennai District Rapid Chess Championship for Children organized by Dakshin Chess Academy in Velankanni Nursery and Primary School, K.K.Nagar here today.
In a six player round robin event, Venkataraghavan defeated all his five opponents. The Under-12 and 16 events were held on Saturday and the U-14 and
U-18 championships were conducted on Sunday.
Mr.P.Ramaraju, Senior Section Engineer, ICF and Mr.K.Rajaraman, Asst.Manager, State Bank Of India, Overseas Branch gave away the prizes to the winners.
Final Placing:
Under-12 Boys:
1. M.Mukesh (St.John’s) 5 points / 6 rounds
2. Akash P.C.Iyer (DAV, Velacherry) 5
3. N.Adithyan (Jawahar Vidyalaya) 5
4. N.R.Abhinav (Bhavan’s Rajaji Vidyashram) 5
Under-12 Girls:
1. G.K. Monnisha (Amritha Vidyalaya) 5 /6
2. G.Sushmitha (Jawahar Vidyalaya) 4
3. U.Ashwini (Church Park) 3
4. S.Manasa (AMM School) 3
Under-14 Boys:
1. Ramnath Bhuvanesh (SBOA S.Sr.School) 6 /6
2. G.Jaswant (Montfort Academy) 5
3. N.R.Abhinav (Bhavan’s Rajaji Vidyashram) 5
4. P.Lokesh (SBOA MHS School) 4
Under-14 Girls:
1.V.Malavigha (Maharishi Vidya Mandir) 5 /5
2.G.K.Monnisha (Amritha Vidyalaya) 4
3.U.Ashwini (Church Park) 4
4.J.G.Niveditha ( Everwin MHS School) 3
Under-16 Boys:
1.P.Ganesh (JRM School) 5/5
2.Siddarth.S. (Chettinad Vidyashram) 3.5
3.Jitendriyavel.S. (Velammal)
Under-16 Girls:
1.R.Bharathi (Bhakthavachalam Vidyashram) 6
2.Niveditha.J.G. (Everwin MHS School) 3
Under-18 Boys:
1. P.Venkataraghavan (Kala Mandir) 5/5
2. A.K.Mithran (Gil Adarsh) 4
3. Lakshmi Narasimhan.P.(Kala Mandir) 3
4. Nijanthan.S.(Sri Vebkateshwara MHS) 2
R.Arun Karthik, a life member of our District earned his maiden International Master Norm by scoring 7.5 points out of nine rounds in the Aeroflot tournament held at Moscow.
 20th Tamil Nadu State U 9 Chess Championship
B.Kumaran and G.K.Monisha of Chennai won their respective titles. They have confirmed their title in previous round, with kumaran claiming it with 2 rounds to spare. In the Final round B.Kumaran was held to draw by M.Karthikeyan of Coimbatore after both played out a Bishop and pawns ending. The runner up Aswath P.Hari of Coimbatore beat S.Kumari of Chennai in a Rook and pawn ending with the former having extra pawn.

In the girls sectionG.K.Monisha of Chennai completed her campaign in style beating her academy mate Prakruthi. On the second board U.Ashwini of Chennai beat C.K.Varsha of coimbatore to finish runner up
 Chennai :A: wins 10th National Cities Team Championship
Chennai "A" won the 10th National Cities team Chess Championship organised by T.Nagar Chess Academy at Chennai from Feb 11 to 15.
With a very keen fight, till the last round the destination of the first prize was uncertain.
Prize winners were:
01 Chennai "A" 23.5;
02 Calicut 23;
03 Chennai "B" 22.5;
04. Hyderabad 21.5;
05 Kanchi "A" 21;
;06. Chennai "E" 18;
07. Bangalore "B" 18;
 Chennai team for National Cities Chess Championship
The following players will represent Chennai district in the National cities chess championship to be organized by T.Nagar Chess Academy in association with Mount Chess Academy at Hall of Chess, J.N. Stadium, Chennai - 600 003. from 10th to 15th Feb 2007.
1. C. Praveen Kumar
2. M. Vinoth Kumar
3. Ram S. Krishnan
4. K. Visweswaran and
5. IM R. Balasubramanian (Captain)
 Ram S Krishnan wins Dindigul FIDE-Rated Open
Ram.S.Krishnan won the title with 8.5 points at the end of the 11th round at the Gopalakrishna Naidu Kaveriammal Memorial FIDE Rated Tournament sponsored by P.S.N.A. Engineering College and Rotary Club of Dindigul West, organized by Dindigul District Chess Association was held at P.S.N.A. Mahal during the month of January.

The event was inaugurated by the National U-9 Champion Shardul Gagare by making the first move against Mr. Raja Ravi Sekar who was the guest of honour.

The event had 199 players out of which 29 players were from other states like Andhra Pradesh (10), Karnataka (13), Kerala (3) and Maharashtra (3) and the rest from Tamil Nadu. The strength of the players was also high in the sense that 85 players are rated, with two title holders. Forty eight players had attained their first FIDE Ratings and 16 players had an increase in their rating level in this event is an additional encouragement for the players from this tournament.

Some of the prominent players are International Master P. Mithrakanth (NLC), Asian U13 Silver Medalist S. Nitin (Slm), National A player Syed Anwar Shazuli (ICF), former TN State Champions Ram S. Krishnan and A. Shankar and Karnataka State Champion Y.G.Vijendra and U-7 National Champion Shardul.A.Gagare. Mr.R.Anantharam, International Arbiter was the Chief Arbiter of the event.

At the end of the tenth round, Ram S. Krishnan of BSNL led with 8.5 points and safely drew the next round to win the title. As five players tied for the second place, the tie break was resorted to P. Phoobalan of SRM College, Chennai was the runner-up, followed by M. Kunal of Madurai, Syed Anwar Shazuli, P. Mithrakanth and Y.G. Vijendra.
 B.Ravi Memorial District Open Rapid Chess Championship
C.Praveen Kumar clinched the B.Ravi Memorial District Open Rapid Chess Championship, organised by T.Nagar Chess Academy. He bagged 6.5 points in seven rounds to emerge on top.
Owing to the sudden demise of the Convenor Mr. K. S. Ramani on 17.1.2007, the 13th TN State Level Open Chess Tournament For Children scheduled to be organized by Solar Chess Club (DSKSSI Trust) on 20th and 21st of January 2007 at PSBB K K Nagar, Chennai 78 has been postponed. The revised dates will be announced later.

Chennai District Chess Association.
 25th Rachel Paranjothy Women's Chess Tournament
M.R.Sangeetha of Chennai retained the title in the Ramco Cements 25th Rachel Paranjothy Womens Chess Tournament which concluded today at the Ethiraj College. She won with a score of seven points in an eight round swiss tournament to take home Rs 5,000.

Runner-up was L.Iswarya Shobana of M.O.P.Vaishnav who tied with K.Radhika of Ethiraj College for the second place.

Mr D.V.Sundar, secretary of All India Chess Federation delivered an impressive and much applauded valedictory address Mr C.Palani, Assistant General Manager of Canara Bank distributed the prizes to the winners of the Rachel Paranjothy tournament as well as to the winners of the ESPO Inter-Collgiate tournaments The Principal of Ethiraj College, Dr Mrs M.Thavamani welcomed the gathering and the Physical Dirctress Dr Neetah Gunaseelan traced the 25-year history of the Rachel Paranjothy Womens Chess Tournament.

The prize winners:
1. M.R.Sangeetha 7;
2-3. Iswarya Shobana, K,.Radhika 6.5;
4-8. J.Mohana Priya (Modern Senior), R.Bharathi (Bhakthavachalam School), P.Malarselvi (MOP Vaishnav), S.Aarthy Sri (SRDK), J.Saranya (Velammal) 6;
9-13. R.Sneha (Velammal), V.Malavigha (Maharshi Vidya Mandir), C.Dephin (Stella Maris), K.Mrunalini (St Josephs Engg), G.K.Monisha (Amrutha Vidyalaya) 5.5;
14-16. M.Nivedhitha (Good Earth), A.Akshaya (Vellayan Chettiar), S.Apoorva (Srimathi Sundaravalli) 5.

Special prizes for Ethiraj College students went to A.Surya, D.K.Abirami and A.Radha.
 Adhiban finishes Runner-up in National Under-17 Chess Championship
Our life member B.Adhiban finished runner-up in the National Under-17 Chess Championship organized by Chess Association-Kerala from 3rd to 10th January, 2007 at Calicut.

In a four way tie among M.R.Lalith Babu (AP), B.Adhiban(TN) , Dasari Sai Srinivas(AP) and R.Premnath (TN) (all with seven points) , Adhiban finished runner-up.
 Laxman Wins Bengal Peerless FIDE Rating Tournament
Our life member International Master R.R.Laxman emerged as champion in the Bengal Peerless All India Open FIDE Rating Chess Tournament by scoring 8.5 points out of 11 rounds. In the final round Laxman defeated the top seed GM Ziaur Rahman (Bangladesh). Another life member of our Chennai District , M.Vinoth Kumar finished 14th with 7.5 points.
 LATHECKA SAI .M.A. became the TN U 7 State Chess Champion
LATHECKA SAI .M.A. of Chennai District won the TN State Under 7 Girls Chess Championship 07 was organised by Kanchi District Chess Association from 27.12.06 to 02.01.07.
She scored 9.5 points out of 11 Rounds.
AARUSHYA .S. also of Chennai finished fourth with 8 points

ANIRUDDH AIYENGAR of Chennai finished runner up in U 7 in Boys Section. He scored 8.5 points out of 11 rounds. Aditya.R of Kanchi emerged as Champion in the U 7 Category
 Chennai District Chess Championship for U 7 U 9 U 11 Boys and Girls
The Chennai District Chess Association will conduct the Chennai District Championship for U 7 U 9 and U 11 boys and Girls on December 23rd and 24th at Sri Velankanni Nursery and Primary School, 803, 63rd Stret, X Sector, K.K.Nagar, Chennai -78.

Only registered players of Chennai District born or after1-1-2000 are eligible to play in under 7. The date of Birth elible in under 9 is 1-1-98 and for under 11 1-1-96.

Contact Details

Chennai District Chess Association
C/o.Mr.K.Mural Mohan
A6 SFI Apartments,
Karnan Street,
Chennai -24.
Mobile: 98402 65650.
Tel: 43578757
 20th National U 11 Chess Championship
Fenil Shah of Gujarat and Priyanka Kumari of Jharkhand won the National Under-11 Chess Championship that concluded at the Sri Ramachandra Medical College on Nov 11. Fenil Shah benefited from Shiven Khosla's upset win over top seed and former world under-10 champion Sahaj Grover.

Fenil Shah needed a draw for his title after Sahaj lost. Fenil's opponent, Sai Krishna required a victory for the title. In a bishop and pawn ending, neither player had the advantage and they drew after repetition of moves

Priyanka Kumari of Jharkhand who won the tournament with a round to spare lost the final round by blundering a bishop. Michelle Catherina (Chennai) and J.Vaishnavi (Trichy) took the second and third place. Cash prizes totalling Rs.70,000 was distributed in the evening. The top three players from both sections will represent India in the world Under-12 Chess Championship to be held at Turkey in 2007
 World U 8 Bronze medal Champion
Mahalakshmi, who won the bronze medal at the World
Under-8 Girls Chess Championship at Batumi, Georgia
 2nd Win TV Intrenational Open Chess Tournament
2nd Win TV Intrenational Open Chess Tournament is Postponed
 TN State Team Chess Championship 2006
ICF Chennai gathered 20 points at the end of the 7th round of the Championship.
The ICF team players and points are
Syed Anwar Shazuli.Y 4.5;
Gunasekaran.K 3;
Natarajan.C 3;
Suresh Kumar.T.J 4;
IM Balasubramanian.R 5;

Final Standings
1. ICF Chennai 20;
2. Indian Bank 19;
3. Velammal School (A) 19;
4. NLC Team (A) 19
5. Southern Railway 18.5;
6. Coimbatore 17.5;
7. St.Joseph Chennai 16.5;
8. Tuticorin 16.5;
9. Sivakasi 15.5;
10.Jawahar School CBSE (A) 15.5;
11.Velammal School (B) 15;
12.Trichy 15;
13.Kanyakumari 15;
14.Tirunelveli 14;
15.Pudukottai 13.5;
16.Cuddalore (A) 13.5;
17. Cuddalore (B) 13.5;
18.NLC Team (B) 13;
19.Salem 13;
20.Jawahar School CBSE (B) 13;
21.Kancheepuram 12.5;
22. Niligiris 12.5;
23.Dharmapuri 11.5;
24.S.J.N.School Chennai 11.5;
25.Velammal School (C) 10.5;
26.Cuddalore (C) 8.5;
27.Velammal School (D) 5;
28.Velammal School (E) 4.5;

Board Prize Winners
1. IM Manuel Aaron, TUT
2. IM P.Mithrakanth, NLC
3. C.S.Rajesh, CBE
4. T.J.Suresh Kumar, ICF
5. IM R.Balasubramanian, ICF
 Ashwin Jayaram Qualifies for National A
Ashwin Jayaram Qualifies first time for National A from National B Chess Championship held at Ahmedabad from 1st September to 10th September 2006. The Other Qualifiers are International Masters:
Poobesh Anand, R.R.Laxman, Verghese Koshy, Sudhakar Babu, T.S.Ravi, V.Saravanan and G.B.Prakash
 S.P.Sethuraman Wins Asian U 16 Bronze
S.P.Sethuraman Wins Asian U 16 Bronze

Our Lise Member S.P.Sethuraman won the Bronze Medal in the U 16 Category of the Asian Under 16 and 18 Chess Championship for Boys and Girls held at Bishkek,Krygstan from 1st September to 10th september 2006
 1st Saranya FIDE Rated Open Chess Championship
Gowtham of Guntur has never won FIDE Rating Tournaments and he came to Chennai to play in the 1st Saranya FIDE Rated Open and give out his best. He never thought of the first place. However, in the final round, when he took on 14-year old M.Shyam Sundar, he needed to win for the title as both played with the same points and his little opponent had more tie-breaks score in case the game was drawn. Playing under a strict `must win' attitude he broke down the passive play of Shyam Sundar to win his sixth game in a row and the title with 8.5/10.

Gowtham is 37 and is a chess trainer by profession. He himself had been trained by former National `A' player Ch. Satyanarayana in Guntur. "It was my first triumph," opined the winner who rarely smiled. He had at best played a few National B Championships. Chennai's own coach, Vinoth Kumar, 26, defeated the experienced V.Hariharan of Indian Bank in the final round to secure second place with eight points. M.Shyam Sundar who played some nice games for his age took third place with 7.5.

The event was organised by N.N.Sivagnanam, Director, Saranya Chess Centre who recovered from serious sickness in 2004. The event was named after his daughter. Little Saranya inaugurated and also gave away the prizes. "Should be a record for any five year old," said Sivagnanam. The arbiters team headed by Susil Kumar did a good job and once again the menace was mobile phones. Among those who lost a valuable point was P.Jayakumar (P&T). C.Praveen Kumar was the top seed but he only managed to tie for the sixth place.

Marriage halls are proving useful for chess. Marriages are not held in the July-August month and chess organisers are making use of them. This is a brand new event for Chennai's chess calendar and is likely to form the calendar each year. The prize money was Rs.50,000. About 44 players had ratings and 61 were unrated. The event helps India to widen the rating base among our players. The unrated players pay the entry fee to try and get ratings and the rated players come for the prize money.

Final standings: 1 T.Gowtham 8.5, 2 Vinoth Kumar 8, 3-5 Shyam Sundar, Ram S Krishnan, Pradeep Kumar 7.5 each, 6-14 V.Hariharan, C.Praveen Kumar, P.Phoobalan, Sagar Shah, K.V.Shantharam, Debashis Das, Vijaya Sharathy, Rahul Ved, N.Vigneswaran 7 each, 15-18 George Daniel, J.Mohana Priya, P.Jayakumar, M.Damodaran 6.5 each...105-players.
 6 th Adayar Times
D.P.Singh of Jharkhand won the Adayar Times FIDE rated Chess Tournament 2006.He took 9.5 point in 10 Rounds. .Ram.S.Krishnan of Chennai was Placed Second with 8 points
 19th TN State U 13 Boys and Girls Chess Championship 2006
Former Asian Under 12 champion K.Priyadarshan of Madurai and Overnight leader J.Saranya of Thiruvallur clinched titles in the State U 13 Chess Championship for Boys and Girls respectively for the Dolphin Trophies.

The Championship was organised by jointly by Rotary International District 3230 and CAPA Chess Academy at the Indian Red Cross Society, Egmore.

Priyadarshan won the Title witha tally of 9.5 points at the end of the 11th Round. A.Nagaarjuna of Virudhunagar was second with 8.5 points

In the Girls Section, Saranya emerged the champion with nine points. M.jagadhambal of Purasai Chess Academy took the second spot with eight points
FIDE rated (1980) P.Lokesh of SBOA Matriculation School accounted for an easy victory over seventh seeded Akash P.C.Iyer (DAV Pub) in the 8th and last round and clinched the H.S.Kohli Silver Rolling Trophy for Under-12 Boys in the DIDAR Motors Tamil Nadu State Level Open Rapid Chess Tournament for Children organized by Chennai District Chess Association being concluded at Jaigopal Garodia Vivekanand Vidyalaya School, Chennai. In the corresponding girls section J.Saranya (Vellammal) bagged the Rolling Trophy. Both Lokesh and Saranya scored cent percent results of 8 points in 8 rounds.

Rtn.S.Balachndran, Chairman Youth Services RI District 3230 and Mr K.B.Singh, Managing Director, M/s Didar Motors, Chennai have distributed the prizes to the winners.

Final Standings:

Under 8 Boys: 1) S.Raghunanthan (Sri Sivananda Balalaya) 7.5 pts
2) S.Kumar ( Anitha Methodist) 7;
3) Sunil Dev (Alpha MHSS), 7;
4) S.V.Rohit Krshna (Vivekananda Vidyala) 6.5;
5) C.A.AswinRaj (Chinmaya Vidyala) 6;
6) S.Sriram (DAV) 6;
7) G.Jerome Jorge Ebenezer (Don Bosco) 6;
8) R.Harivallabha (PS Sr.SS) 6;
9) Attur S.Srinivas (Green Park MHSS) 6;
10) Aniruddh Aiyengar (DAV) 6 ;
11) V.P.Aniruth Kannan (PSBB) 6;
12) Srivatsav Shrikanth (Vidya Mandir) 6 ;

Under 8 Girls: 1) M.Mahalakshmi (St.Joseph Nursary) 7.5 pts
2) G.K.Monnisha (Amrita Vidyalaya) 7.5
3) Dharani Sree (Chettinad Vidalaya) 6;
4) B.Hari Priya (St.Joseph School) 6;
5) J.G.Thegesvi (Ever win MS) 5.5 pts
6) R.Vijayalakshmi 5.5 pts

Under 10 Boys: 1) OsamaSalim (Vellammal) 7.5pts
2) Athulaya Shetty (ML King) 6.5
3) V.Shakthivel Pandian (Sivakasi Lion) 6.5
4) G.Akash (Jawahar) 6;
5) L.Bharath (Vellammal);
6) S.Sabari Girivashan (Kalai Magal) 6;
7) Nived S.Bharadwaj (PS Sr.SS) 6;
8) Vishnu (Vidya Mandir) 6 ;
9) S.Prasannaa (G.K.Shetty) 5.5;
10) Praveen Anand (Vivekananda )5.5;
11) P.Deepak 5.5

Under 10 Girls: 1)Michelle Catherina (Good Sheperd) 7.5pts
2) G.Uma Bharathi (Jaigopal V V) 7;
3) G.Sushmitha (Jawahar Vidyalaya) 5
4) Veena TA Kumar (PSBB) 5;
5) Shruthi Sridhar (PS Sr.SS) 4.5;
6) G.Aarthi 4.5;

Under-12 Boys: 1) P.Lokesh (SBOA) 8 pts
2) S.Darwin (Vivekanda Vidyala) 7;
3) P.Ramalingam Karthick (Vidhya Mandir)
4) V.Ram Kumar (Sri Sankara Sr SS) 6;
5) S.Anand Raj (Vivekanada Vidyala) 6;
6) K.Pradeep Kumar (Vellammal) 6;
7) M.Mukesh (St.John’s) 6;
8) S.Nanthakumar (Alagappa MHSS) 6;
9) Akash PC Iyer (DAV) 6;
10) V.C.Balaji (DAV) 5.5 ;
11) G.Jaswant (Mont Ford) 5.5;
12) G.Ashwin 5.5;
13) V.Vijay 5.5;
14) V.Arun Kumar 5.5;
15) J.James Stephen 5.5;

Under-12 Girls: 1) J.Saranya (Velammal) 8 pts
2) S.Aarthy Sri (Vivekananda) 7;
3) V.Janu (Velammal) 5.5;
4) K.Swathi (DAV) 5.5;
5) D.Trishla (Church Park) 5;
6) Vaishali 5;

Under-14 Boys: 1) G.Santhosh Kumar (Vellammal) 8 pts;
2) N.Surendran (Vellammal) 6.5;
3) N.Madhan (Kendran Vidyalaya) 6;
4) Saravana Ganesh Pandian (Sivakasi Lions) 5.5;
5) N.Praveen (Ebenezer MSS)5.5;
6) Dipankur Sinha (DAV BHEL) 5;
7) G.Joshua Arul Ebenezer (KVS, Virudhunagar)5;
8) V.Vishnu (Vivekananda) 5;
9) Prasanth Anand, 5;
10) Hari Raj (KVS,Virudhunagar) 5;
11) R.Hariprasath 4.5;
12) N.V.Krishnan 4.5;

Under-14 Girls: 1) M.Kushboo (Vellammal) 8 pts;
2) R.Bharathi (Baktavatsalam) 6;
3) A.Aarthi (Baynos) 5.5;
4) V.C.Harshinee (DAV) 5;
5) M.Abinaya (Baktavatsalam) 5;
6)Sowjanya 5;

Under-18 Boys: 1) B.Sekar (CHPDET HSS) 7 pts
2) J.Arun (Vellammal) 7;
3) R.Ganesh Kumar (Sona Engg College) 5.5;
4) A.K.Mithran (Gills Adarsh) 5.5;
5) R.Ganesh (SSN) 5.5;
6) V.Vishanth (Sri Ram Engg ) 5.5;
7) N.Aadityan (Jawahar Vidyalaya) 5;
8) Mohindar Yadav (Santhom HS) 5;
9) M.Bala Prashanth (Vellammal) 5;
10) C.A.Harsha (Chinmaya Vid.)5;

Under-18 Girls: 1) J.Janani (Vellammal) 5pts
2) G.Sangeetha (Daniel) 4;
3) G.Rukmani (SBSM) 4;
4) L.N.Subashree (SBSM)2
5) S.Shree Janani (B.S.Mootha)1;
 Anan reigns supreme
Vishwanathan Anand defeated Teimour Radjabov in both the games on sunday to win the Chess Classic at Mainz for the Sixth time.It was the Seventh title in a row and ninth overall title for Anand in Chess Classics held at Frankfurt and Mainz.The final victory margin for Anand was 5-3.
 Porkko and Raghavi Win Titles
M.Porkko ( St.Vincent MHS School) and N.Raghavi (Kilpauk Medical College) won Boys’ and Girls’ sections respectively of the Chennai District Junior (Under-19) Chess Championship held at Padma Sarangapani MHS School, Virugambakkam here yesterday.

The Under-13 Boys’ and Girls’ titles were annexed by N.R.Sai Manivannan (National Public School) and R.Bharathi (BhakthavachalaM Vidyashram) respectively.

Mr.T.Balaji, Technical Manager, M/s.Verizon and Dr.S.Sharmila, Vice-President, Chennai District Chess Association gave away the prizes to the winners.

Final Placins:
Under-19 Boys:
1. M.Porkko (St.Vincent) 5 Points / 6 Rounds
2. C.K.Subramanian (MAK MHS School) 4
3. Y.Kiran (St.Peter’s Engg. College) 4
4. R.Karthik (Karnataka Sangha School) 3.5
5. S.Raghavender (PSBB Sr.Sec.SAchool, K.K.Nagar) 3.5
Under-19 Girls:
1. N.Raghavi (KMC) 5 pts.
2. K.Mrunalini (St.Joseph’s Engg. Colllege) 3
3. N.Sakthi Abirami (Padma Sarangapani MHS School) 2.5

Under-13 Boys:

1. N.R.Sai Manivannan (National Public School) 5.5 pts.
2. P.Ganesh (JRM School) 5
3. V.Ramkumar (Sri Sankara Sr. Sec. School) 4.5
4. M.Harihara Sudhan (Sri Krishnaswamy MHS School) 4.5
5. Kaushik.S. (The Ashram) 4.5
Under-13 Girls:
1.Bharathi.R. (Bhakthavachalam Vidyashram) 5.5 /6
2.Michelle Catherina (Good Sjhepherd) 4.5
3. Nivetha.R. (Holy Angels) 4.5
4.Jeyassri.B. (Amritha Vidyalaya) 4
5. Subashri.K. (Hindu Sr. Sec. School) 4

Mobile: 9840265650
 S P Sethuraman gains his maiden International Master Norm.
S P Sethuraman of MAK school gained his first International Master Norm when he defeated Rui Damaso in the ninth and final round of Andorra International Open Chess Tournament. He secured 6 out of 9 rounds.
 N Srinath Wins Dubai U 12 Title
Our Lufe Member and World U 12 Champion WOn the U 12 category of the Dubai Junior CHampionship held at Dubai.
 R Ashwath wins National Sub Junior Title
Our Life Member R Ashwath (SBOA) emerged as the champion in National Under 15 Chess Championship Organised by East Coast Chess academy at Visakapatnam from 5th to 12th July 2006. Another Life Member B Adhiban ( Cambridge School) finished runner up.
 1st Saranya FIDE Rated Chess Tournament
Saranya Chess Center is conducting the 1st Saranya FIDE Rated Chess Tournamentfrom 24.07.2006 to 29.07.2006, at Santosh mahal Kalyana mandapam,41/42, parthasarathy Naidu street, chepauk,chennai-600005.The total prize money is 50,000/-Rs. For further details contact Saranya Chess Center, new no.147(old no.74),R.K.Mutt road,Mandavelli,Chennai-600028.
Phone No:044-24616319
Mobile No: 9380712553
 Chennai District Under 17 Chess Championship
NASA Chess Academy conducts Chennai District District Under 17 Chess Championship For Boys and Girls on 17th and 18th of june 2006 at Velakanni primary and nursery school,803, 63rd street, 10th sector, k.k.nagar, Chennai-600078.
Only Registered players of Chennai District born on or after 1.1.1989 are eligible to play. The entry fee is Rs.80/- per player and the CDCA registration is Rs.60/- for the year 2006-07. Entries close on 15.06.2006 with Mrs.Afroz Ahmed, Joint Secretary(CDCA), 989, 67th street, 11 th sector, k.k.nagar,chennai-78.
mobile no: 9444039182

B.T MURALI KRISHNAN (Southern Railways) 10 points
C. PRAVEEN KUMAR (Chennai ) 9 points
M. Shyam Sundar (Chennai) 9 points
Syed Anwar Shazuli (Kancheepuram) 8.5 points
G.B. Prakash (Indian Bank) 8.5 points
B. Adhiban (Chennai) 8.5 points
Babu N. Sudhakar (Indian Bank) 8.5 points
Sharma R. Preetham (Southern Railway) 8 points
P. Maheswaran (Virudhunagar) 8 points
P. Shyam Nikhil (Sri Sai Ram) 8 points
Vinoth Kumar (Chennai) 8 points
J. Sridhar (Vels) 8 points
Balasubramaniam Ramanathan (Chennai) 8 points
Ebanezer Joseph (Emmanuel Chess Club) 8 points
Shankar (Southern Railway) 8 points
K.V. Shantharam (Indian Bank) 7.5 points

Important results of 11th Round

1 Praveen Kumar C. CHENNAI [9] drew with Murali Krishnan B.T. Southern
Railways [10]

2 Vinoth Kumar CHENNAI [8] lost to Shyam Sundar M. CHENNAI [9]

3 Prakash G B INDIAN BANK [8.5] beat Shantharam K.V. INDIAN BANK [7.5]

4 Ashwath R. CHENNAI [7.5] lost to Babu N Sudhakar INDIAN BANK [8.5]

5 Syed Anwar Shazuli KANCHEEPURAM [8.5] beat Saravana Krishnan P. KANCHEEPURAM [7.5]

6 Hari Balu V. SRI SAI RAM [7.5] lost to Adhiban B. CHENNAI [8.5]

7 Sharma R. Preetham SOUTHERN RAILWAYS [8] beat Krishna D. COIMBATORE [7]

8 Venkat Sundaram KANCHEEPURAM [7] lost to Balasubramaniun Ramnatha CHENNAI [8]

9 Ven Prakash K.V TIRUVALLUR [7] lost to Maheswaran P. VIRUDHU NAGAR [8]

10 Shankar A SOUTHERN RAILWAYS [8] beat Dusthageer Ibrahim M. MADURAI [7]

11 Sridhar J. VELS [8] beat Preethi R. MADURAI [7]

12 Sivasankari P TIRUVALLUR [7.5] drew with Shanmuganathan T.R. SRI SAI RAM [7.5]

13 Ebenezer Joseph EMMANUEL CHESS CENTRE [8] beat Ramesh Shanmugasundaram LAYAL CHESS CLUB [7]

14 Vishnu Prasanna CHENNAI [7] lost to Shyam Nikil P. SRI SAI RAM [8]

15 Natarajan C. SCHOLL OF CHESS [7.0] drew with Meera Sai INDIAN BANK [7.0]

16 Priyadharshan K. MADURAI [7.0] drew with Phoobalan P. COIMBATORE [7.0]

17 Ranjith R.K VELS [6.5] lost to Sethuraman S.P. CHENNAI [7.5]

18 Navin Kanna T.U. TIRUVALLUR [7.0] drew with Senthil Kumaran R.P. SRI SAI
RAM [7.0]

19 Vijaya Sharathy MADURAI [6.5] lost to Suresh Kumar T.J. VELS [7.5]

20 Lakshmi Narayanan.M.V. DINDIGUL [6.5] lost to Arun Karthik R. CHENNAI [7.5]

21 Pounraj R.COIMBATORE [7.5] beat Pradeep Kumar R.A. CHENNAI [6.5]

22 Nitin S. SALEM [6.5] lost to Rajesh C.S. COIMBATORE [7.5]

23 Nagaarjuna A VIRUDHU NAGAR [7.5] beat Ram S. Krishnan CHENNAI [6]

24 Muthu Alagappan M. TIRUVALLUR [6] lost to Aswin Jayaram CHENNAI [7]

25 Dhanasekar K. SPORTS PROMOTION FUNDATION [6.5] drew with Hariharan
Venkatachalam INDIAN BANK [6.5]
 Praveen Kumar finishes runner up
C. Praveen Kumar of Chennai settled for a quick draw in 10 moves with B.T.Murali Krishnan Southern Railway in the eleventh and final round and finished runner up in the 54th TN State Fide Rated Chess Championship which concluded today. B.T. Murali Krishnan won the Championship with 10 points and he was awarded V.J. Brahmaiah Rolling shield and Rs.30,000/-.

In the Cash Award function held alongwith Prize Distribution function Shri K.Pandiarajan, Chairman and Managing Director, ma foi honoured the young achievers of Chennai District viz. World Under 12 Champion N. Srinath, National Under 15 Champion S.P. Sethuraman, National Under 13 Champion B. Adibhan and National Under 7 Champion M. Mahalakshmi. Mr. T. Devanathan, Chairman and Managing Director WIN TV distributed prizes to the Winners of the 54th TN State Fide Rated Chess Championship.

In the photo attached herewith (L to R) : K. Pandiarajan, CMD, ma foi, Manuel Aaron, General Secretary, TNSCA, B.T. Murali Krishnan, K.E. Raghunathan, President, CDCA, T. Devanathan, CMD, WIN TV and K. Murali Mohan, Secretary, CDCA
 Muralikrishnan Is Assured Of Title
B.T.Muralikrishnan (S.Rly) assured himself of the title when he defeated P.Saravanakrishnan (Kanchi) in the tenth and penultimate round of the 54th TN State FIDE Rated Chess Championship being organized by Chennai District Chess Association here today at Indian Red Cross Society. He has secured 9.5 points and thus has a clear one point lead over his nearest rival C.Praveen Kumar (Chennai). C.Praveen Kumar took his tally to 8.5 points by defeating giant killer B.Adhiban.

Earlier in the ninth round, it was literally a battle between youth and experience in three boards. In all the boards youth prevailed over the experience: Schoolboys National Under-13 Champion B.Adhiban, M.Shyam Sundar and P.Saravanakrishnan scored over the top seed International Master G.B.Prakash (Indian Bank), International Master R.Balasubramaniam (ICF) and FIDE Master K.V.Shantharam (Indian Bank) respectively.
 54th TN State Fide Rated Chess Championship - 10th Round Results
1. B.T. Murali Krishnan (Southern Railway) 9.5 beat P. Saravana Krishnan (Kancheepuram) 7.5

2. B. Adhiban (Chennai) 7.5 lost to C. Praveen Kumar (Chennai) 8.5

3. Syed Anwar Shazuli (Kancheepuram) 7.5. drew with Ashwath R (Chennai) 7.5 points

4. R. Preethi (Madurai ) 7.0 lost to Vinoth Kumar (Chennai) 8.0

5. M. Shyam Sundar (Chennai) 8.0 beat Vishnu Prasanna (Chennai) 7.0

6. S.P. Sethuraman (Chennai) 6.5 lost to G.B. Prakash (Indian Bank) 7.5

7. P. Maheswaran (Virudhunagar) 7.0 drew with Sharma R. Preetham (Southern Railway) 7.0

8. Babu N. Sudhakar (Indian Bank) 7.5 beat Navin Kanna T.U (Thiruvallur) 6.5

9. K.V. Shantharam (Indian Bank) 7.5 beat C. Natarajan (School of Chess) 6.5

10. R.A. Pradeep Kumar (Chennai) 6.5 lost to V. Haribalu (Sri Sai Ram) 7.5

11. Balasubramaniam Ramanathan (Chennai) 7.0 beat R. Pounraj (Coimbatore) 6.5

12. P. Phoobalan (Coimbatore) 6.5 drew with R.K. Ranjith (Vels College) 6.5

13. K.V. Ven Prakash (Thiruvallur) 7.0 beat Ram S. Krishnan (Chennai) 6.0

14. M. Dusthageer Ibrahim (Madurai) 7.0 beat Aswin Jayaram (Chennai) 6.0

15. T.J. Suresh Kumar (Vels College) 6.5 drew with M.V. Lakshmi Narayanan (Dindigul) 6.5

16. A. Shankar (Southern Railway) 7.0 beat R. Muralidharan (Cuddalore) 6.0

17. Venkat Sundaram (Kancheepuram) 7.0 beat Narayanan Srinath (Chennai) 6.0

18. P. Karthikeyan (Chennai) 6.0 lost to P. Sivasankari (Thiruvallur) 7.0

19. K. Gopalakrishnan (Indian Bank) 6.0 lost to J. Sridhar (VELS College) 7.0

20. T.R. Shanmuganathan (Sri Sai Ram) 7.0 beat P. Dharmaraj (Tuticorin) 6.0

21. Ramesh Shanmugasundarm (Layal Chess Academy) 7.0 beat Safira Shahnaz (Virudhunagar) 6.0

22. P. Lokesh (Chennai) 6.0 lost to Ebenezer Joseph (Emmanuel Chess Club) 7.0

23. P. Shyam Nikhil (Sri Sai Ram) 7.0 beat N. Aravind Subramanian (Vishy Anand Chess Academy) 6.0

24. D. Krishna (Coimbatore) 7.0 beat R. Vishnu Sharon (Chennai) 6.0

25. Sridharan Ramanathan (Kancheepuram) 6.0 drew with Hariharan Venkatachalam (Indian Bank) 6.0
 S.K.Narasimhan Memorial Closed FIDE Rating Chess Tournament
IM Sudhakar Babu of Indian Bank Chennai wins the title in S.K.Narasimhan Memorial Closed FIDE Rating Chess Tournament.
 Ganesh Wins TN State Under-12 Rapid Title
P.Ganesh of Chennai District won the TN State Under-12 Rapid Title in the TN State Chess Championship for Under-12 & 14 Chess Championship which cocluded at Mannargudi on Sunday.
 Osama Salim and Radhika Win Titles
Osama Salim (Velammal) and G.Radhika (Sivaswamy Kalalaya) emerged as Champions in Under-10 Boys’ and Girls’ categories respectively in the Deccan Chronicle TN State Level Open Chess Tournament organized by Sports Promotion Foundation at PSBB Sr.Sec. School, K.K.Nagar here today.

In the eighth and final round Osama Salim defeated B.Kumaran to take his tally to 7.5 points. Radhika won against Sujitha in the final round and secured 7 points.

Mr.K.E.Ragunathan, President, Chennai District Chess Association gave away the cash prizes totaling Rs.39,000/- to the winners.
Deccan Chronicle Ponies – Final Results

Under-18 Boys

No. White Score Result Black Score
1 Pradeep Kumar. Ra. 6 Lost to Karthikeyan. P. 7
2 Ashwath. R. 6.5 Beat Thaarak Charen. S.K. 5
3 Shyaam Nikhil. P. 6 Beat Rajesh. R. 5
4 Ven prakash. K.V. 5.5 Beat Raghavender. S. 4.5
5 Luqhman Shahid Basha. C. 4.5 Lost to Arun. J. 5
6 Sri Ram. N.U. 4 Lost to Krishna. A. 5
7 Ramkumar. K. 4 Lost to Porkko. M. 5
8 Madhavan. S. 5 Beat Gautam. D. 4
9 Ashwin. G. 4.5 Beat Moorthy. S. 3.5
10 Manu Vaithya Ramanan. G. 4.5 Beat Muzammil Ahmed. K.M. 3.5

Under-18 Girls

No. White Score Result Black Score
1 Aarthy Sri. S 4 Lost to Uthra. P 8
2 Shri Humrudha. J 4 Lost to Nandhini. M.S 6.5
3 Akshathaa. P 6 Beat Abinaya. K 4
4 Darshana. S 3.5 Lost to Sangeetha. G 5
5 Aruthi. M 4.5 Beat Fathima Layeek 1
6 Anjali Raja Chithra. N 4 Beat Rachana. R 3
7 Akshaya. A 4 Beat Lavanka. K 1
8 Vijayalakshmi. T 3 Beat Vinodhini. J 2.5

Under-14 Boys

No. White Score Result Black Score
1 Lokesh. P 7 Drew with Ramnath Bhuvanesh. R 6.5
2 Surendran. N 6 Lost to Shyam Sundar M 7
3 Vigneswara. J.B 7 Beat Sai Manivannan. N.R 6
4 Santosh Kumar. G 5.5 Drew with Muthu Alagappan 6
5 Raju S 6 Beat Darwin S 5
6 Pawankumar J 6 Beat Rajath Kumar 5
7 Ravi Teja. V 5 Lost to Ashwin Kumar. R 6
8 Prem Kumar. A 5 Lost to Barathiraja. K 6
9 Vinoth Kumar. B 5.5 Drew with James Stephen. J 5.5
10 Jawanth. G 5 Lost to Srinivas Athreya. V 6

Under-14 Girls

No. White Score Result Black Score
1 Priya Sandhya. P 6.5 Beat Ishrath Amina Taj 6
2 Saranya. J 6.5 Beat Taraasvinee. B 6
3 Mohana Priya 6.5 Beat Sai Varshini. S 5
4 Bharathi. R 6 Beat Abhirami. R 5
5 Sakthi Abhirami 6 Beat Swathi. K 5
6 Aarthi. A 4 Lost to Kushboo 5.5
7 Janu. V 5.5 Beat Alagusala. G 4
8 Vaishali Balachandran 4 Lost to Aranka. N 5
9 Loganayaki. R 5 Beat Niveditha. J.G 4
10 Meenakshi. S 4 Lost to Sneha. R 5

Under-10 Boys

No. White Score Result Black Score
1 Akash. PC. Iyer 7 Beat Kaushik. S. 6.5
2 Osama Salim. 7.5 Beat Kumaran. B. 6
3 Barath. L. 7 Beat Bala Ganapathy. P. 6
4 Siddarth. M. 7 Beat Eshwanth Dev Kumar. J. 5.5
5 Adith. R.V 6.5 Beat Neil Franclin. S. 5.5
6 Somasundaram. S.K. 6.5 Beat Aadityan.N 5.5
7 Aswin Raj. C.A. 6 Beat Hari Pragadesh. S.B. 5
8 Akash Srivaths. K.R. 6 Beat Kailash Rohit. V. 5
9 Lokknath. S. 5 Lost to Kumar. S. 6
10 Vignesh.B 5.5 Drew with Rohan Keshavan 5.5

Under-10 Girls

No. White Score Result Black Score
1 Sujitha. P. 6.5 Lost to Radhika. G. 7
2 Sushmitha. G 5.5 Lost to Mahalakshmi. M 6.5
3 Michelle Catherina. 5.5 Lost to Varsha. C.K 6.5
4 Monisha. G.K. 5.5 Drew with Ashwini.U 5.5
5 Madhura Vani. R. 5.5 Drew with Akshita. D 5.5
6 Samantha. S. 6 Beat Padmaja. S. 5
7 Imayavallai. N. 5 Beat Nivedhitha. M 4.5
8 Akshaya. N 5 Drew with Divya Lalitha. K.S. 4.5
9 Nisumba Soodhani. K 4 Lost to Thenammai. G 5
10 Aarthi. G 5 Beat Niranjiny. V. 4
Deccan Ponies – Prize Winners

Under 18 BOYS

Place Name School Score
1 Karthikeyan. P. Velammal Matric HSS 7
2 Ashwath. R. SBOA 6.5
3 Shyaam Nikhil. P. Dolphin Matric HSS 6
4 Pradeep Kumar. Ra. Velammal Matric HSS 6
5 Ven prakash. K.V. Velammal Matric HSS 5.5
6 Rajesh. R. K.C. Sankaralinga Nadar School 5
7 Thaarak Charen. S.K. Santhome Matric HSS 5
8 Arun. J. Velammal Matric HSS 5
9 Porkko. M. St. Vincent Matric HSS 5
10 Madhavan. S. Velammal Matric HSS 5
11 Krishna. A. D.G. Vaishnav 5

Under-18 GIRLS

1 Uthara. P Velammal 8
2 Nandhini. M.S Vellayan Chettiar 6.5
3 Akshathaa. P St. Ursulas Anglo 6
4 Sangeetha. G Daniel Matric 5
6 Aruthi. M Velammal 4.5
5 Shri Humrudha Velammal 4
7 Abinaya. K 4
8 Aarthy Sri. S SRDK VV 4

Under-14 BOYS

Rank Name School Pts Prog
1 Lokesh.P S.B.O.A 7 34
2 Shyam Sundar .M SDCV vidyalaya 7 34
3 Vigneshwara.J.B Diamond Race Mat. 7 32
4 Ramnath Bhuvanesh.R SBOA 6.5 27.5
5 Sai Mani Vannan.N.R National Public 6 30
6 Bavan Kumar.J S.R.D.K.V.V 6 30
7 Surendran .N Velammal 6 29.5
8 Bharathi Raja .K St.Patrick 6 28
9 Muthu Alagappan Sethu Bhaskara 6 27.5
10 Srinivas Aathreya.V PSBB 6 26.5
11 Raju.S Anitamethodist 6 26
12 Aswin Kumar.R New Prince Mat 6 23
13 Santhosh Kumar.G Velammal 5.5 30.5
14 Vamsi Krishna.C GRT Mat. 5.5 28.5
15 Vinoth Kumar.B Seventh Day Adventist 5.5 25.5
16 Shashank.S (JV) Jawahar Vidyalaya 5.5 24
17 James stephen.J Doveton Corrie 5.5 23.5
18 Koushik.B Sri Vidya Mandir 5.5 23.5
19 Jamal Fayaz.R 5.5 23.5
20 Praveen Kumar.C S.D.A.M.H 5.5 23
21 Govinda Rajan.A.N.R D.A.V 5.5 21.5
22 Darwin.S Vivekananda Vidyalaya 5 29
23 Jaswanth.G Monfort Mat 5 26
24 Vijay Krishnan.S SRDFV vidyalaya 5 26
25 Vasanth.C Velammal 5 25
26 Arvind Kumar. V. St. John's 5 25
27 Sanjeev.V Sindhi Model 5 24
28 Vikram.K Jawahar 5 23.5
29 Sri Ram.B Jawahar(Neyveli) 5 23
30 Rajat Kumar Srinarayana mission 5 23
31 Ravi Teja.V Alpha Mat 5 23
32 Anirudh. S. DAV. Boys 5 22
33 Hari Krishna.S P.S.Senior Sec 5 22
34 Prem Kumar.A G.K.Shetty 5 21
35 Swaroop.M Chettind 5 21
36 Raghavan.P CHSRISTU 5 21
37 Raj Kumar.N S.B.I.O.A 5 20

Under-14 GIRLS

1 Priya Sandhya. P. D.A.V. 6.5
2 Mohana Priya. J. Modern Sec. 6.5
3 Saranya. J. Velammal Mat 6.5
4 Taraaswinee. B. St.Joseph of Cluny 6
6 Ishrath Amina Taj. Alagappa 6
5 Bharathi. R. Baktavatsala Vidya 6
7 Sakthi Abirami. N. Padma Sarangapani 6
8 Khushboo. M. Velammal Mat 5.5
9 Janu. V. MGR. Adarsh 5.5
10 Abirami. R. Velammal Mat. 5
11 Sai Varshini. S. The Ashram. 5
12 Swathi. K. DAV. Girls 5
13 Sneha. R. Velammal Mat 5
14 Loganayaki. R. Jaigopal Garodia 5
15 Nivetha. R. Holy Angles 5
16 Aranka. N. Kavi Bharathy 5
17 Shakunthala. S. Bharathi Vidhyalaya 4.5

Under 10 BOYS

Place Name School Score
1 Osama Salim. Velammmal Matric HSS 7.5
2 Barath. L. Velammal Matric HSS 7
3 Siddarth. M. DAV Public School Velachery 7
4 Akash. PC. Iyer DAV Public School Velachery 7
5 Kaushik. S. The Ashram 6.5
6 Somasundaram. S.K. Salem 6.5
7 Adith. R.V 6.5
8 Kumaran. B. Sri Sankara Sr. Sec. School 6
9 Akash Srivaths. K.R. K.V. (I.G) 6
10 Sarath Kumar. Y. Sindhi Model Sr. Sec. School 6
11 Aswin Raj. C.A. Chinmaya Vidya 6
12 Bala Ganapathy. P. Neyveli 6
13 Ganesh. R. Carmel Garden Coimbatore 6
14 Anurag Kashyap. Y. Pondicherry 6
15 Sunil Dev.S Alpha Matric HSS 6
16 Kumar. S. Anitha Methadist 6
17 Aadityan.N Jawahar Vidyalaya 5.5
18 Sri Vardhamanan. A. Sri Vijay Vidyalaya 5.5
19 Anirudh V. Sridharan. Hindu Sr. Sec School 5.5
20 Eshwanth Dev Kumar. J. St. Joseph's Matric HSS Nagercoil 5.5
21 Neil Franclin. S. Chettinad Vidyalaya 5.5
22 Karthikeyan. M. Lisieux Matric HSS Coimbatore 5.5
23 Praveen Anand Vivekananda Vidyalaya 5.5
24 Vibushan.A St.John's 5.5
25 Nandha Kishore. A.S. Neyveli 5.5
26 Dinesh. B.V. Shrine Vailankanni 5.5
27 Vignesh.B PSBB KK Nagar 5.5
28 Rohan Keshavan DAV Sr. Sec. School 5.5
29 Nishanth. M. VanaVani 5.5

Under 10 GIRLS
Place Name School Score
1 Radhika. G. Sivasamy Kalalaya 7
2 Sujitha. P. CBE 6.5
3 Mahalakshmi. M St. Joseph Nursery & Primary S 6.5
4 Varsha. C.K SBOA Coimbatore 6.5
5 Samantha. S. St. Micheals Academy 6
6 Ashwini.U Church park 5.5
7 Sushmitha. G Jawahar Vidyalaya 5.5
8 Michelle Catherina. 5.5
9 Madhura Vani. R. S.S.K.V. MHSS 5.5
10 Akshita. D St. Joseph AI HSS Perambur 5.5
11 Monisha. G.K. 5.5
12 Akshaya. N BVB Matric HSS 5
13 Priyadarshini. R. 5
14 Srija Seshadri Jawahar Matric HSS 5
15 Imayavallai. N. St. John's MHSS 5
16 Swetha. G SRDF Vivekananda Vidyalaya 5
17 Padmaja. S. St. Joseph 5
19 Aarthi. G G.K.Shetty Vivekananda Vidyala 5
20 Aasha Vigashini.M Rosary Matric HSS 5
18 Thenammai. G Vidya Mandir 5
21 Thegesvi. J.G 5
Appeal: A fervent appeal to the chess fraternity
Let’s save the life of a devoted chess player and coach

Our District player and former National “A” player Mr. M.J. Ismail is quite seriously ill. He is suffering from Lung Cancer. He needs financial assistance for the treatment of cancer.

We appeal to you to contribute generously.

You may send by cash or by cheque in favour of CHENNAI DISTRICT CHESS ASSOCIATION at the address from contact us.

Those who want to avail benefits under section 80 G of IT Act may send donations to “TAMIL NADU STATE CHESS ASSOCIATION. Hall No. 75, J.N. Stadium, Chennai – 3.
The persons donated so far are: Mr.P.Asokan Rs.1000/-, GM R.B.Ramesh and Aarthie Rs.1000/-, S.Ramaswamy: Rs.1000/-, K.Muralimohan: Rs.2000/-, IM S.Kidambi: Rs.1000/-, K.Srinivasa Raghavan: Rs.1000/-, R.Srivatsan: Rs.1000/-, K.Pandian: Rs. 300/-, M.Shyam Sundar: Rs.300/-, Kilpauk Chess Centre: Rs.300/-, Visalakshi Ganesh: Rs.2,000/-, Dr.Arthy: Rs.500/-. N.R.Sai Manivannan:Rs.500/-, Shyam Nikhil: Rs.100/-, M.Porkko: Rs.100/-, M.K.Sampath Kumar:Rs.300/-, Latha Sampath Kumar:Rs.200/-
 Sangeetha wins
M.R. Sangeetha wins the 24th Rachel Paranjothy Open Tournament for women which was held from 9th January 2006 to 12th January 2006
 Karthikeyan and Uthra Win Titles
P. Karthikeyan and P.Uthra ( both Vellammal MHS School) won the titles in Under-16 Boys and Girls sections respectively in the Deccan Chronicle TN State Level Open Chess Tournament For Children organized by Sports Promotion Foundation at Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan Sr. Sec. School, K.K.Nagar here today.

Karthikeyan defeated his school mate K.V.Ven Prakash in the eighth and final round and took his tally to 7 points.

Uthra secured 5 points by winning her fifth and final round match against M.S.Nandini.

In all 400 players took part, out of which 120 players were awarded cash prizes.

Mr.J.C.D.Prabhakar, Vice-President, Tamil Nadu State Chess Association and International Master T.S.Ravi gave away the prizes to the winners.
 Asirwad Chess Coaching Camp for Rural Children of Cuddalore District
Our Secretary K.Muralimohan undertook a chess coaching program for the benefit of children of three villages, namely, Thennambakkam, Nallathur and Thookanambakkam(of Cuddalore District). The camp was organized by A social work organization named Asirwad (Alamelu Subramaniam Institute of Rural Welfare and Development. The program started on 29.1.2006 and went on up to 3.2.2006. About 150 children belonging to these three villagers benefited from this camp. The children learnt chess with keen interest.

Chess Sets, chess books and lunch boxes were presented to the participants.

Incidentally, Dr.Sharmila, a newly elected Vice-President of Chennai District Chess Association hails from Thennambakkam and is the Managing Trustee of Asirwad.
 Ashwini wins TN Under 9 Title
U.Ashwini, a life member of Chennai District emerged as Tamil Nadu State Under-9 Championship with 9 points out of eleven rounds.
 Ebenezer Joseph becomes Indias First FIDE Trainer
Ebenezer Joseph(Emmanuel Chess Centre) , a life member of our District
Became India’s First FIDE Trainer. He attended a course conducted by FIDE at Berlin from November 4 to 10, 2005. On successful completion of the course he was awarded the title of FIDE Trainer by FIDE. We congratulate Ebby on his success!
 Vignesh is TN U-7 Champion
B. Vignesh (PSBB, K.K. Nagar) of Chennai district won the 19th Tamil Nadu State Under 7 Chess Championship organized by Salem District Chess Association at Salem from 23rd to 29th January 2006. He won the championship with 9.5 points out of 11 rounds.
 Indian Bank regains team title in 4th bank Olympiad chess tournament
Indian bank comprised of Mr. V. Hariharan (Capitan), IM G.B Prakash, Sudhakar Babu, FIDE master K.V. Shantha ram, K. Gopala Krishnan and Sai Meera Ravi won the team title with 21 points in the 4th bank's olympiad chess tournament organized by Canara bank at Hall of Chess,J.N Stadium, Chennai - 3.
Union Bank of India (GM Praveen thipsay, IM Ravi Hegde, Abhishek Das, Shetye. S. M., Juneja and Raizada) finished second with 20.5 points. Andhra bank (K.N. Gopal, Ramana Murthy. B. V., Kamalakar. P., Krishna. K.V.G., Madhusudan. T. and Subrahmanyam.
K. V.(Capitan) bagged the third prize with 18.5 points.

IM R.G. Hegde (UBI) won the Individual Championship with 6 points (7 rounds). Five players namely Mothiram (SBP), GM thipsay (UBI), IM G. B. Prakash(IB), K.N. Gopal (Andhra Bank) and K. Gopala Krishnan (Indian Bank) tied with 5.5 points each and finished 2nd to 6th in that order.
Mr. George Joseph, General Manager, Canara Bank Gave away the Prizes in the prize distribution function held today (23rd Jan 2006) at the venue. Mr. D.V. Sundar, secreatry, Bank's Sports board felicitated the players.
The Annual General body meeting of Chennai district chess association was held on 15-01-2006 at Indian Red cross society

The following persons where elected
Mr. K. E. Raghunathan

Vice Presidents:
Dr. Jagatha Venkataraman, Dr. S. Sharmila, R. Prakash, S. K. Talwar

K. Muralimohan

R. Ramakrishnan

Join Secretaries:
K. Viswaswaran, Mrs. Afroze Ahmed, B. Sakthi Prabhakar, M.K. Sampath Kumar, K. Ganesan, Sa. Krishna
 Adhiban wins
B. Adhiban wins National under 13 chess championship with 10 points out of 11 rounds. The championship was held at Howrah from 4th January 2006 to 13th January 2006.
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